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I grow bromeliads outdoors. They have to be placed so there is a lot of shade for most, and they do require some water in the summer, but they are an easy plantto grow. It takes forever for them to open, but the good side of that is that it takes even longer for them to fade away. I have an Aechmea that is slowly doing its thing. Its bright red bracts make it a stand out plant in a shady place:

An easy to grow bulb is Ixia paniculate. It has long tubular flowers and multiplies very quickly. They will want a dry summer rest.

Oxalis is usually grown for its flowers, but there is one variety that is better for its foliage. This is the first year I have had this, so it is still settling in, but next year there should be a big show of veined foliage.

After taking a short rest from blooming earlier in the year, the Hibiscus ‘Cosmic Dancer’ is back to flowering.

Of course, Strelitzia Nicolai is flowering way up in the sky.

I had to use the 300mm zoom lens to get this photo since it is about 25 feet up. Every year they get further away as the plant gets taller.

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wow they are certainly all beautiful. as for the strelizia it looks like a dinosaur in the foliage.
wonderful plants. as usual.

27 Apr, 2020


Stunning and I agree with Seaburn, that Strelitzia is prehistoric! The colour of the Hibiscus is amazing.

27 Apr, 2020


Fantastic plants you have there, Wylie! I also had some Oxalis deppei 'Iron Cross' on the balcony. Like you I liked them more for their leaves than for their flowers!

I'm growing a 'Bird of Paradise' (Strelitiza reginae)seedling in the kitchen. I don't expect it to get very big, (certainly not like yours!), but it has survived the winter (in the kitchen) & is growing away now. I would like to see it flower this summer but I have my doubts!

27 Apr, 2020


I hadn't realized it looked like a dinosaur until eaburngirl pointed it out.
Balcony: I have a seedling of Strelitzia juncae that finally germinated early this month. It is supposed to get to 2 meters tall, and is the one that is all stem and very little leaf. I had to wait 11 years for the S. nicolai to have its first flower, hopefully this new one can do it in 7.

28 Apr, 2020


What stunning flowers!

28 Apr, 2020


I hope I don't have to wait for years (like with my Amaryllis!) to see it flower for the first time!

29 Apr, 2020


I think some of the estimates on how long it takes from seed to flower are just wishful thinking.

2 May, 2020

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