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The sun is shining ...


After so many grey days, it was a pleasure this morning to be able to do some gardening.

It was definitely slightly warmer than yesterday so I deadheaded many Hellebores, trimmed off the faded blooms from the early Daffodils, pulled up a couple of Celandines and Grape Hyacinths from the flower borders.

I then planted the divisions of Day Lilies from last week’s garden work and took some photos while I was there, as one does!

It was a joy to see the new growth coming through on this Sambucus, although it would probably be a good idea to take some cuttings as it is a mature shrub/tree now.

The pot containing a huge Hosta has been outdoors all year, sheltered a little in the ‘plant creche’ area by the fence and new shoots have appeared.

This gorgeous Camellia has sentimental value as it belonged to an Aunt of OH’s … she is no longer around but the blooms return each year.

Across from the patio by the house is this Drimys lanceolata, a New Zealand shrub, that has these pretty flowers.

Moving across the garden to an Eleagnus shrub where Blackbirds have built a nest.

Forsythia showing off the brightest yellow … an old fashioned shrub I was once told … I like it so it stays!

A potted Pieris is coping with the poor weather of late.

More and more of these little Windflowers are in bloom now.

In the greenhouse two cuttings of Salvia ‘Hot Lips’ are thriving, one has even decided to send out a flower!

As it still isn’t warm enough to sow flower seeds in the unheated greenhouse, I shall have that to look forward to in a couple of weeks, she said hopefully.

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A good tour round, Shirley. I've noticed the windflowers, too - so pretty. I like your drimys, we couldn't grow it here, sadly. Your cuttings are doing well too.
At last we have some sun here, too. I hope it stays for a bit.

3 Apr, 2023


glorious sunshine here too but boy it is still cold.

Your plants are coming on a treat. I should really deadhead the hellebores but.....

My hostas are only just poking through too.

3 Apr, 2023


Lovely photo’s and colour. I’ve got a blackbird nesting in my fence ivy by my back door so have been dodging very aggressive birds!!

3 Apr, 2023


Your Drimya is lovely, can you smell the scented bark, cinnamon I understand. I have drastically reduced my Euonymus boughs to just one really thick one. The Blackbirds are unhappy.

3 Apr, 2023


Nice to see the spring has arrived in your garden Shirley :)

4 Apr, 2023


Thank you all for you lovely comments. I am a bit disappointed to learn the patio cleaning company cannot clean our block paving (front and back) until the 14th. as the poor weather has put them behind. It's a shame as I would like to put the pots of Hostas etc. out.

4 Apr, 2023


What a lovely tour of your garden, Shirley! I hadn't seen a Drimys lanceolata before. Looks quite interesting! That Camellia is wonderful!

4 Apr, 2023


lovely Shirley , nice to have had the sunshine too. Forsythias are lovely , have one too. Lovely plants and nice to have a blackbird nesting

4 Apr, 2023


I too like the Camellia. My Drymis has loads of buds but they are not quite open yet. I have blue tits building a nest in their box & a Woodpecker was hammering at it also.
However there is a metal ring around the hole to prevent it getting in. Ty. for showing us your plants. Isn’t it a joy when we have a sunny day & things start to grow again. I’m delaying seed sowing also until it warms up properly.

4 Apr, 2023


Spring is most definitely showing Shirley, we've had three days in a row of gorgeous weather it was really warm as well, work inside stops for me on those days, I have my priorities in the right order....I've sown lots of seeds in my g'house, no heating and I haven't used any propagators either, however I purchased a new mini g'house and stood it inside my big one, I needed more shelving anyway, the cover has not only got my tender plants through the winter, as it provided double insulation, its perfect for bringing on my seeds, gets very warm in there, I just zip it up overnight....I do admire your lovely Drimys, really pretty, never seen one before, think I've lost my Pieris as well as my Sorbaria, excuse to treat myself, isn't it...
Lovely blog and photo's Shirley, its turned cold and trying to rain so I'm catching up on my housework today, just washed the floor in the kitchen so popped on here until it dries, I've got all day so unlike when in the garden I do like to have regular teabreaks......xx

5 Apr, 2023


I enjoyed your blog Shirley! The camelia is so beautiful!
We have blackbirds nesting again in the hedge and the blue tits keep coming back to investigate the bird box, so hope they decide to use it.
Apparently I read that they look at three boxes and then choose the one to have their babies.
Also we have had five gold finches visiting most days too!
I love the spring!

6 Apr, 2023


Well, it seems we are very lucky to have the birds nesting in our gardens, but I could do without the Pigeons and their courting routines! One has taken to perching on top of our chimney and the noise it makes comes down the flue into the fireplace ... I shall be shouting at it soon!

So much for good weather ... hailstones late afternoon today and I've just put the central heating on .... :o(

6 Apr, 2023


We have a resident pigeon Shirley who has just got a mate and trying to build a nest in my huge rambling rose!
Good weather here! Lots of sun but still cool.

7 Apr, 2023


Rose, I have to admit to laughing at their courting antics as the females always seem to fly off, leaving the male looking so dejected.

Sunny here and warmish ... much cooler now though at 7pm.

7 Apr, 2023


Good to see you had some good weather and were able to do a substantial amount of gardening its great to see some of your lovely plants. It made me smile to see that little `hot lips` flower on your cutting, wish I had taken some cuttings of mine.

9 Apr, 2023


Crikey, apologies Shirley. I've missed your lovely blog! You've been busy out in the garden, enjoying last week's lovely clement weather. Your camellia is a beautiful one, perfect bloom too! Lovely to see the blackbirds nesting cosily, isn't it! A joy to watch. Your salvia cuttings are doing well aren't they! We've some forsythia on the bund, we planted many years ago, they're opening nicely.
Your potted piers looks healthy too. I've a few in the garden, quite immature ones, they're doing okay. Fingers crossed.

10 Apr, 2023


Hello Phyl, I have to tell you that I nipped that flower off, thinking it will give the roots a better chance!

Not a hope of gardening today ... rain has stopped play!

10 Apr, 2023


Kate, I think that day was the best of the year so far for gardening so I thoroughly enjoyed some time outdoors. I am pleased you like that Camellia, it has so many flowers on now but the rain may just knock some of them off as it's so heavy!

10 Apr, 2023

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