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Mid February already. How the time flies !


By hywel


In my garden there’s a lot of tidying up to do, but I can see some signs of spring now that the days are starting to get longer.

Here are some photos of the front garden taken recently, where you can see some splashes of colour to brighten it up,
and you can see that the wire shelves I put down to deter my neighbour’s adopted stray cat are working :-

There are many Snowdrops in the front garden, both double ones and single ones.
I bought them in the green at a local market a few years ago, and they are spreading well now. :-

I also have some Cyclamen coum and Aconites but no photos of them today
Fritillarias also coming up in little clumps.

My little Ilex crenata needs to be shaped nicely this spring, and the lollipop tree needs a haircut when the risk of severe frost has passed :-

Bella approves of the Crocuses !

And here are some more photos of Bella sitting on the front wall. She follows me everywhere :)

Down the back garden there are lots of snowdrops spreading around and coming up in various places, especially around the base of my Ilex Golden King holly tree
(and also many weeds !)

Some nice Hellibores in various shades :-

Lots of Crocuses are coming up in tubs … :-

And St Francis is sheltering among the shrubs, waiting for me to give them a prune later in the year :) :-

I hope you’ve enjoyed these few photos … there’s not much to show at the moment.

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lovely Hywel, spring bulbs do lift the spirits don't they. well they do for me. Bella looks very content and happy in your company. not many weeds visible to me.

your mature shrubs give the garden a wonderful frame work especially in the winter. my front garden lacks that as the borders are mainly herbaceous.
the hellebores are beautiful.

15 Feb, 2019


Lovely Hywel. Those wire shelves are working very well. Bella is looking very impressed.

15 Feb, 2019


Thank you both ...

Seaburngirl I like to have a mixture of different plants. The shrubs have herbaceous perennials in between them, and I also dot annuals around wherever I find spaces.

Scotsgran, I had to put the shelves down or all the bulbs would have been scratched away !

15 Feb, 2019


Garden looking good, Hywel ...
wire shelving working well.

15 Feb, 2019


Thank you TT xxx I didn't want all my bulbs scratched away

15 Feb, 2019


Your gardens look wonderful lovely Helleborus and snowdrops and crocus very pretty. Love the photo of Bella sniffing the crocus she is so pretty.

Glad that wire keeps the next doors cat off them Hywel they don't like lavender either nor mosquitos and bugs. I watch a garden hack on you tube they stuck the handles of plastic forks into the ground fork side up by plants to deter predators ruining plants.

15 Feb, 2019


Lots of lovely colour there to lift the spirits . . . pretty good for February :))

15 Feb, 2019


...wish I had some lovely fresh loam to scratch about in, especially in February! good idea with the grids. ah the joy the little crocus brings... love the snow drops too. A big hug to Bella. happy gardening, Hywel.

15 Feb, 2019


Super signs of spring there Hywel and the wire is doing a great job of keeping off the cats and supporting your plants. Bella is look gorgeous as always.

15 Feb, 2019


Those wire shelves are working really well and look so smart and neat.
Your garden looks very pretty already and Bella is SO photogenic!!

15 Feb, 2019


Thank you all x

Thrupennybit yes it is difficult to deter some animals. My other cats used to chase strays away but Bella doesn't.
I love Lavender. My mother always put the dried flowers in little sacks in cupboards and drawers where there were clothes, do deter moths.

Meadowland I hope the cats don't damage your garden with their scratching. I have found these wire shelves to be a good deterrent.

Thank you Sheila :)

Lori Bella said thanks for the hug !
and she said thanks for the compliments from Waddy and Wildrose =^..^=

15 Feb, 2019


The sister (nurse) I use to work for use to put a bag under her adopted daughters bed as she had trouble with her breathing it help you to breathe. You could always put a few pots here and there Hywel to deter next doors cat

Lol Bella wants a friend then. 😊

15 Feb, 2019


Your borders are lovely and tidy, Hywel. Bella is like our cat We should have changed her CPL name to Shadow.

My OH potters in the greenhouse when he is up to it and keeps an eye on the containers. Otherwise it's a case of waiting for the camellias, magnolias and azaleas to come out in force.

16 Feb, 2019


Bella adds that certain something to your pics Hywel - always a welcome sight. I was happy to see that St Francis has had a nice sheltered spot for the winter! Hope he doesn't feel the cold when you trim the shrubs!

16 Feb, 2019


looking promising .... slowly staring but as we both know in Wales lets hope it carries on ...


17 Feb, 2019


Lovely blog, Hywel. Lovely to see the spring flowers, so far I've only got crocuses & a few snowdrops. Bella is looking beautiful, as always. She seems to be a bit bigger & chunkier than my Jessie, bet she likes her grub. Going to be a lovely day here today(Sun), I must make the most of it. Keep busy!

17 Feb, 2019


Lovely flowers as usual. It's lovely when you suddenly have bulbs popping up.
Pleased to see Bella is looking so well and happy.

17 Feb, 2019


I enjoyed a look round your garden Hywel and you have a glorious display of early bulbs and flowers. I love your Hellebores !
Bella is keeping an eye on you and looks really well. I miss our two , but unfortunately we are not allowed cats here.

17 Feb, 2019


Very nice, I remember you planting the crocus, you 'threw them in :-)
To think Bella hadn't been outside until she came to you, bless her she has a great life with you.

17 Feb, 2019


Lovely to see so many spring flowers in your gardens, Hywel! I don't have any spring flowering bulbs with flowers at present but it won't be too lo long before they all burst into flower - I just hope they don't all do so at the same time! 😀

17 Feb, 2019


Thank you all for your comments ... sorry I can't answer everyone individually today.

18 Feb, 2019


Just 4 days later & I have a mini-Daff just opening on the balcony! Just goes to show how eager the bulbs are to flower once we get a few warm days at this time of the year. 😀

21 Feb, 2019


Like your garden and your cat Hywel. I don't have a cat but a blurred tortoiseshell cat comes over the back fence and follows me about. Sits and stares at me but runs off if I move nearer to her. Very much a bird watcher and knows she is well camouflaged!

12 Apr, 2019


Sorry Hywel I'd missed this one, think it appeared the week my laptop crashed, you know how these things come to try us.. Lovely show of bulbs you had, I have the same pieces of netting along with part of an old fireguard covering my wildlife pond, have to do that to stop Brynner and Harriet pulling the plants out, also to protect the frogs and spawn. Bella is keeping guard for you again, never far from you is she, lol..

14 Apr, 2019

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