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Thankyou all for the comments on my last blog, I’m pleased to say eye has healed nicely and I’m back in action again, good job as I was going stircrazy…
I’m back on track now, my seeds are coming along nicely and I’ve now sown some more, I needed more shelving for the greenhouse ready for when I’m pricking out, my succulents can’t come outside for another 6wks at least so I’ve bought a new mini g’house instead and stood it inside the big one, by doing that it provides double insulation for the winter months as well, I had to move things around a bit but still have room to work in there…


As you can see my succulents are doing well and have recovered well, I only lost a couple of cacti and aeoniums of which I have spare babes from last year….
The weather is being very cooperative, rain is predicted for all this week but its coming at night so I’ve managed to mow the lawns, even strimmed the edges, I hate that job but needs must, I’ve finished cutting back the old perennial stems from last year so it looks a lot tidier…..The spring flowers are looking really colourful and I’m a happy gardener again….

The next one is for Rose who asked about it last week, the answer is yes, it is my special one that was planted to commemorate my grandaughter starting school the Viburnam that I thought was dying, Lizzie is now 25yrs old, it just goes to show that perseverence and faith does sometimes work, its bounced back as you can see, nice shape as well….

Last xmas my son and daughter-in-law gave me an IOU card with a photograph inside, Gary had made my present but weather wasn’t suitable for him to come and erect it..

Last Saturday he arrived with post and fittings and put it up for me, the post is in very deeply and concreted in so very sturdy, the base is screwed in so can be removed for cleaning purposes….

The birds are already eating from the feeders that I’ve since hung from the base., sadly it was the starlings first, greedy beggars, never takes them long when food is about, I’ve since seen the doves and pigeons investigating but was unable to get a photo, be nice it is used for a nest…. If they don’t I really won’t mind I love it anyway…..

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I'm glad your eye is better Sue, our sight is so important.
Good idea to put a mini greenhouse inside the big one, I may coppy you with that next winter.
Nice present if you like birds. I hope they enjoy using it.
Your garden looks pretty :)

22 Mar, 2023


Sue, it's really good to hear your eyes have improved! You must be feeling relieved.
You've obviously been getting out there and catching up in the garden! You're enthusiasm and hard work has paid off, your garden's looking really great!
I agree with Hywel, a mini greenhouse is a really good idea, great addition.
The birds are going to be happy little fellowship this year!!!!

22 Mar, 2023


Thanks Hywel, I'm due a checkup in 3mths with the specialist to check to see if I have more scarring but now the eye is healed I don't think there will be other than what I already have..
The mini g'house works a treat, my mishmash corner using the cover I bought in December saved a lot of my succulents and other tender plants, the frame had broken though so I treated myself to another one...
Now I've caught up with the work I'm pleased with it Hywel and Gary really chose a lovely present, makes it even more special because he made it himself, its really strong, he made it out of pallets...

22 Mar, 2023


that's brilliant news Sue. It is great to get back out in the garden isn't it. All is looking wonderful in your garden.

22 Mar, 2023


Thanks Kate, the housework has definitely been shoved on the back burner for now and I don't feel the slightest bit guilty.. I've more or less caught up but as you know it never stops, I don't mind I'm just pleased to be back in my garden and of course pain free..
My camera is on standby near the windows, waiting for photographs of the birds to send to Gary, he's already rang me to ask if its being investigated .....

22 Mar, 2023


Hi Julia and thankyou, it's a huge relief, was worrying because it took so long this time to go, you are right about the canes and brambles, also not wipe my eyes when I haven't washed my hands, that is something one does automatically without thinking when gardening, especially during hot spells...
I've wanted one like that for years and love that its homemade by my son....

22 Mar, 2023


Linclass, your garden is really interesting with all its different bits & also a pond. It looks nice & tidy too. Iā€™m so glad that your eye is better, I hope it checks out good on your next appointment. Your Viburnum is a nice size & shape. Lovely bird home too:-)

23 Mar, 2023


Thankyou Eileen, its sunny but really cold and windy today so I chose the best days, you're right it did feel good, I'm amazed how much is coming back after last years weather conditions, plants are so resilient and obviously have more sense than we do, they stayed out of the sun, had a rest and are now bouncing back..

23 Mar, 2023


Fever my hidden areas are a surprise to many, one has to wander down to see it fully, from the house one cannot see the other pond or the stumpery, I love the bottom half its my peaceful garden...
That viburnam worried me for a long time, I was determined to get back it back to a healthy specimen and had to forgo the flowers to create the tight shape but it was well worth it... My eye is doing well, thankyou .....

23 Mar, 2023


Excellent news about your eye Sue. And what a well deserved treat to have such a beautiful home made present from your son šŸ™‚.

23 Mar, 2023


Thankyou Sheila, I was over the moon with my present, the doves are getting used to it but haven't yet managed to get a decent photograph, you'll all know when I do....

23 Mar, 2023


Firstly Sue, I am glad your eye is better and that you are back in your garden again and secondly, thanks for telling me about the viburnham.
I did try to have a go at mine , but since having poly myalgia I can't do a lot at a time and it was too difficult to cut it down like you did, so just keep tidying it up and spraying it.
But the same has happened this year although it's flowering well.
I have another in the main garden, but thats going the same way and then I noticed this year that the shrub that just seemed to appear in the front garden is another viburnham , but fingers crossed is still ok!
Your garden definitely looks like spring has arrived!
And I love your dovecote! I hope you get doves and not pigeons nesting in it!
Your pond looks very healthy too!

23 Mar, 2023


Glad to hear your eye is recovering nicely. Your garden looks super, full of colour, much long than I first thought, until you explained about your hidden 'secret' area.

23 Mar, 2023


So pleased to read about your eye Sue and my word what a stunning garden you have. Your greenhouse is so well organised and is a hive of industry!! The succulents are thriving and your viburnum looks very pretty indeed.
It is so nice to see Spring everywhere again.

23 Mar, 2023


Rose I used everything I could purchase on my Viburnam, some of which was very expensive, even the Nematodes didn't work although they might have helped in the end, it was garlic douche that worked, I poured it all over the shrub instead of spraying and literally soaked the earth all around where the roots are... I was not successful with my Snowball shrubs, they were both affected by Sawfly, one was in the front garden and the other right at the bottom of our back garden so a huge distance between them, nothing ever worked on those ones so I'm afraid they had to go....
I feel for you Rose, my Sherryl's best friend has Poly Myalgia so I understand how it affects people, I've known her for over 30yrs, like you she is a battler and refuses to give into it but sometimes she just has to....The doves are feeding from the dovecote, my camera is on full alert as is Dereks, Lol.....

24 Mar, 2023


Klahanie thankyou, all is good now with eyes and the garden.. Gary is self taught but loves his woodwork, he's also a fantastic cook, its good for us as we always know what to get him for a present....

24 Mar, 2023


Siris thankyou, I refer to it as my garden of two parts, during the summer when we have sunny hot days that is where I retreat to, it gets the most shade until late afternoon....

24 Mar, 2023


W'rose its grand to see the flowers and blossom opening, it certainly gives me a boost, even better now we are entering the lighter nights, longer to spend in our gardens which suits me fine...
I love working in the g'house, although I don't regret giving the other one away as two of them were getting too much for me, I've been saying for a few years now that I'm not sowing as much, one of my xmas gifts from youngest daughter was a gift sack containing fifty packets of seeds, obviously once again my plan has flown the coop.....

24 Mar, 2023


Sue, I am so pleased your eye has healed well enough for you to be back out in the garden. The Dovecote is really special, and how lovely that Doves are already feeding from it, woohoo!

I said that I wouldn't be sowing seeds this year, but already I have sown pots of Sweet Peas and have bought some Cosmos seeds too. We just can't stop, can we?

A positive weekend ahead as the clocks spring forward, giving us lighter evenings to be out in the garden, weather permitting of course. Take care and enjoy your gardening.

24 Mar, 2023


Thanks Shirley, I'm going to be even busier, Juliet my youngest takes after me, loves gardening, she is the one who lives at the back of us, her garden is only a third of what I have here, since adding an extension she has no room to grow veggies so put in for an allotment, we went to choose one today and its perfect, just has to pay the covering deposit and sign the paperwork to submit to the council and its all systems go... Naturally I was asked to help if needed, which as you know was a definite yes, I've already asked her to let me know what seeds she wants me to set in the g'house.....Looking forward to that....

24 Mar, 2023


Sue, I bet she (and you) are thrilled about the allotment. Does she have an idea of what she will be growing?

We took on an allotment some years back, which you may remember, the Gooseberry and Blackcurrant bushes already there were great ... we made jam with the currants and lots of crumbles with the Goosegogs!

I wish you both well with the plot.

25 Mar, 2023


I do remember Shirley, I used to love spending weekends with Gary and Vicky over at Boston, he used to fetch me and we'd spend most of the time on his allotment.. Juliets is our side of the town and actually within walking distance from home if we cut through the back of Morrisons Supermarket.
Its funny you mentioning your fruit bushes, her birthday is in a couple of weeks, I was thinking I could buy some for her and definitely a crown of rhubarb....

25 Mar, 2023


Good plan ... you will be very popular!

25 Mar, 2023


Thanks Sue! Where did you get the garlic gouche or is it somthing you made up yourself?
I lost the one snowball viburnham as it too had been eaten so badly, so I dug it up last Autumn.
It's strange but in Willow Cottage I had nearly all the different types of viburnham and they were all healthy!
Thanks also for what you said about poly myalgia.
I am down to 3 mg and shortly to go down to 2 mg of the steroids, but as soon as they go down, I am back in pain again!
So, as I have a chat with my doctor on Tuesday, I imagine I will have to have a higher dose again!

26 Mar, 2023


I had both my Snowballs for over thirty years Rose, I'd never seen anything like it before, looked dreadful, the leaves turned skeletal almost overnight, I did try to save them as well but looked so ugly and it wasn't working so they had to go, the douche is just garlic powder with a dash of washing up liquid, that's to help the solution coat the leaves, its also good for the roses, helps protect against blackspot, darn sight cheaper as well, lol...Good luck on Tues, hoping chat with doctor gets you a good result...xx

28 Mar, 2023

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