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By hywel


Come and have a look at some things in my garden.
I’ll show you some of the plants I’m growing at the moment

First of all, here’s a view looking down the garden
(It’s a bit overgrown now !)

I’ve got some lovely Clematises on a trellis :-

And lots of pots on the patio :)

I sewed some Thyme seeds and Lavender seeds, and they are growing nicely now …

(I forgot to take a photo of the Lavender lol)

I also sewed green and red Basil :-

My Rosemary cuttings have caught, I think …

I have this old sink, and can never decide what to plant in it …
so I put some onion sets, and lettuces in between them :)

They are not doing to badly
but I was afraid of slugs eating the lettuces, and I’d heard that putting Vaseline around the rim of a pot, will prevent them from getting at the plants …
but I didn’t have any Vaseline, so I used Vick instead :D

Well it’s got a similar consistency, and it smells,
… and it has worked ! :o)
No snails or slugs have been seen in the sink, although there are lots of them all about the place here :o)

I sewed Turnips, carrots, beetroots and radishes, all in tubs :-

Here are some little Fuchsia cuttings I repotted recently :)

And here’s Bella helping me to repot them :D

Take a look in Fuchsia Alley …

Next are some new small Fuchsias I got on mail order earlier in the spring :-

They’re a bit slow, but never mind. As long as they don’t die on me, I’ll be satisfied :o)

Iresine and Chlorophytum in Fuchsia Alley :-

Here’s a peep into Succulent Alley :D lol :-

And last but not least, a look at some cacti enjoying the sunshine in a glazed area by the back door … :o)

Well there you are, just a peep at how things are doing right now.
And I hope everyone is enjoying their summer gardens this year. We haven’t had such bad weather so far, so that’s good :o)

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Hywel, everything is looking great, you've certainly got greenfingers. I've tried several times to grow Basil. The green is fine but I can never get the Red to even germinate!
Love your Clematis, please what's the pink one?

16 Jul, 2014


Thank you both for your comments :)

The pink clematis is Princess Diana, The other one is Gypsy Queen :)

16 Jul, 2014


I love that Princess Diana, going to get this one for myself, you have some very healthy plants Hywel, you have been working very hard by the looks of it. If you like brie cheese try adding some basil to it, it makes a great sandwich.

16 Jul, 2014


Lovely photos! Liking the idea about using Vicks!!!

16 Jul, 2014


Very interesting. I enjoyed the tour.

17 Jul, 2014


Great garden Hywel. I once used Vaseline to grease the pole of my rotary line as I used to sometimes hang bird seed on one of the arms and happened to see a couple of rats climb the pole to get at it. But that stopped them getting a grip. Vick is a good idea too,

17 Jul, 2014


All looking great Hywel... :)

17 Jul, 2014


Thank you all for your comments on my blog :)

I do like Brie Grandmage. I shall try that next time I buy it :)

17 Jul, 2014


Put lots of basil in it too Hywel, its delicious. :)

17 Jul, 2014



17 Jul, 2014


All looking fabulous as ever Hywel and Bella too :o)

17 Jul, 2014


Looking good Hywel, especially like the Fuchsias and the Clematis and the pots, well I like it all really ... lol! :o)

18 Jul, 2014


Thank you both :o))

18 Jul, 2014



18 Jul, 2014


All your plants are looking good, how many pots do you have planted up, I have a lot too, I'm glad when it rains as it saves me the job of watering them all, just like today, it has been tipping it down, Thunder & Lightening too, Oh! It's just stopped, now the garden is looking all nice and fresh & brought out all the colour in the flowers :o))
I like your Cacti, I have one that I saved from my Mums greenhouse, she has had it there for years, all through the winters too, well it looked dead so I pulled off some bits that still had a bit of life in them and waited, well one piece took but it doesn't look anything like the prickly cacti it came from, I'm going to add it in my pictures for you to have a look at, it looks like something from the Wild West LOL but no prickle's :o))

20 Jul, 2014


Thank you.
I suppose, between the cacti, Fuchsias, and patio pots, there are nearly 300 !
We haven't had any rain here for ages. It's hot and sunny (TOO hot and sunny lol !)

20 Jul, 2014


Wow you have a lot going on in your garden Hywel. I was born in Wales in a place called Blaina and lived there for 30 years. Nice views, reminds me of home. Do you manage to overwinter your plants ok ?

20 Jul, 2014


Thank you Richard.
I've heard of Blaina. I believe it's near Newport ?
I overwinter my cacti in the conservatory, and the fuchsias in an old shed :)

21 Jul, 2014


Oh Hywel what a propagator you are well done love your beautiful view and love your groupie Bella lol .

21 Jul, 2014


Thank you :)

22 Jul, 2014


I like the idea of using Vick instead of Vaseline - your plants will breathe more easily... ;o)

22 Jul, 2014


lol :D

23 Jul, 2014


Hywel, I just joined the blog. I love your container plants. The fuschias are so beautiful. I bought 5 this spring, 2 hanging baskets, 3 straight up types. Two of the sraight ups have died. I live in the high desert of New Mexico. Could you give me a lesson on how to propogate my hanging basket fuschias, please? Thanks for any help you can give me. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I think maybe you don't live in the United States. I will learn more the more I read.

6 Aug, 2014


Hello Nance, and welcome to Grows on You :)
Thanks for commenting on my blog.

I'm no expert, but the best way to propagate Fuchsias is by taking cuttings.
Find a non-flowering shoot, and cut it just below a leaf joint.
Take off the bottom leaves, and put it in a little pot of compost.
Put this to stand in a container with water, until it has soaked up enough, and then put it in a cool shady place.
It will have rooted in a few weeks, and then you'll be able to see it growing some new leaves.
You can put several cuttings around the edge of the pot, if it is big enough.

You could also sew the seeds ...
After the flowers fall, you'll see little berries forming.
When they are ripe, if you split them open, you can collect the seeds.
I've never tried this method, and I don't know if you should dry the seeds first, or sew them as they are.
But it is possible to do it.

The plants you grow from seeds might not have the same colour flowers as the parent, but the ones from cuttings will.

Yes, you are right - I don't live in the United States.
I live in Wales :)

Living where you do, you must see some cacti :) I love cacti, and have a nice collection, ... but I have to keep them indoors during the winter, because we get a lot of rain here.

7 Aug, 2014

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