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By sandra


Today i spent ages yet again looking for a brush…with such a big garden and so many projects on the go i spend hours looking for things.

During the search i found several broken off heads of passed brushes but not one with a handle.

Then it dawned on me….and within half an hour i had a brush…

i cut a branch of ash with a nice bend in it used the axe to whittle away the end of it and fixed it into place with a screw. why it has taken me this long to work out i could do this i don’t know…

but i didn’t get any sweeping done, as during this mornings search for the elusive brush i uncovered not one but 4 heads of old brushes. i was so delighted with my efforts i spent the afternoon repairing all 4…

i have a spade and a couple of old forks in need of new handles.

watch this space!!!!

Sandra :-)

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I like this blog because I can relate to it immensely! Our garden too is littered with 'heads' of things. OH is a dab hand at breaking spades, seems to be his goal in life. He is banned from using my small 'ladies' garden spade and fork. But we have brushes which could do with this treatment, so I shall start collecting them up as soon as tomorrows wet weather has passed.

22 Nov, 2014


Great idea Sandra :)
I'm always looking for things too lol ....

22 Nov, 2014


Lol,Sandra..I'm the same with trowels! I lost three in one week,a few weeks ago..Russell bought me a new one..brightly coloured ! and a friend gave me another..When cutting things back,I found one in a border,another in the compost bin when turning it over,and the last one behind the fence where I put other garden waste :o) I now have five ,so here's hoping I do better this next year :o) Yuo have done a really good job there with your brush handle :o) x

23 Nov, 2014


Excellent, Sandra .. added to GoYpedia :o)

23 Nov, 2014


do it was so satisfying..

Hywel and Sandra you sound as bad as me...when i was weeding this week i came across 2 pairs of rusted pair was beyond help but WD40 on the other pair and they work.

:-) Terra..

23 Nov, 2014


WD40 is great ! I don't know what I'd do without it :o)

23 Nov, 2014


I will not respond to that snoopdog except to say my heart sinks when I hear my OH say 'Have you seen.......?'

insert anything from an inexhaustible list [keys, spanner, alne keys, screwdriver, glasses, cleat, pin, ......]

23 Nov, 2014


I am always loosing tools too ... and keys lol
I even lost a cup of coffee one day last week - couldn't find it anywhere ! :(

23 Nov, 2014


I can relate to lost hand tools and also the uses of hubby's WD40, its brilliant for cleaning paint off my hands as well as cleaning my tools, just don't like the smell, I don't lose the sweeping brushes completely but do lose the flipping heads off halfway down the path, hubby says I'm too heavyhanded, how is that possible, lol.
Jobs a goodun Sandra and far more interesting than sweeping up....

23 Nov, 2014


Hywel my coffee is always cold when i remember where i left it.

It is definitely not just me Snoop... 4 male 2 female in this house and the males are far worse than us at not putting things back...

SBG it is a scientific fact that they are worse than females when they are looking for things..

Lincs i have my own

23 Nov, 2014


Mine also lol I eventually found it half way down the garden ... :D

My Grampa must have been the exception to the rule - he was immaculate with his tools. They were all wrapped individually in cloths and placed neatly in a drawer.
I wish I was like that !

24 Nov, 2014


me tooHywel it would make everything easier....hope your frost wasn't too bad last did get here...windscreens frozen this morning!!!

24 Nov, 2014


... and here, but my newly glazed shelter was frost free :) I hope your polytunnel was too ...

24 Nov, 2014


all fine in the west Hywel...and what a beautiful day we had..:-)

24 Nov, 2014


And here - nice and sunny but very cold ...

24 Nov, 2014


I enjoy being a handy person...Isn't it satisfying? It's great to do it yourself. I had to have our snowblower tuned up this year...and the snowshovel repaired.
We had two weeks of extremely cold weather...5 inches of snow and I actually used the snow blower! (had to clean a mouse nest out of the breather though) HOWEVER, yesterday morning the wind became balmy and it was 7 it's 12, we've had rain and sun but terrible winds and lost power for about 6 hours! we lost all our snow and I actually got some more last minute cleanup done. the arctic weather is due to return tomorrow. sooo sad.

24 Nov, 2014


time for you to hibernate soon i think Lori.
we have had so much rain lately but it keeps the temps up for a while longer. but this week we seem to have a reprieve during the day with dry crisp air which means it drops by night.

24 Nov, 2014

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