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Summer Heat (and humidity)


I really don’t like the summer heat and humidity, and I look forward to September because it cools and I rouse from my lethargic state. But, it brings out the best in my daylilies. While they usually start blooming at the end of March, they don’t show their best side because it is still too cool. But in August and the very beginning of September, they really put on a show, the colors deepen, edges and teeth appear.
In May, (Squirrel Beater x Spacecoast Sea Shells) opened, and it looks like the dominant influence was Spc Sea Shells with the applique throat:

Today, I got this:

You would never know they are the same, and I had to double check; but Squirrel Beater has really broken through. There are even some toothy ruffles. This is also one of the reasons why it takes several years before a seedling gets registered – it takes 3-4 years before things settle down. Last year, the early version was dominate; this year, re-blooming in the heat has made it a better flower.

I have another that I have let hang out:

Kind of a flesh color with raspberry red eye and edge. Nice, but that is all. Now, it the heat of summer, and with a little stress put on it (I am not the most avid waterer around, and this is in an area that I keep promising to water tomorrow), it has developed into this:

It is (Westbourne Scary Face x Spacecoast Sea Shells), and everything is brighter and bolder. The first photo is from June when there was a lot of cool weather and rain, when everyone was wondering if summer would ever get here. Now, the main colors are a pale pink with deep red purple eye and bubble edge – a flower worth keeping. It is 4 years old, so the difference is probably caused by the heat.

So, even though I am looking forward to summer being over, I am enjoying the surprises that open every day.

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I agree with you about the Summer! I was born in November, so perhaps that explains the 'can't stand the heat and humidity' bit. The garden has been neglected as I just wait for it to cool down before I venture out.
Your daylilies are lovely, I never liked them before, probably because I have only ever had the orange ones which are invasive and harbour slugs!

1 Sep, 2016


They don't perform for me, don't know why. But yours are amazing - you really have the magic touch!

1 Sep, 2016


I could take a bay area summer all year. This last August Wiley,was our coolest since 1942. Not welcome. Especially since the last many late Augusts have been very warm with balmy nights.. this month its wear a sweater as soon as the sun sets.
I know you know September is one of out hottest months in the bay area,and looking forward to next weeks warm up.
The rest of this week? More foggy morns to noon.

2 Sep, 2016


These are beautiful.
I am sure you are aware that there are many organisms that have colours that vary according to temperature. It looks as if your beautiful flowers are examples of this.

they are stunning.

2 Sep, 2016


What a difference a bit of patience makes (and heat). Worth the wait.

2 Sep, 2016


Thank you, everyone! It is another hot day, and we are awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Gaston. Just light breezes, so far; but it will be at its closest during the night. Do I close the windows and swelter, or leave them open and get blown away? Fortunately, I am on the north side of the island, and the mountains in the center create a block of the worst winds which will be coming up from the south. They also bring all the heat from down south.
Stan510: Back in 1985, I got transferred from San Diego to the USS Midway which was homeported in Japan. The Santa Anas of September came through, and of course I got a cold. I flew out of Oakland for Alaska and then to Tokyo; and the last thing anyone should do is fly with a cold. It took a week for my ears to become unstuffed.

2 Sep, 2016


We might not break 70f today. Unbeleivable. 90's by late next week.
One extreme to the other as usual in the bay area Wylie.
It can never be as predictable as the rest of the country in summer,Phoenix and Miami? hot..always hot-lol. No guessing.

3 Sep, 2016


It is forecast one more week in the mid to upper 70's, and then lower 70's for the rest of the month. Gaston blew a little, but that is over. The farmers got lucky it didn't flatten their corn before it's ready to harvest (at least on this side of the island).

3 Sep, 2016


You get hurricanes that far north over water that cool? What are the ocean temps in summer?

4 Sep, 2016


We had one in January of this year - Hurricane Alex!
The water is currently 24°C (75°F).
During the winter, it isn't unusual for the water to be a degree or two higher than the high temperature on land.

4 Sep, 2016


You really do have an eternal spring climate- by bay area standards its early summer. Lucky you!
Plus,you can actually enjoy the beach without some blistering heatwave to make the 55f summer water tolerable as here.

6 Sep, 2016


When I was a kid, we would go to the beach just below San Francisco where there was sand; or up to Drakes Bay with its fossilized whale bone. Here, it is volcanic rock beaches.

7 Sep, 2016


Added to favs, as a reminder that patience is a virtue.

10 Sep, 2016

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