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First Flowering Fuchsias


By hywel


I always find Fuchsias are late flowering plants here, never doing well until July or August, and into the autumn.
Sometimes I get impatient waiting for them lol

However I do have a few with early flowers on them already, and here are some photos for you to see :-

Careless Whisper :-

Checkerboard :-

Dancing Flame :-

Jose Tamerus :-

Maetsukyer :-

Micky Goult :-

Preston Guild :-

Purperklokje …
(That means ‘Purple Bell’) :-

Walz Doedelzak :-

Winifred :-


I ordered a few new ones this year but they sent one as a substitute, because one of the varieties I wanted wasn’t available.
It was this one …
Olive Sukyer :-

Although I didn’t order it I think it’s very pretty :)

Here’s another new one …
Venus Victrix :-

It’s minute, and I did have it a few years ago but it died, so I replaced it.


I took a few cuttings last week and they are doing well in a propagator. I have high hopes for them …
I’m going to take more soon, of different varieties, in case I lose them next winter.

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All lovely Hywel, but if I had to pick one it would have to be your new one, Oliver Sukyer. She's gorgeous, with beautiful markings. Hope the cuttings do well.

10 Jun, 2017


A beautiful collection there Hywel adore your new one Oliver Sukyer too.
A wise thing to do taking cuttings as we can never tell any more what kind of winters we are going to get I remember years back you loosing some even though you covered them with a quilt .

10 Jun, 2017


Summer must be here if your lovely fuschias are in flower although it hasn't been a very summery week here!

Careless Whisper is a pretty peachy one which I really like. Good advice about taking cuttings too.

10 Jun, 2017


I like Maetsukyer and Preston Guild - seem to be coming round to singles again these days. It seems very early to have so many in flower - fuchsias really do love you Hywel!
A "few "cuttings? LOL.

10 Jun, 2017


They really are lovely Hywel but then yours always are, I also treated myself this year, I bought plug plants and I've been growing them on in my greenhouse, quite pleased with the results, they are all just coming into flower, I'm patiently waiting because when I potted them on I very carefully wrote on each individual pot, I have a habit of losing my labels or mixing them up, I halfinched one of Derek's special pens and would you believe it, the biddy writing washed off the pots, that just serves me right, I know, lol, luckily I still have the names on the containers that they came in, so its just a case of checking them when they flower, if I get stuck I shall be asking for help please.
Always appreciate you adding the names, going into my favourites Hywel for future reference ...

10 Jun, 2017


They are all beautiful. I wasn't really that interested in fuchsia in the past, but recently that's changed and I am loving them. I seem to come home with a fuchsia now every time I visit a garden centre!

11 Jun, 2017


Thank you all for your comments about my Fuchsias :)

Julia, I was a bit disappointed that they sent Olive Sukyer, because I already have a very similar one, but now that it's flowered, I don't mind. It is very pretty. :)

Thruppenybit, yes I did cover them with an old duvet one winter lol, but the duvet went very damp and it was a severe winter anyway, and also I the quilt might have worked if I'd put them in the shed first ... we live and learn lol :) x

Sue (Ster)I think I prefer the small single flowers. That's why I bought Venus Victrix again. It is very small and dainty.
I'm going to take a 'few' more cuttings soon lol

Sue (Linc) I used to use white masking tape sometimes, or white plaster, and write the names on that. It will not come off, but looks ugly lol ... but you can always turn the pot around so that it faces the other way.
If you have the labels you'll probably be able to identify them, but if not just put a photo and maybe someone will know :)

Wildrose, the weather has been very wet here as with you I should think. The coming week is said to be better.
If I can get a cutting of Careless Whisper, would you like it ? I'll root it in my propagator for you.

Lisam, I am like you, I didn't like them at one time but now have nearly 100 diferent varieties lol :D

11 Jun, 2017


Hywel, beautiful as always! Got woken up early this morning ( hubby snoring) and watched some of gardeners world coverage of Chatstone flower show. They had a new hardy fuchsia on there that looked really interesting. The flowers are upright. It was called 'Linda' Hinchliffe. Looked really pretty. If I get any better at not killing them might have to look at getting one :-).

11 Jun, 2017


Yes we do Hywel now you have your lovely varanda perhaps cardboard if needed next time it keeps the cold off our homeless.:o) x

11 Jun, 2017


That is a good name, Jen.......must look out for that one. Your Fuchsias are beautiful Hywel. Such a wonderful variety.

11 Jun, 2017


Beautiful display as always,Hywel,and I'm glad you are happy with your new ones too...I also saw the variety'Linda Hinchliffe' Fuchsia from the Chatsworth show,on Gardeners World .It looks promising:o)

11 Jun, 2017


It is good name for you and one of my sisters Linda235 :-).
Bloomer, did you see that they said is fully Hardy, been tested for 5 years. I did a bit of research and one of the fuchsia companies that were at the show and they are selling it on the net. Think is was £5.99 but then you always have P&P on top.

11 Jun, 2017


I did see that,Jen,and the lady it is named after,is the secretary of the Huddersfield Geranium and Fuchsia Society,here in my home town of Huddersfield,and a National a very proud moment for her,and the locals...She often chats on our Sunday morning gardening programme from Radio Leeds..more info on Google about her,if you would like to read more..:o)

11 Jun, 2017


Oh will have a look, one of my Grandfathers came from your neck of the woods. Don't know exactly where but near Leeds, he had died before I was born. He moved to Kent when he met my Kentish Grandmother. Have a interest in area.

11 Jun, 2017


Lovely Fuchsias, as always, Hywel! Gone into my Favourites!

In the last few weeks I have been given 4 lovely Fuchsia plants dripping with 100s of flowers! You've already seen 2 of the, well today I was given another two!

I have a cutting, of what I now think is 'Lady Boothby', that I wanted to train into a standard, as I did many years ago with a nice cerise & purple one. Until the flowers come out I won't be a 100% certain but if it is I don't think it will be very good as a standard. Have you ever made up your own standards? The ones that were killed off by the terrible 2009/10 winter were 3ft high to the head. They were able to grow over the top of the railings on the balcony.

11 Jun, 2017


a lovely blog Hywel. the fuchsias are very pretty and I hope your cuttings all take.

I love their delicate look but they are such robust flowers.

11 Jun, 2017


These are all beauties Hywel and so early in flower.

12 Jun, 2017


There are just so many beauties there Hywel - I can't say which I like the most! Careless Whisper looks quite special and I do think that Olive Sukyer is going to be a little stunner!!! lol ;o)

12 Jun, 2017


Thank you all for your comments :)

I did make some standards several years ago Balcony but they have died now.

12 Jun, 2017


Balcony I think Lady Boothby needs support. Some are much better for standards than others - worth a bit of research before starting.

13 Jun, 2017


Thanks, Stera, but I already know that as I've grown it for 4 or 5 years on the balcony.

If the cutting is indeed 'Lady Boothby' (founder of the Fuchsia Society it seems) I will put a stouter cane in to hold it upright. At the present moment it has outgrown the original cane I put in while it was in a flowerpot before putting it in the centre of a square tub with 4 other Fuchsias planted around it.

It's now putting out lots of healthy sideshoots, I shall take a few cuttings & see if I can get them to root. I'm going to leave one shoot to flower so I can be sure if it is in fact 'Lady Boothby' or some other Fuchsia.

If it is her then she is doing very much better than the mother plant which has been on the balcony for several years. Apart from it's first year it's never done really well. But at least it has a few buds on it at present.

13 Jun, 2017


Hope she does what are hoping for Balcony. Are you planning a full standard? She should soon reach that height anyway!

14 Jun, 2017


A few of mine are looking ok after the winter but I am most delighted to see a flower appearing on my Hawkshead. I think this is the one I love the most. As always Hywel yours are amazing.

16 Jun, 2017


Wow...when I first started out at the beginning of the year I bought three fuchsias for a £1 each from Morrisons and they have gone mad, just now getting flowers from them and they are beautiful. Yours are in a league of there own though !

17 Jun, 2017


Thank you all for your comments :)

18 Jun, 2017


My Fuchsias in a tub are doing very indeed! The one I thought of training as a standard looks more & more like 'Lady Boothby'! It's growing really fast & producing lots of very healthy side shoots! I don't think it will be any good as a standard. I'll let it grow naturally. I've noticed a few tiny buds today on it so I'll soon be out of doubt!

The other 4 are also doing very well & look very healthy as well. At least one plant is full of flowerbuds that should open in another week!

20 Jun, 2017


Nice to know your Fuchsias are doing well Balcony :)

21 Jun, 2017

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