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Seaside walk - the first of 2024.


Having had so many dreary, rainy days of late it was a real treat to walk along by the sea in sunshine this morning.

Blue sky, sun shining, very calm water, just seemed the world and his wife, plus their dogs, all had the same idea!

The recent stormy weather has left an unwanted surprise for the owner of this beach hut.

A fisherman was going out on a small boat …

The sea rippling made a very relaxing sound.

On the drive home, just a few miles, the car temperature gauge registered twelve degrees, no wonder we saw about four convertible cars with the tops down!

I am off to ‘grub around’ in the garden now as OH has football on TV, a big match in Manchester later, so I prefer to be in another room!

I hope other Goyers have good weather too.

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Lovely to see the coast Shirley. We managed 30 minutes tidying in the garden this morning too, and then the blackbird joined in and made a mess … it’s what he does best πŸ™‚.

3 Mar, 2024


Oh, that's so funny about the Blackbird! Sadly, we rarely have any Blackbirds visit our garden, no doubt because the new neighbour's removed their nesting site which was a huge Bay tree ... :o(

3 Mar, 2024


Not seen the sea since the year before the lockdowns first began so it was nice to know it's still there & hasn't totally evaporated with the warming climate - yet! 🀣 🀣 🀣

3 Mar, 2024


It must have been lovely to see the sun after all the rain we have had!
Sunny here up to now!
With a bit of luck I will get some gardening done today!
Loved your photos!

4 Mar, 2024


Lovely seaside scenes Shirley and I am so pleased you had nice weather. Down in the south west we just get wet, wet and more wetness!! I really need the sun to shine down on me now!!
You must have had such a pleasant walk.

4 Mar, 2024


David, the sea is definitely still surrounding our island!

Thanks Rose, we had a dry day until 5pm when there was light rain so I carried on weeding a border. I hope you managed to get some gardening done today.

Julia, I think Wednesday is set to be a sunny day, but the following 3 days will see rain again.

Chris, there were so many folk there, one of the cafes has outdoor seating and it was crammed with people. It's a good job we know where the quieter beaches are for our next seaside walk! Hopefully the rain in the Southwest will stop soon.

4 Mar, 2024


Good to see the sea on a bright day Shirley, we too had a sunny day yesterday. That's a shame about the roof on the beach hut, the wind must have whipped straight through the gap there.

5 Mar, 2024


Well the morning started off well and of course rained !
So no gardening done yet again.

5 Mar, 2024


Janey, it often seems the end ones suffer most damage.

Rose, just the same here so I'm pleased to have got some gardening done yesterday and the day before.

5 Mar, 2024


Good to know we are still on an island, Shirley! 🀣
Due to rain again this morning I wasn't able to do anything on the balcony except water some pots up against the windows where the rain never reaches.

5 Mar, 2024


David, we drove back from Chichester on the Bognor bypass road today and the fields where folk used to walk their dogs are now flooded and have Swans, Moorhens and Ducks on the water. I am pleased to report that today is a dry and sunny one ... hooray!

6 Mar, 2024


The same happens here in Riverside Park, I've taken many photos of Swans & Canadian Geese as well as Mallard Ducks swimming where we would normally be walking! πŸ˜†

6 Mar, 2024


Crazy amount of rain ... :o(

7 Mar, 2024

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