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May day, May day.


By kate123


Time owing today, perfect!!! I was so happy to get home and get straight out in to the garden.
It was the second day in a row we hit 19 degrees! It was lovely, sunny and warm. I had bought a few little rockery plants on my way home, planted them up and pottered around with Eve for the afternoon..she was happily flitting between chasing bees and chilling out on the back patio.
I felt really quite happy, enjoying the feeling of sunshine and seeing everything in the garden starting to flourish and put lots of Spring growth on.
Hope everyone has been enjoying the weather recently 🌞

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Everything looks so very pretty and sunkissed Kate and there are such lovely photos here. Sadly in Devon it insists on staying dull and cloudy and cool and I am SO fed up of it!!
To see and feel the sunshine must make you feel so much better.

1 May, 2024


You have some lovely flowers in the sun, Kate! Please could you tell me what the pink plants are in the second picture?
I agree, it’s been great to get out in the garden, have a look around and enjoy the warmth 🙂

2 May, 2024


Thank so much, Chris, pleased you like the pics. It's so uplifting to see and feel the warm sunshine. It's looking like another good day here, today, although I'm inside and have meetings through the day.
I'm sorry to hear you're having some dull and cool weather, in Devon too. :-(
It's usually lovely by now down your way. OH 's sister is in Devon.
I think we may have more inclement weather ahead here..thought May would have taken us all into finer weather and we could put the blasted miserable months behind us.

2 May, 2024


Thank you, kindly, Sheila! Glad you like the flowers. The second one is Thyme. It's been more floriferous year on year. Pic doesn't do it justice really. Loads of pretty blooms. Bees and butterflies love it!
Hope you're doing ok?

2 May, 2024


I think the soft colours really complement each other, Kate. It's interesting how we often veer towards a particular shade without even realising it! Last year I noticed we had a lot of purple - all unintentional!
I hope your little Eve enjoyed keeping you in line while you were working!

2 May, 2024


Lovely flowers Kate, and it really is lovely to get out in the garden, I have been out yesterday and today, had a lot to do, but the weather here has been sunny also. It sounds like Eve is enjoying the weather also. Hope it stays nice over the bank holiday for everyone.

2 May, 2024


Thanks Kate … sounds like a plant worth having. Yes all calm here, I’ve been happily pricking out seedlings in the greenhouse. Later a friend popped round and we actually had a cuppa sitting in the garden … first time this year!

Enjoy the weekend 🙂.

2 May, 2024


You have some lovely flowers Kate and the sun was great here too, but not for long! It is now heavy rain, but like you I really enjoyed my time in the garden and catching up with jobs.
I think with our unpredictable weather at the moment, we just have to make the most of every day.

3 May, 2024


lovely blog Kate, the photos are super quality and so are the flowers.

3 May, 2024


Thank you, Ange! Pleased you like the colours. I don’t know if it’s a subconscious thing we do - veering towards plants/blooms in a particular shade, but I think we must do.
I do like flowers in purple shades too, lavender being the main one! What colours are you favouring this year?
Eve was very attentive to what I was doing the other day! She keeps close by, quite an anxious little puss.

4 May, 2024


Aw, thanks, Callie! That’s kind of you. It’s so good to get out in the garden isn’t it! It really cheers you up and it’s lovely to see everything starting to flourish. The bank holiday has started off well, hopefully it’ll continue! We’re hoping to go out for lunch tomorrow at the marina and have a lovely walk around beforehand. First thing though, a visit to a GC or 2! :-)
Hope you’re enjoying the weekend so far.

4 May, 2024


Sheila, we’re going to try to buy another one or 2 tomorrow, when we go out for the day.
Sounds like you’re having a pleasant few days in the greenhouse and the garden - pretty perfect, and the bonus of enjoying time with your friend in the Spring sunshine too!!! Have a great weekend!

4 May, 2024


Thanks kindly, Rose. I’m sorry you had some heavy rain! That’s a pity. I hope the rest of the bank holiday weekend is brighter and sunnier for you. You can get back out and enjoy your lovely garden and potter happily!

4 May, 2024


Thanks so much, Eileen! That’s very kind of you to say. Hope you’re getting out in the garden and enjoying some time for yourself.

4 May, 2024


Thanks Kate! Sunny here up to now!!

5 May, 2024

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