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Daylilies 2


It is already mid-season for my daylilies – there are lots and lots open every day. Some are very similar to several others, and some stand out.
Some are soft understatements like Core Values x Life is a Highway:

Or using the same pollen parent, it can be a little more exciting, like Fuoco del Sole x Life is a Highway:

There are many of the applique types, but one that keeps grabbing my eye is Spacecoast Sea Shells x (Angel Fairy Tern x Judge Nancy). It is a large 7" across, and every day there are subtle differences to the pattern in the eye.

Looking very ordered is Blue Oasis x Lines of Splendor. For this one, I used the newer Blue Oasis(2002) as pod parent and the much older Lines of Splendor (1993).

If you like solid colors, there is Full of Treasure x Blushed with Emerald.

Of course, there will be those one-offs that are worth searching for. This is a polymerous version of Etched Eyes x Dragonfly Tattoo. An antique pink with a feathered yellow band.

Tomorrow will bring different flowers, equally as nice and special in their own way.

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Wonderful collection you have there Wylie my favourite has got to be Spacecoast Sea Shells 2nd is the 2nd picture. Plenty of foliage on my Day Lily but no flowers yet.

14 May, 2018


Amazing selection, Wylie. I agree with 3d that Spacecoast Sea Shells is extra special.

14 May, 2018


What an amazing collection you have. It must be very satisfying to have bred so many beauties yourself. Do you know how many you have now?

14 May, 2018


I think we are all of the same opinion that Spacecoast Sea Shells X is a cracker.

14 May, 2018


they are such good garden worthy plants. some of mine are just starting to form buds.

14 May, 2018


Thanks! I am glad everyone likes them. I really don't know how many hundred's I have - last count was just under 1000. I am doing something different this year: Allowing 2 years of blooming before the big cull. There were a lot I would have kept last year, but not so many as I will at the end of this year. That means more space for more new ones - I have started pollenating some.

15 May, 2018


Wow! Those lilies really are something. Agree, Spacecoast Sea Shells X is stunning.

15 May, 2018


That's great you ve started pollinating already Wylie such a shame you did nt keep the ones you liked from last year.

15 May, 2018


All beautiful Wylie but the third one down is my favourite.

15 May, 2018


Thanks! That 3rd one is in bloom again today :)
I did keep everything from last year, I gave them an extra year to prove themselves and will end up keeping fewer than I had planned at the end of last year because they aren't performing as well as I hoped, this year.

16 May, 2018


All lovely but yes that Spacecoast Seashells cross is my favourite too :-)

24 Jul, 2018


I was able to get the one in the last photo to cross with Inner View, and have 9 seeds to start. I have had trouble getting Inner View to do anything, either way.

25 Jul, 2018

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