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Hooray, the sun shone today!


The daytime temperature actually reached double figures today, ten degrees outside and twenty in the unheated greenhouse, which was a pleasant surprise after these recent cold days.

It was mild enough to peg laundry outdoors for a change, even opened up the greenhouse window and door for a little while!

I had put a Salvia ‘Black and Blue’ beneath the greenhouse table in the Autumn and am so pleased to see it is putting out new growth again.

The Sweet Pea seedlings are growing well too.

The short spell of sunshine was appreciated by the Crocus after so many dull and damp days of late.

This Hellebore just keeps on blooming … it’s become a favourite of mine.

Another favourite, a very welcome Robin followed me around as I walked in the garden.

Roses are getting ready for another glorious show.

The Eleagnus x ebbingei shrub produces these little fruits … apparently they are edible although rather astringent so I shan’t be trying them!

All around the garden there are small clumps of dwarf Narcissus … another favourite of mine … I seem to have a lot of favourites today!

Last year I was quite happy with the Sedums planted along the back border … they could probably be spaced further apart but will stay there for another year.

A couple of small Hebes seem to have come through the cold and wet weather unscathed.

Now I have a houseplant in need of potting on so I shall be getting on with that next.

Hopefully the snow has thawed wherever you may be.

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Lovely pics. What a joy to see the crocuses open at last.
Sunny here too & I have been out there tidying. Love your fav. Hellebore. I have a lot of bare soil, but I am going to see what seedlings come up before I go mad buying plants.
Waiting for the real warm weather, :-)

11 Mar, 2023


looking great Shirley . love that brick walled planter. Plants are looking nice and cheery. We also have a pair of robins that nest behind our fence , we feed them . Nice to see all your lovely flowers. Snowing here but it is going milder later

11 Mar, 2023


Your garden is looking great Shirley!
Positively a sign of spring and I hope this last bad spell of cold weather has finished now!
I love how you have done your raised bed and it reminds me so much of the one we had in Laceby.

11 Mar, 2023


Josie, it was a real pleasure to be outdoors without shivering! I bet you felt the same way after a bit of tidying in the garden. Let's hope the temperatures don't drop too low again.

11 Mar, 2023


Paul, the raised bed faces East so it gets sun first thing and then shade mid afternoon in Summertime. Over the years I have lost some plants, but the ones in there now seem happy! Lovely to know you have Robins too.

11 Mar, 2023


Rose, I like the raised bed as it's easy to maintain now that it has chipped bark as a mulch. The only plants that get overcrowded are the Forget-me-nots, luckily they are so easy to thin out.

I was deleting some of my GoY photos recently and found one of this bed some years ago. There were Aquilegias, all died off now, and some pretty Godetias I had grown from seed.

11 Mar, 2023


It's so lovely to see all your plants growing so well, Shirley! Your Hebes look very, very good! Perhaps I ought to see if I can get some for the balcony now that I have gotten rid of the 3 long white troughs on the balcony floor!

That Hellebore also looks very good! Your Daffodils look amazing! Mine are just starting to flower, at the present moment there is only one flower actually open but as soon as we get a couple of warmer days the others will also begin to open. I'm looking forward to the Hyacinths flowering shortly, their buds are quite visible & it only takes a few warm days for them to come on very quickly!

11 Mar, 2023


Doesn't a bit of warm sunshine brighten us up Shirley ... Your garden seems to be enjoying it too :)

12 Mar, 2023


Loved your Spring blog, Shirley! Gorgeous pics too. Your garden is full of lovely colour, that pink hellebore is so pretty!
Your seedlings are looking very healthy too, you'll be more than pleased!
I'm waiting on my little daffodils opening up..
I've noticed my sedums are at the same stage, that is, the ones you kindly gifted me.
You'll be happy to see your hebes are doing fine too.
Thanks for sharing, Spring is definitely underway in your garden.

12 Mar, 2023


lovely blog and photos. It's lovely when favourite plants come through another winter isn't it?

12 Mar, 2023


A very cheerful blog with lots of spring promise, Shirley. I noticed that there is signs of green in the g'house plants too, despite some very low temperatures. Your s.peas look well advanced, I've only just planted mine. The robins seem to be in full flow now. Ours have started territorial singing with a vengeance, we have one that waits for us to put our suet pellets in the morning. They quite make the day!
Lucky you to keep the hebes. I don't think any of mine made it through the winter but I haven't cut them back yet. Same goes for my penstemons. Thanks for posting.
BTW, one of your gifted rosemaries is blooming. Thank you!

12 Mar, 2023


David, thanks so much for your comments. As for the Hebes, do a little research as some can grow quite big! Possibly too big for your balcony.

12 Mar, 2023


Klahanie, I do hope your temperatures rise soon, and stay that way with no further snowfall!

Hywel, sunny weather certainly cheers me up. Have you had much snow in your area?

Kate. thanks for your kind words. I had a search round for any emerging Clematis shoots this morning, none to be seen so I'm now thinking they have gone ... :o(

Eileen, signs of Spring are great for me as I really don't care for the cold Winter months these days. Pretty sure it's an age thing ... :o(

Ange, the Sweet Peas were sown in February, something I said last year I wasn't going to bother with, but I do love cutting them for the house! This afternoon while OH was watching footie on TV, I was fascinated to see both Mum and Dad Blackbird gathering nesting materials, it's a wonder how they manage to fly with their beaks so full!

I am pleased the Rosemary is thriving for you.

12 Mar, 2023


Your garden is looking lovely.

12 Mar, 2023


We had about a cm one morning. It had gone by mid day. I hope you had none. It's been very cold though. I could do with some warm weather now, couldn't you Shirley ...

12 Mar, 2023


Lovely Spring garden Shirley, great to see so much colour, and the robin. Our birds are definitely waking up now too, and I even saw a baby bluetit being fed on the Amelanchier!

12 Mar, 2023


Thanks Siris, did you have dry weather yesterday and today? It's wet and windy again now, 7pm, fed up with it now.

Hywel, yes I would love to have some warm weather right now! We went to Chichester this morning and the car was rocking in the wind on the drive there ... :o(

Sheila, how lovely to have seen the baby bird being fed. Did you watch the David Attenborough nature programme on TV last night? Fascinating to see ... :o)

13 Mar, 2023


I watched David Attenborough's 'Wild Isles' this afternoon & found it as enjoyable as any other of his nature series! I also watched another episode of 'Frozen Planet'. I'll get around to seeing all of his series - one of these days!

13 Mar, 2023


David, any of his nature programmes are a joy to watch.

14 Mar, 2023


Yes Shirley, it was a fascinating programme. But I had to look away a couple of times!

14 Mar, 2023


Sheila, as did I ... :o(

14 Mar, 2023


I agree with you, Shirley! I like them as well & I remember watching his series on TV 50 years or more ago!

16 Mar, 2023



17 Mar, 2023

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