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Fuchsias are not all about big showy flowers ... :o))


By hywel


My Fuchsias are always slow in flowering … much slower than anybody else’s I’m sure.

But now they are starting to open, and the first ones are the small flowered varieties :)

Actually, I think I prefer the small single varieties.
They are so sweet, and not ‘in your face’ like the big showy ones …

First here’s ‘Our William’ :-

He is a very tiny little flower, but so pretty.

I don’t know who ‘Our William’ is named after, but I like to think it’s Prince William lol


Here’s a similar flower, and it’s called ‘Purperklokje’ :-

It is pronounced “purpur-klok-yeh”
and it means ‘purple bell’ …
The flowers are tiny :)


This next little Fuchsia is delightful, with tiny flowers, no bigger than your thumb nail …
and it’s called ‘Venus Victrix’ :-

It was first raised by a Mr Gulliver, in 1840
and it is the first white-sepalled fuchsia ever to be known.

All modern Fuchsias with white sepals, are descended from it :)


Now here are some Variegated Fuchsias :-

Autumnale :-

Jack Stanway :-

Waveney Sunrise :-

Tom West :-

Strawberry Delight (a hardy variety !) :-

It has beautiful flowers too :)


Geanii (also hardy)

They are very attractive with their variegations and bright colours :)
Fuchsias are not all about showy flowers :)

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They are all beautiful Hywel and such lovely coloured foliage too, I have room for a few more hardy ones in my garden so adding this blog to my favourites, I especially like Strawberry Delight :-)

20 Jun, 2014


I agree, Hywel - showy flowers are not the be-all and end-all! My Dad, nephew and grandson are all Williams, so "Our William" definitely resonates with me!

My Genii is just establishing itself nicely in its second year in one of the borders. I have several fuchsias which over-winter successfully in the cold greenhouse. Swingtime was extremely showy the first year I had it - I bought it, flowering profusely, from a local nursery. Now it always flower late in the season, but I don't mind that! It is such a lovely shape and always looks so healthy.

20 Jun, 2014


The are all very nice Hywel - I do like the colours on Autumnal, very catching.
I've recently been giving some Fuchsias and there is one I have no name for. I hope you'll be able to ID it for me when it flowers.
There is a famous Scottish strip character called Oor Wullie - although I doubt he'd be honoured with a Fuchsia named after him.

20 Jun, 2014


You've got some beauties there Hywel.... especially the variagated ones. Love Strawberry Delight and Autumnale.Thank you for introducing them to me, will definately look out for those two!

21 Jun, 2014


Some lovely flowers and foliage too. I have to admit to liking all fuchsias...even the ones 'in you face' varieties, but there's definitely something special about the tiny, delicate flowering ones.

21 Jun, 2014


My favourite fuchsia is one called `little lottie` so I agree with you Hywel.

21 Jun, 2014


Hi Hywel, what a delightful selection of fuchsias. Autumnale and Jack Stanway get my vote.

21 Jun, 2014


They are all lovely Hywel, I've been lucky this year and managed to hang onto the new ones purchased last year, only two in flower as of yet but I don't mind waiting, lol....

21 Jun, 2014


Thanks for all your comments about my plants :)

21 Jun, 2014


The variegated foliage is very nice and give colour before and after flowering. I have a hardy fuchsia in the garden but no name as it was here when we moved in over 40 years ago. Morrisons had a great selection of hardy fuchsias this year so I got enough trailing ones to put in my hanging baskets and some to put in the ground. I feel the single ones can be every bit as showy as the frilly petticoat type. I love to see all of yours each year and I hope I can keep these new ones going for future years.

22 Jun, 2014


Thank you and Good luck !

23 Jun, 2014


A lovely collection, Hywel - hard to pick a favourite but I do like the variegation. Autumnale is lovely.

24 Jun, 2014


Thank you ... :)

25 Jun, 2014


I agree - the smaller single forms are best.

28 Jun, 2014


You have a lovely collection of Fuchsias, Hywel! I like variegated plants & a few years ago I grew a golden Fuchsia on our balcony.

I only have one Fuchsia at present, the climber, 'Lady Boothby', though there are no signs of flowers on it at present. This will be its third year with me. I was quite pleased with it the first year but last year it didn't do very well & this year it's doing no better. :-(( I'm not sure it will survive to be with me for a 4th year. :-(( I'll try & see if I can get a cutting or two so I can root them & put them in a different position next year to see if they do any better.

5 Jul, 2014

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