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It is that time of year when I start thinking about which of my seedlings are good enough to register. Last year I had the dilemma of picking between siblings. First there was Seedling BTS#1, (Unk x Free Wheelin’). Just because the pod parent has unknown parents due to mislabeling, I know which seedling it came from.

It has nice, strong colors and I could still go ahead and register it. It was up against its sibling, which became ‘Star of Portugal’.

While the main color isn’t as strong all the time, it has one feature the other didn’t have – form. If you look in the throat area you can see that "Star of Portugal’ has pleated petals and BTS#1 has flat petals. This put Star into the Unusual Form category.
I have several seedlings in the running this year, most are Diploids. There is the small (Crystal Blue Persuasion x Galaxy Explosion) which is now registered as ‘Pico do Tombo’:

The equally small (Pico Piquinho x Fancy Face). The pod parent for this is from my 2016 registration, ‘Pico Piquinho’.

Then there is a larger (Pico Piquinho x Sebastian the Crab) which is now registered as ‘Pico do Rahminho’, where I was hoping it would be double, but main traits are not always passed on.

I do have a DIP double in the running which is the result of two seedlings [(Bounty x Heavenly Pink Butterfly) x (Magic of Oz x Ashee Dashee)], and it is 100% double. It is now registered as ‘Pico dos Porcos’.

There are 2 TETs, BTS#1 and (Eder Sdlg 0009 x Judge Nancy).

As for names, which can be the hard part, I am using extinct volcanos in the Azores, and there are a lot of those. Many hybridizers use names that start with something. Dan Hansen use ‘Ladybird …’, Herrington uses Oz as in the film somewhere in the name, or Miller uses ‘Small World …’.

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They are lovely looking Daylilies, Willie.

People ask me from time to time why I don't name some of my Amaryllis seedlings. I've no interest in naming them & anyway they all look very similar in groups I'm a member of on Facebook.

What advantage do you have by naming & registering them? Can you sell them to a nursery in the hope they will be widely propagated? Would you receive any money for breeder's rights?

13 May, 2020


For my money it would be the first one because of the colour and simplicity- quite different from all the others.

13 May, 2020


A daylily without a name or parents is worth maybe €2. A daylily where the parents are known is about €5. A named and registered daylily will start at €20 and can go to over €175. With the EU ban on importing among other plants, daylilies, EU grown daylilies have become more important. If I want to sell, then that is the only time I would get paid. Since I don't need to sell, I give pieces away to people I like. It also makes record keeping easier - look at the names on the second to last one, and imagine crossing it with one with as many parents.

13 May, 2020


They are all amazing, why wouldn't you want to name them? Just to know that you (and nature) have created something that you can put a name to and it will always be known by that name - super. I was put off daylilies by the nasty spreading habit of the orange ones! But these are stunning.

13 May, 2020


All very beautiful, Wylie. I like the yellow ones, I must admit..but, they are all very lovely.

13 May, 2020


Fantastic flowers, congratgulations.

13 May, 2020


I have to agree with Steragram2. The first one really stands out.

13 May, 2020


i also love the first one such a rich colour. having said that I would be delighted to grow any of them.

13 May, 2020


Thanks! I know the first one is super nice, but I went with a more unusual form. To register a daylily, there is a fee, so that sometimes limits how many I register in a given year.

15 May, 2020


I did an update for 3 of these as the registration was approved. They are 'Pico do Tombo' (photo #3), 'Pico do Rahminho' (photo#5), and 'Pico dos Porcos' (photo #6).

1 Jun, 2020

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