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Pottering around on a sunny December day


By sandra


Today the sun came and went but more importantly the rain kept away.
The sheep in the next field had their work cut out competing with the starlings for food.

To start with I Lit the bonfire…the wind made it a challenge but I got a good heat up and managed to burn all the brambles I have cut down over the last few weeks.

I noticed how much moss was growing on our seating sculpture and remembered Nosey potter cleaned his sculpture teeth so i gave it a go…yes I was cleaning a statues teeth with bleach!

I can see the difference already but have left the teeth and the whites of his eyes with a coating of bleach overnight so should be better tomorrow.

My brother brought me a gift for the new grow shed and is coming over christmas to get it going for me.

I am so excited by this fire…can’t wait to see it going…

Hope everyone is warm and dry..the floods on the tv look terrible…

Its blooming time here at Corseside in more ways than one…

3 weeks and counting till Lillys baby is due…:-)

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try using distilled vinegar and bicarbonate of soda or an ecover, better than bleach.
love your christmas cactus and best wishes with junior.
merry christmas, dave

8 Dec, 2015


What a stupendous fire. Now your jacket and hair will smell all smokey- nice! You are fighting a losing battle with moss and algae round here though! You get ten out of ten for working so hard, it must have taken ages to clear all those brambles etc.
Your daughter looks extremely well - blooming is the work I think. Good wishes to her for a speedy and safe delivery, and tell her not to be a few days early and monopolise your Christmas day!

8 Dec, 2015


Gosh Sandra so lucky to have so many Starlings, as they are so endangered now. You have been busy haven't you? Those brambles didn't stand a chance! I love your seating just as is, moss and all. That's some stove your brother has brought you. Will you paint it later?
Have a wonderful Christmas. Hope all goes well with the expected baby.

8 Dec, 2015


Oh wow, I love the stove, can't wait to hear how it performs Sandra! The ringed top, is that where you open it or pop the kettle? Love all the space you have, hope all goes well with the baby too, your daughter looks so well.....

8 Dec, 2015


Erm, I think you better ask Santa for a bigger tooth brush Sandra, lol, you are a glutton for punishment aren't you, he's grinning anyway and by the time you've finished he'll have smiley eyes as well, I used to enjoy a good bonfire but frowned upon now so haven't had one in years, gives one a feeling of satisfaction clearing away the brambles and any other burnable rubbish plus keeping warm at the same time, getting moaned at when going indoors because my clothes smelled smokey.
Thats a nice gift from your brother, you won't want to go indoors when you get that stove going in the growhouse, isn't your succulent xmas tree doing well as well as the cactus, I have a red one in bloom and a pinky white just beginning to open, think the one like yours is on its last legs, no sign of any buds at all, think its time to start a new one...
Lilly is blooming, gosh time seems to have flown since you gave us that news, I hope you have a wonderful christmas, exciting times ahead for you all......

8 Dec, 2015


Waddy I just had to show you our starlings...glad u liked them....the farmer is not a fan ...they eat all his grass...

Stera I love clearing brambles at this time of the year..

Janey the top of the stove comes off and a kettle can be put on top. Its only small but i am sure it will cook up a good heat.

Lincs I do love the christmas cactus so nice to see some flowers at this time of the year

Maisiesdad I only used a teaspoon full of bleach just to clean his teeth and eyes....we have a cesspit so bleach is pretty much banned..

I will pass ob your good wishes to Lilly..xxxx

9 Dec, 2015


Sandra, now I know where all the Starlings are! I noticed some were sitting on a sheep, taking a rest or nit-picking. For the past 2 years we have had the Grapes stripped by Starlings, not so this year.

I would have loved to have helped with the bonfire, not sure why I like them though, childhood memories perhaps of doing the same at my Grandparent's garden.

That's a great looking stove, what a good find.

9 Dec, 2015


Great blog Sandra, I do like your festive cacti, I am slowly being converted!
What a beautiful little stove, did your brother bring it over from France? It looks very familiar. Is it a little Godin? I hope you'll let us know how it does when you get it going, as I have always wondered how they performed.
You should be so cosy in there.
What a bonfire, I can see you enjoyed it. Best wishes for your daughters imminent event.
We get two starlings in our garden regularly and are always expecting the troops to turn up but they never do, almost eerie to see just one pair, at least I hope they are a pair otherwise there will soon be none!
Loving your dental care pics ?

10 Dec, 2015


they like my grapes too Shirley but i dont mind as they are always too bitter for me.
Resi i am not sure where the fire came from it has L.Lange and co written on it. its the biggest flock of starling we have seen in years..

11 Dec, 2015


I love wood burning stoves Sandra, we've always had one wherever we've lived and yours is Danish, the company from Svendborg......does look very old, probably from the turn of the century?

11 Dec, 2015


no elephants don't like sprouts Snoop.

I have one in my big shed Janey...think it's a jotul, I will be lighting it tomorrow when i am making some christmas wreaths. Its madness we don't have one in the house! thanks for that info thats old!

11 Dec, 2015


Sorry I missed your blog Sandra. I must have been in a rush lol
There's nothing like a bonfire on a cold day :)
And I like your new heater too ...

13 Dec, 2015


Same here with the Grapes, Sandra, too bitter and full of pips! Funny sight yesterday when a fat Pigeon landed on the roof and tried really hard to bend over enough to pick them! It managed to knock some off and pecked at them on the ground ...

14 Dec, 2015


I have Ben chatting to my brother today and he has a plan so hopefully the fire will be working soon...

Shirley my grapes were elated weeks ago!

14 Dec, 2015


Really? Elated? Happy grapes then lol! :o)

14 Dec, 2015


Blooming iPad...eaten not elated lol

14 Dec, 2015



15 Dec, 2015

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