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Balcony this summer


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Balcony this summer

As I’ve been very busy moderating photos on Flickr I don’t think I’ve written a blog on our balcony during this past summer. So I thought I’d do one now – before the summer becomes a long distant memory!

Below are three photos I took of the same basket of Cranesbills -, the 1st at the end of May & the others during July.

Cranesbill with leaves burnt up from long, hot summer at its half way point!

If you wonder why I left them there to get so burnt up it was because I literally had no place else to put them – not even on the floor of the balcony!

Climbing Fuchsia ‘Lady Boothby’:

This Fuchsia has done very well again this summer & didn’t make a fuss about the extremely hot weather! mind you she wasn’t in full sun for 10 hours a day!

Variegated Geranium ‘Vancouver Centennial’:

I can’t praise my Geraniums enough this year as they flowered extremely well in spite of being 3 year old plants & being “stuffed” in small troughs (4 in each) on the balcony railings!

Variegated Geraniums ‘Green & white’:

Few Geraniums can match this one for “Flower Power”. Most of the summer it produced so many heads of flowers that much of the time the foliage was practically invisible!

Variegated Geranium ‘Black Knight’:

I may have inadvertently “renamed” the Geranium at some point since I first received the first cuttings from a guy in Scotland some years ago. I have found a photo “from way back then” that says ‘Black Knight’ & not ‘Black Prince’! But they will have to continue with that name at least till next year. I must search through my 100s of photos of Geraniums that I’ve taken over many years first!

Well here is the very first photo I took of the cuttings I got from David, in Scotland:

The ‘Black Prince’ variegated Geranium though it flowered it’s “head” off all summer long grew very lanky in spite of being on the balcony railings in full sunshine from 11am till the sun went down all summer long. some of the branches ended up being broken by the named storms we had in September. The other two troughs of plants were unaffected as they didn’t become lanky.

Pelargoniums ‘Bicolor’ & Deep pink:

I have had these two plants for many years (these are cutting of cuttings …) but, like the Geraniums, they have flowered much better than they have in many years! There were actually 4 plants on the balcony railing plus a few cuttings, also flowering!

BTW, the name ‘Bicolor’ isn’t spelt wrong (unless it should be separated or written with a hyphen), as that was the name on the label when I bought the original plant.

But I never knew the name of the deep pink one.

A search through my photos on Google Photos has turned up many results from as far back as 2012!

I didn’t realise that I’d had them that long!

Well that’s some of the plants that grew on the balcony this summer. I’ll post some more pictures next week in a new blog.

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They enjoyed the sun! I was amazed than mine didn't do very well at all - never got big enough to take any cuttings, but are flowering away briliantly now they have come into the back porch. So that's why you never got the promised ones but I will try to remember next year. The Black Knight you sent me are doing OK.

30 Nov, 2018


Super... added to GoYpedia.

1 Dec, 2018


Tastes must change over the years. When my father grew Geraniums I used to hate the smell. Now I like it! I reckon Geraniums love your balcony, Balcony!!

1 Dec, 2018


Good old fashioned favourite.

1 Dec, 2018


Thanks for your comments & likes!

Our summers in the future may well be similar to the summer this year as climate change swings into gear! I'm already thinking of what I could put on the balcony in future years & to that end I've sown some Lavender seeds - though I really must learn not to water them so much! I've yet to keep a Lavender plant alive for more than a few months! It's one of those plants that resists my TLC!

Stera, I remember you commenting on that some months ago - seems strange when this summer's weather is just the sort of weather Geraniums like best of all! I'm growing lots of cutting on the windowsills of almost all the windows in our flat for the first time ever as I expect to plant up a lot of Geraniums next year.

Thanks, TT!

Thanks, Eirlys. Geraniums do usually do quite well for me but this year they excelled themselves! Other than the variegated trio, I also have some cutting of another 3 from my son, they are semi-doubles. I took them last year but they have been quite slow to make new growth so I've very few cuttings of them.

I also took lots more cuttings from his Geraniums, one is a very old variegated form that council & park gardeners, not to mention quite a few normal gardeners, used to plant out in great numbers in the '60s, Mrs Henry Cox. They have become "Good old fashioned favourite" for a very good reason & that's their ease of growing, their "flower power" & their being inexpensive.

3 Dec, 2018


Wonderful photos of just about my favorite plant...
Never knew there were so many colors. Particularly like
the small ones in the pot. Mine did well this year too. Since we have had one day of sun for almost six weeks, I am wondering if mine will flower inside! Merry Christmas to you,

21 Dec, 2018


Glad you like my blog, Posey! Geraniums are wonderful plants for flowering during many months & they will often flower on a sunny or bright windowsill during the winter. In fact if there is sufficient light & warmth they will flower all winter as well! It's difficult to stop them flowering!

Several of the cutting in the kitchen window have tried to flower but as soon as I notice a bud I nip it out! Even though I like to see them flowering being cuttings it's better they grow roots & save their energy for the spring when I shall have to repot them. At the moment there are 3 or 4 in small pots. I didn't have the space to put one in one pot so I put 4 cuttings to a 3" pot. If any don't root I pull them out & let the others get on with forming roots.

There are more pots of Geranium cuttings in the mini-greenhouse on the balcony as well! I think I've gone "overboard" with the number of Geranium cuttings I've taken this year! But I threw away all the Geraniums that flowered during this summer as they were plants several years old & I wanted new stock for 2019.

Hope you had a good Christmas & that the New Year, 2019, will bring you lots of happiness.

27 Dec, 2018

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