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Round and round the garden, like a Tuesdaybear!


Here is a little potter around my front garden. This first picture is of a new geum, ? Bells, which seems to be getting on nicely.

Next is Enkianthus, a pretty little shrub whose foliage is brighter in the Autumn.

Cerinthe in front of wisteria, the flowers of which always develop, then drop off before opening. Anybody know why? It’s a white one, which I mistakenly bought believing it to be the purple one. I hate to say, I don’t think I read the label! Oh, and a lovely brown bin in the background! I wouldn’t win any prizes for my photography. The thing is, I only see the flowers when I’m snapping away so half my photos have buckets, spades, trowels, hosepipes etc. lying about.

Close-up on cerinthe – I do love these flowers.

Who’s been eating Dr. Ruppel? A rhetorical question, since I know very well who the culprits are. I’ve seen them crawling over his face more than once.

Anchusa, grown to about 5ft this year, and E. Bowles mauve.

Looking down the driveway, away from the house; Lilac, enkianthus, London Pride – or is it? I always thought the bright red one was LP but most people seem to refer to this as being such – santolina, the geum again and pale yellow wallflower giving its last.

I have half barrels beneath the windows, 2 or 3 of which I got for £1 at Dobbies a couple of years back!!You can’t tell what’s in them from this picture. To the left are pale yellow, scented iris for which the grower could not supply a name. He said they were heritage plants which had belonged to a very old lady and she had left them to him. They do smell divine. With them is poor Dr. Ruppel with his troubles. On the right is the same iris with a just visible peony popping her head in. Lilac in the foreground and LP frothing about a Geum Blazing Sunset.

A closer look at the iris and peonies. There were only 2 blooms this year, usually 7 or 8.

Rosa ‘Just Joey’. The bloom must be 5" across and she’s very fragrant too.

Another shot of the anchusa and erysimum and…

Mojo, looking regal, I think!

And so to the back garden. You may come through the garage with me, if you like; just take care not to fall over any detritus en route.
C. Montana, a deliciously scented one. It’s like fragrant pink icing, smothering the plum- and dead lilac trees beneath. Sadly, it’s over now, as are the tulips beyond.

Linaria with Geum rivale and the ubiquitous forget-me-not. How could we?

As before – couldn’t decide which was the better photo, so included both.

Tellima grandiflora, candelabra primulas and Camassia leichtlinii with the dark foliage of Lysimachia Firecracker.

Euphorbia Blackbird, I think, with Dicentra Formosa.

C. prims. with tulips and C. Montana and…Bucketus glaucus, all swathed in forget-me-nots, before I pulled most of them out. They’ve done their thing and must needs make room for other things to do theirs!

The lilac in the back garden had huge panicles of flower this year.

My garden is very mingly, or ‘jumbly’ as one member suggested and once again the lawn has not been cut, which you will see from this photo of columbine, G. rivale , Geranium phaeum and forget -me-nots.

These Narcissus Baby Moon were a recent addition, still in flower long after most others had gone and with them are Camassia Quamash and – you guessed it – G. rivale.

Just a general up-the-garden view – would have been nicer without the old chair.

One of my absolute favourite flowers in the garden, Nectaroscordum siculum, just opening…

and the bee’s eye view.

On the back border is Darcey Bussell, who is a much prettier colour than that captured by my camera. She is accompanied by a single spire of phlomis, which has made copious amounts of foliage but only the one bloom.

Close – up on Miss DB…

in all her glory.

Alliums under the apple tree.

Two overviews of the back border – lots of white hardy geraniums there.

It’s this one.

More roses; here’s the thornless, repeat flowering and highly scented Zephirine Drouhin…

and this gentleman is Alberic Barbier, who turns to creamy white as he ages.

This rose, I’m very fond of but don’t know the name. I swear I never planted it. Last year, I moved it because it hid everything else on the back border. Despite moving it when still in flower, it survived and is thriving in its new location.

I’ll leave you with C. Arabella, which is a superb performer and…

for those of you who are still awake, I give you Digitalis Camelot. Sorry for rambling on and poor quality of pictures. Am exhausted now, so sure you must be. Thanks for dropping by.

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thats one really nice garden..

28 May, 2014


Thank you, Marybells.

28 May, 2014


What a lovely garden! Love the Digitalis Camelot, and Just Joey and all Montanas.

And, of course, the famous brown bin - just introduced here. Pleased to have it, but wondering how many manage to fill it in a fortnight. (Mind you - there are only two of us!)

28 May, 2014


You have such interesting plants and flowers! I'm hoping to pick up the knack of successful 'layering' as I learn.

I really like that purple one in the brown bin pic :D

28 May, 2014


Mel, thank you. We've had our brown bins for years and at this time of year I can more than fill mine in a fortnight!
Fife, if you'd like seeds from the cerinthe, I will send you some later in the Summer when they're ready to collect. PM me your address and maybe remind me in a month or so! Thank you for your comment too.

28 May, 2014


Is your brown bin for cardboard and plastic bottles (not food trays, though, or naughty drinks cartons!) ? I used to take all those down to the tip, so am glad of the let-up, but still have to make the trip or bin the rest. Green bin - garden waste - on the other hand, barely copes!

28 May, 2014


Its a lovely 'mingly' garden to me. I must say I prefer plants to mingle rather that bring in regimental order.
Your Roses are gorgeous and all look so healthy. How special is D. Camelot. Bet the breeders feel like they've won the lottery ;)

28 May, 2014


Mel.The brown bins here are for garden waste. I thought everybody had the same. Now I see why you might not fill yours.
Angie, thank you for your comment. Camelot is a beauty, as you say.

28 May, 2014


A lovely selection! You are right about the little pink London Pride - don't know what the little red one is. I think your very pale pink geranium is one of the Himalayenses - if you look on google images there are several. I have one but have lost the label (of course...)
Just Joey is gorgeous. (and great shot of Mojo.. looks like a good supervisor.) Hasn't the lilac done well? I'd love a stroll round your garden.

28 May, 2014


Thank you, Stera - you'd be very welcome.

28 May, 2014


Lots of interesting and lovely plants in your garden Tuesdaybear.

29 May, 2014


That's very generous of you! How kind. I'll have to read up on them a bit and make sure I know what they like :)
I have a memory like a hen so I may need a reminder that I'm to remind you :D

29 May, 2014


Love your garden T'bear - especially the Roses 'Just Joey' and 'Darcey Bussell'. How snooty does Mojo look? lol!

Mum has London Pride in her garden, pale pink and frothy but a bit of a thug if not restrained!

I grew Cerinthe last year, a great 'filler' if you know what I mean.

29 May, 2014


Lots of different flowers there, lovely colours, my kind of jumbly garden, just love it Tuesdaybear, enjoyed my ramble with you around your garden, now go and sit on that chair and have a cuppa you deserve it. :O)

29 May, 2014


My kind of garden T'bear, its lovely and is full of delights, my mingle is a mad one at the moment, loving the rain and doing its own thing, lol, unlike myself as I can't get on to create a bit of order, grass and hedges both needing a haircut, a wander around with you was a treat and I did take my cuppa with me....

29 May, 2014


Thanks Klahanie - glad you enjoyed the plants.
Fife, lol!
Shirley, thank you. London Pride looks anything but a thug, but I know what you mean. Fortunately, very easy to remove if necessary. Cerinthe does make a good filler.
Yes, Olive, I remember now, it was you who coined the word 'jumbly' for my garden -so apt. Thanks for the comment. Sadly, weather does not permit me to go and sit out there with a cuppa at the moment, although maybe with a hot water bottle...
Lincs, glad it's your kind of thing. Indeed, the lawn is in desperate need of a cut but it will have to wait till tomorrow now, as OH has too much on and I can't get to grips with our mower!

29 May, 2014


Cor, you've been busy T bear, must have been raining all day like it was here. Like the Roses and the spotted white foxglove, my white ones have gradually lost their spots.

29 May, 2014


Yes, Siris, it rained all yesterday when I did the blog.Today has just been miserable. It took ages. I keep wondering if there's a quicker way. Sorry to hear that your foxgloves are now 'spotless'. Thanks for your comment.

29 May, 2014


Your garden looks natural and interesting. I like a garden to look like that, instead of stiff and manicured.
You are like me with things about the place - that's natural too :o)
I think that rose is Crown Princess Margaretta (don't know if someone has named it for you. I haven't got time to read all the comments)
I've got one the same, and what do you think ! I swear I didn't plant mine either LOL :D Where do they come from ???

30 May, 2014


Hi Hywel, thank you for your comments. How funny is that about the rose! I'm hearing weird X Files music in my head.

30 May, 2014


lol :D

30 May, 2014


Super set of pics.
Lovely flowers :o)))

3 Jun, 2014


Thank you, TT. Nice to see you.

3 Jun, 2014


:o) x

3 Jun, 2014

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