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A lovely day in the garden


and not before time after so much poor weather.

Yesterday afternoon there were hail stones, rain, more hail stones and the temperature was decidedly chilly so it was wonderful this morning to find the sun was shining, a few clouds in a blue sky and the chill wind had abated.

I began my gardening by digging up all of the tall ‘blind’ Daffodils as my preference these days is for the dwarf varieties. It was annoying that I had not dug deep enough, only to find the bulbs were still in the ground and I just had a handful of long green stems, hey ho, dug deeper as I went round!

A bag of chipped bark was spread over the back border, laughingly called the shrubbery, as it is only a small area but there are wild Primroses, from divisions I made, and some pretty blue/lilac Anemones in full bloom.

The Primroses have also settled where I planted them around a couple of Holly bushes.

Many Forget-me-nots are now flowering, I pulled up loads a couple of weeks ago and put them in the composter, but quite a few are now showing the pink and blue flowers that I rather like.

The Sambucus has lots of new growth as do some of the potted Hostas.

These Tulips bloom every year, so long ago when I planted them yet they never fail to pop up.

The Camellia has excelled this year but is definitely going to need a bigger pot before too long! The yellow trug is only there to catch the rain overflowing from a blocked gutter. It will be cleared tomorrow, weather permitting.

Acer ‘Orange Dream’ is slowly leafing up for another year and I am pleased that many of my cuttings are thriving.

I ran out of energy to plant this Salvia ‘Hot Lips’, another grown from a cutting of the original plant, so that’s a job for tomorrow.

I hope you managed to spend some time in your own gardens today.

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You had a great day in your garden, Shirley! 👏 I've never had to dig up Daffodils so I was a bit surprised you found them to be quite deep down! I thought a spade's depth would have been more than enough for them. We are encouraged to plant them about 5-6" deep & I would have thought that that would have been the depth they would naturally choose for themselves.

Your Camellia is really lovely & so floriferous too! 👏

24 Mar, 2024


Just love your camellia Shirley, how happy it looks even in a smallish pot.
I am green with envy!

24 Mar, 2024


lovely blog Shirley.
smashing photos just showing what a lovely garden you have.

25 Mar, 2024


Love your Camelia Shirley and have been so impressed by the red and pink ones as my white ones always brown at the edges , that I now have one! Only one flower at the moment but lots of buds.
You have lots going on in your garden now and the sun shining is a bonus!
Your hostas look very healthy and not a hole in sight!

25 Mar, 2024


Lovely blog Shirley, very nice photos .

25 Mar, 2024


Glad you were able to work in the garden at last, and yes, so did I. It was satisfying to clear most of the Erysimum Red Jup, dig out old Salvias, and plant some Lythrum while the soil is perfect. Your Camellia is spectacular Shirley!

25 Mar, 2024


Your camellia looks very much like mine, Shirley. The flowering has been tremendous this season.
It's a relief to get sunshine. We still seem to be dodging showers at the moment although yesterday was nice. Grey again today (sigh).

25 Mar, 2024


Its the same here Shirley, too cold for me today even in the g'house..
Your Camellia is a shade darker than my pink one and also in front, mine is full of bud but not quite open yet, I think mine will also need a bigger pot,when would be the best time to do that, sadly I have lost my red one..
I love it when the primroses spread themselves around, likewise with the forgetmenots, in fact I too thinned some out yesterday but unlike you I transplanted mine into the raised bed right at the bottom of my garden...
You always do so well with cuttings unlike me, the Bowles Mauve you sent me is still going strong and just beginning to open again, I can do layering by pinning stems down and I'm usually successful by just sticking twigs into the ground and forgetting about them as regards my shrubs, I've gained a new Handel Climbing Rose this year and that was only popped in last year when I was doing my pruning, I'm just useless at taking cuttings of my favourite plants..DUH!!!.
Lovely blog and photo's Shirley....xx

25 Mar, 2024


David, the Daffodils were planted an awful long time ago and I remember Mum and I sharing a huge bag of mixed bulbs. We had some lovely ones, but as time has gone on I got fed up with the yellowing foliage having to be left on, whereas the dwarf varieties are not so obvious!

Janey, the Camellia came from Michael's Auntie Joan in 2017 when she went to a hospice and insisted I have any plants from her tiny garden. I'm so pleased I chose this as it's a lovely reminder of her.

Thank you Eileen, as you know the garden is my happy place and I am now getting over my withdrawal symptoms of not being out there all Winter!

25 Mar, 2024


Rose, the Camellia flowers are just showing slight browning on the edges, but nothing too obvious. I hope yours flowers well for you soon.
The small Hosta in leaf has been in the greenhouse all Winter, safe from slugs and snails, although today I spotted a silver trail on a dark seed tray ... :o(

Callie, thanks for looking in.

Well done Sheila, it really does one good I think to be gardening.

25 Mar, 2024


Ange, I have posted a photo today of the Camellia and think yours and mine are very similar. Today I have planted some Verbena Bonariensis, Bowles's Mauve (I think you dislike those?) and a Fuchsia. Rain is set for the coming week ... :o(

25 Mar, 2024


Sue, I found many features about re-potting Camellias and most suggest to wait until the flowers have faded, usually in late spring, but before summer buds have begun to form.

That's great about the Bowles's Mauve still going strong for you as I just planted another couple in my garden, grown from cuttings again!

Then again, I have never been able to strike a Rose cutting!

25 Mar, 2024


Thanks Shirley, I'll have to treat myself to a bigger pot first though, or let out a very loud hint near my birthday, need a posh one for it don't I..x

25 Mar, 2024


Sue, just sent a PM to you.

25 Mar, 2024


Shirley, looks like you definitely had a smashing day out in the Spring sunshine! You've a very pretty pastel palette there. Sorry, that's a mouthful!
I do like the way you've planted at the base of the tree. I love seeing underplanting like this.your leaves on shrubs and trees are bursting out, lots of healthy looking new growth there. I love your sunny tulips. I do hope I see some more here. But, I think that ship, or slug, has sailed.
Your camellia is a vivid pinkness of perfection. It's interesting hearing your thoughts on potted Camellias. I had 2 in the ground, as both perished due to our soil. Gives me food for thought.

25 Mar, 2024


Kate, I was determined to get out there in the sunshine as it rarely appears these days!
The Primroses have really taken to being split and re-planted, it was a bit of a gamble but has paid off.
The Camelia from Aunty Joan had only ever lived in a pot, plus I don't have the space for it in the garden.

25 Mar, 2024


Splitting the prims was definitely a gamble that worked out well, Shirley.
I'm still thinking about a potted Camellia. OH is keen to reduce my pot numbers :-/
Been a lovely day today, the sunshine was pleasant too.

26 Mar, 2024


Kate, my OH was also keen to reduce my pot numbers, so I now have a raised bed for a large Acer and two Loropetalum … suits me! (Sorry Shirley 🙂)

26 Mar, 2024


Klahanie, thank you for looking in ... today is definitely not a day for gardening ... far too wet and windy.

Kate, how lovely to have enjoyed a day with good weather. They certainly are few and far between these days ... :o(

Sheila, your comment made me smile!

28 Mar, 2024

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