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When considering if I should register a daylily, there are many factors that come into play. The first is, does anyone really need another red one. There are so many that are the same as a lot of others that that is a good reason to give them a pass.
The main reason is bud count. A tetraploid frequently has a lower bud count than a diploid, so the two are judged by different minimums. 20-30 flowers on a scape is not unusual for a dip, but would be very good for a tet.
Some of those I have, but have rejected are:
Emozione x (Angel Fairy Tern x Judge Nancy). I wish this one had just a few more buds, but it has an average of 9.

Clark Gable x Orange Ruffles has been in my garden for 10 years, but has never been able to have more than 5 flowers per scape. Those years there are several scapes, it looks great – which is why I keep it around.

I have crossed the sibling of ‘Star of Portugal’ with ‘El Aventura’. Unfortunately, it is also on the low end of buds. But it is a terrific looking flower:

This is one that I will be giving a couple of more years to develop. I really like the applique throat on it.
A fairly plain one in the crowd, again with a low bud count, is Marseilles Watercolor x Full of Treasure.

So far, the previous seedlings are all TETs, but there is one DIP that I wish had a much higher bud count. Wee Wizard x Christmas in Oz:

These daylilies present the worst problem – not real high quality traits, but really good looking flowers; and they take up space. I can’t keep everything I create, but these are some that I don’t really want to get rid of.

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they are stunning and compared to some I have bought, supposedly super flowerers I'd rather have yours.

15 May, 2020


Wow, all them pretty, but the first one is outstanding!

15 May, 2020


They're all stunning. I'm just glad it isn't me who has to choose.

15 May, 2020


They are exquisite.

15 May, 2020


Beautiful, all of them!

15 May, 2020


It's a dilemma. You have some beautiful colours on your Daylilies.

15 May, 2020


Thanks! Fortunately, each year they are getting better. I remember how proud I was the first year of what bloomed, but those are nothing compared to this year.

16 May, 2020


They all look fabulous, Wylie! I'd be happy to grow any & all if I had a garden in which to grow them!

17 May, 2020

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