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A sad little tale :(


By hywel


Last week, while driving through a near-by village, I saw a cat in the middle of the road, with the traffic just driving past on either side of her.
She was crying and nobody was taking any notice of her :o(

Except me, who stopped and got out of the car to see if she was all right.

She was a Tortie,
but when I picked her up, I could see she was very thin :o(
and her fur was full of knots :(
and there was rather a large abscess on the side of her head :(
and she had a horrible smell :o(

It was in a village, so I took her to a few of the nearby houses to see if someone knew who she belonged to,
but nobody did :o(
So I put her in the car and brought her home.

Then I gave her some food, which she ate, and some water.
And she spent the night sleeping on an old towel on a chair in the conservatory.
But I had to lift her on to the chair because she was too thin and weak to jump up there herself :o(

And I left the heating on low all night incase she got cold lol I do the daftest things !


The following morning (after worrying about her all night !) I took her to the vet, who said she would check if the cat was microchipped,
… and she was !
So the receptionist looked up her address while the vet examined her.

Well it turned out that she was registered to an address in the same road as I found her wandering.
And her name was Betsi
and she was 17 yrs old.

So they phoned the people up …
No reply, so they left a message …

In the meantime Betsi had a thorough examination, and the vet said they’d have to lance and drain the abscess (it was huge !)
and they’d have to remove some of her teeth …
and check her blood for thyroid, kidneys, and feline HIV etc.
But they would not do it until they heard from the owners.


The next day, I was informed that Betsi’s owners had contacted the vet.
They were happy that she had been handed in, because she had gone missing, and they’d been looking for her.

But because it was discovered she had renal failure, both the vet and her owner thought it best to put her to sleep …
so that’s what happened to her.

And she was so frail and thin, I don’t think she would have lasted much longer anyway.


Now even though I know it was the kindest thing,
and she was very old, very thin, deaf and could hardly stand up properly, I still felt sad for her :o(

But I had saved her from being run over on the road by some speeding idiot, and her owners knew what had happened to her.

She was a friendly little tortoiseshell cat, and purred all the time, and every time I went to see how she was in the conservatory, she’d rub her head against my hand.

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Oh Hywel ,that brought tears to my eyes , you are so kind you did the best you could do to help poor Betsi , I can't help wondering why the owners hadn't taken her to the vets before then as a large abscess and her other ailments /conditions don't just appear overnight there must have been signs before she went missing .. I'm so pleased you gave her a nice warm bed for the night and a full tummy xx

13 Jan, 2015


Oh Hywel, I agree with everything Amy said, poor puss to be left like that, so pleased that it was you who found her xxx

13 Jan, 2015


Hello Hywel ..
... you did everything you could to help ...
you fed her at the right time, and then sensibly with-held food when there was a chance she might need an operation ...
... Looking back, I still think you did everything you could to make her last days/hours as comfortable as possible ...
... you cared for her when so many others just passed by ...
It was very fortunate that you were driving on that road at the time .. x x x

13 Jan, 2015


Oh, Hywel, bless you for being such a caring man. That little cat was very lucky you came along, at least she was comfortable and felt loved during her last days, all due to your kindness.

13 Jan, 2015


She was a very lucky girl to find you Hywel. Such a sad tale but full of human kindness.xx

13 Jan, 2015


Oh, Hywel, I'm sure you feel sad. But she had a much better end because you came by. It doesn't sound as if she had much of a home. ?

13 Jan, 2015


Hywel, what a heart rending story. I wish it could have had a happier ending.
Thank goodness you saw Betsi when you did and gave her warmth and food and comfort.
We used to have a beautiful tortoiseshell cat also called Betsy, she was very special.

13 Jan, 2015


Its lovely to think you gave this poor old cat a warm and kind end to its long life. I would hope someone would do they same for my Guy who is 15 this spring if he went missing.

13 Jan, 2015


Such a lovely caring thing to have done :-)

13 Jan, 2015


Thank you all for reading about Betsi, and your kind comments :o) x

13 Jan, 2015


Hywel how sad - you did your best for her and saved her from being run over and gave her kindness and love - Jane

14 Jan, 2015


Bless you Hywel, that was a very caring thing you did for Betsi, her purring says she trusted you and appreciated your kindness, as she lived so close to where you found her it makes one wonder if anyone had bothered to look for her.
The fact that we never ever found any sign of Harry was as hard as losing him, we would sooner have known even if it was bad news, we can only hope that he didn't lay somewhere suffering...

14 Jan, 2015


that was a very kind thing to do, my old Ginger tom Marmalade went missing (must be 30 years ago). We spent almost a year and a lot of money trying to find him. I can still remember the heart ace of not knowing what had become of him!

14 Jan, 2015


Well done Hywel , you could have done no more . All very sad in the end , but probably for the best .
I find it strange that the owners weren't aware that she was ill , especially with that large abscess ?
You will be a saint in the feline heaven .

14 Jan, 2015


I think you deserve a GOY gold medal for Caring. Such a sad story but at least her final days were good. Well done Hywel.

14 Jan, 2015


Thank you all for your comments :)
and I'm sorry to read about everyone's sad losses.

A saint and a medal ! thank you - but it's just the way I am ...

15 Jan, 2015


Hywel, I have only just read your blog. Thank goodness there are people like you & me who will always stop & do something instead of just driving past. I expect she got confused & lost. I'm sure she had along & happy life & as you say her owners knew her end. Always sad when they have to go on though.

15 Jan, 2015


Hywel, I've been in tears while reading your blog. Aren't you a lovely man? I was thinking as I was reading that I bet Hywel ends up adopting this poor little cat. I was so sad to read she had to be put to sleep. I can't help wondering how long she'd been missing and why her owners hadn't had her to the vet before things got so bad. Thank goodness she found you. You'll get reward. :)

15 Jan, 2015


Thank you both :)

15 Jan, 2015


You are such a good man Hywel x

16 Jan, 2015


Hi Hywel, i agree what a wonderful thing to do , i also had a tear x

16 Jan, 2015


Thank you both :)

17 Jan, 2015


Well done Hywel, thank goodness for generous people like you, at least her last day was a happy one.

17 Jan, 2015


It is very sad to lose a pet but the owners must have been so relieved to know how kind you were to their Betsi.

17 Jan, 2015


It must have been so upsetting for you hywel. She must have been a very sweet natured cat to be so loving although in pain from her abcess. How lucky she was that you saw her.

17 Jan, 2015


I am honored to know you Hywel. Even if it is a long distance. Not many people would do what you did.
Betsi died in dignity rather then left in pain on the road.

18 Jan, 2015


Hywel, what you did for that little cat was a wonderful thing. She had some kindness and love before she died. It begs the question why didn't her owners take her to the vet in the first instance. Poor little thing.
You are one kind, considerate person and I award you with a big THANKYOU MEDAL from the heart and from us all at GOY.

18 Jan, 2015


Thank you all :)
I just did something I thought was quite normal.

18 Jan, 2015


That says a lot about you, Hywel ?

18 Jan, 2015


Yes, I suppose it does ... lol :)

18 Jan, 2015


Oh Hywel, how sad ! What a lovely thing you did ! Our two cats went back to the home we originally got them from when they were babies as neither of them were used to roads or traffic at Willow Cottage , and I worried that with this village being so close to the main by-pass, they would get lost or run over. They are both very happy where they are and are nearly 15 years old. The lady keeps in touch and have both settled down well, but we do miss them, especially Minnie who followed me everywhere !

19 Jan, 2015


They have their ways , don't they Rose ?

19 Jan, 2015


Tank you both :)

You must find it strange without the cats Rose, but it's better than them having an accident on the road.

20 Jan, 2015


Yes Hywel, it is so strange without them, but they are safer where they are now ! Its like a little retirement home for them !

24 Jan, 2015



25 Jan, 2015


Thank you Sheila. I couldn't leave her in the road.

2 Feb, 2015


Hywel I can hardly speak after reading that. You are so kind x

1 Mar, 2015


Thanks for reading about Betsi Maggiekins ...

1 Mar, 2015

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