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Nymans on 1st February 2023


A message came through from The National Trust inviting members to ‘Discover carpets of Snowdrops’ with suggested gardens around the South of England.

As the weather was dry, the sky blue and no chill wind blowing, we decided to drive the 40 minutes or so North to Mid Sussex to Nymans Gardens. We drove through country lanes, passing signs for quaint old names like Cowfold, Handcross, Warninglid!

We have often visited Nymans, the favourite time is when the Roses are in bloom, round about June.

So, we began with a cup of tasty Latte coffee before setting off at a leisurely pace …

I took an awful lot of photos, culled them down but there are still lots on this blog … you have been warned!

We saw Crocus, Snowdrops, Cyclamens and Hellebores, some held in place for the camera by my gloved assistant!

We love the views from this area, shame it wasn’t warm enough to ‘sit and stare’ today.

As we took in the views, we caught the very powerful perfume from a Daphne bholua, Darjeeling form (yes, I did photo the label!) and OH asked if if we could plant one by our little sunhouse in the back garden. Hmm, maybe too big methinks!

Walking on, with the scent of the Daphne strong in the air, we saw the colourful stems of Dogwood.

Unexpected sight were some early flowering Camellias.

Plants with faded blooms, seed heads and grasses all looking bare, waiting for their new growth.

Hydrangea arborescens ‘Bounty’.

There were some lovely Hamamelis dotted around the garden … this is ‘Nina’ … stunning!

here is H. ‘Amethyst’.

Trees in their glory … others drastically pruned … reason unknown to me.

Although we really don’t need a reason to return … this sign indicates why we shall!

Narcissus ‘February Gold’ soon to be flowering.

Plenty of Robins enjoyed following the gardeners around …

A movement in a large Handkerchief tree (Davidia involucrata) caught my eye … there was a Squirrel running along a branch and I wondered if Squirrels eat the fruits of the tree as it is a very hard nut.

A very polite sign which is no doubt aimed at children more than adults!

Finally, to finish with a smile …

Nymans had a Beatrix Potter (The Tailor of Gloucester book) exhibition and trail for children which began just before Christmas and the ‘cat in a hedge’ was a part of it.

If anyone has stayed this far (!) here is a photo of the remains of Nymans House. Fire swept through it in 1947 and it became a National Trust property in 1953.

Thanks for looking in.

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Lovely blog Shirley, thanks for sharing.

2 Feb, 2023


That was quick, Ams! You were mentioned here the other day ,as we finally bought a container for our little 'pond in a pot!' I shall be filling it with rainwater in a couple of weeks (from the water butt) then the pebbles and plants. Thanks again for the advice you gave me last year ... :o)

2 Feb, 2023


Well.I did enjoy that Shirley, what a treat!
Loved all.of it and especially the dogwoods..

2 Feb, 2023


Shirley I really enjoyed your trip out, thankyou for sharing the lovely photo's, I would be wanting another visit if I saw that sign as well, those camelia 's were a surprise and the dogwood looks stunning, its glowing, always a delight to see the local cheeky robin and I love the cat across the archway, that 's a really novel idea and I bet the children love it....

2 Feb, 2023


Thank you for your really lovely blog, Shirley … how useful to have a gloved assistant! I think he deserves to have a Daphne bholua in your garden, and if you had it in a pot it wouldn’t get too big ?!

2 Feb, 2023


Julia, those Cyclamen were gorgeous. Door to door for us is a 40 minute drive, about 25 miles each way.

Janey, I am so pleased you enjoyed Nymans as much as I did.

Sue, if you could have seen Michael's face when I pointed out the dark pink/red Camellias! His colour blindness means he never sees red blooms or berries, just a darker shade of green. Shame isn't it? We saw a Robin perch on a man's hand, amazing to see it eating crumbs from a cake out of his hand.

Sheila, he reckons the only reason I walk alongside him is to have him as my 'lovely assistant'! I just looked at the height and spread of that Daphne, anything from 6 to 13ft. tall ... that's a NO then!

Klahanie, I was totally surprised at the flowering Camellias and so many shrubs with fat buds on them. Spring is definitely coming closer.

2 Feb, 2023


A wonderful variety of plants to bring the signs of spring. The scent from the daphne on the air must have been so lovely and the sight of snowdrops and cyclamens and even crocuses - magical!!

2 Feb, 2023


Thanks, Shirley, for the "guided tour" of these lovely gardens! Really lovely to see so many Snowdrops, Crocuses & Daffodils flowering already - & we are only in the first days of February!

The early flowering Camellias are beautiful! 👍

2 Feb, 2023


what a lovely day out and thank you for sharing such a lovely garden.

3 Feb, 2023


Ditto to all the above. I really enjoyed your day out, Ty for sharing it with us.

3 Feb, 2023


Thank you for sharing. So much early colour. Still drab and miserable here.

3 Feb, 2023


What a lovely day out you had Shirley!
You are so lucky to have places like this not too far from home!
Unfortunately, not much where we live!
I loved every part of the "walk" with you! The scent from the Daphne must have been lovely and all those!
I also loved the cat! I bet you will be there in the spring and hope you do another blog then!

3 Feb, 2023


Chris, that scent from the Daphne was glorious, not overpowering, just lovely!

David, even though there weren't carpets of Snowdrops, as the N.T. message suggested there would be, there were certainly many other 'pretties' to admire.

Thanks Eileen, Siris and Josie ... :o))

Rose, the Cyclamens could be seen from so far off ... a carpet of pink ... wonderful to see. Watch out for further updates on Nymans in the Spring ... :o))

3 Feb, 2023


I definitely enjoyed 'our' day out!!! Wonderful pics, Shirley! Those hellebores.. beautiful, each and every one! From the Daphne to the Camellias...gorgeous indeed! Lots of attractive shrubs, wildlife and unique surprises to be seen!
Hope you had a fab day!

3 Feb, 2023


Thanks Kate, when we arrived we saw a buggy taking a couple on a 60-75 minute tour around. It turns out these tours can be booked in advance ... might be worth considering for the next visit!
The Hellebores are much further on than mine, lots of buds here, but with the temperatures set to fall again next week I just hope they will eventually open!

4 Feb, 2023


lovely pictures Shirley , the daphne looks lovely and makes me realise mine probably dead then as leaves fallen off . Very spring feel despite the cold , nice robin in the mix too , those tree ferms and huge palms look a showpiece. I have small versions of the palms

4 Feb, 2023


Good morning Paul, sounds as though your Daphne shrub is a goner, such a shame. I have just been outside, using the half moon edger to separate the lawn from the borders and heard a very distinctive bird song, husband thinks it was either a Greenfinch or Chaffinch. No sign of any mauve Crocus, had loads last year, but a few Yellow ones are in bud.

5 Feb, 2023

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