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Boxing Day 2015


By hywel


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas :o)
We enjoyed yesterday here, but I must say I am relieved it’s over.
Now I can look forward to the days lengthening, and springtime in the garden …

The weather’s been a bit rough, although it hasn’t been as bad here as in some other parts.
I feel sorry for anyone flooded out.
However, I must say I prefer rain to frost and snow any day.

In my garden the Viburnum bodnantense is flowering well :o)

Viburnum tinus is very poor though, which is a bit disappointing,
and the flowers on my Winter Jasmine are finishing.
I’m not complaining, it’s been flowering well since September :o)

I had some seedlings (can’t remember what they are because I didn’t label them !) and I put them outside a few days ago, to have rain.
Today I had to pour the water out of their trays, before I could put them back in the shelter.
They won’t need water for a long time now.

My Fuchsias are in full leaf … They are always like that when the winter is mild :o)

I went for a little walk this afternoon, just up the back road. It was very grey :(

Beryl is watching the soaps (she didn’t see them yesterday)
3 hours of miserable characters all squabbling and bickering, and bullying each other – not for me thank you lol :D

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone :o)

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Hywel, I think Beryl was watching my relatives.

26 Dec, 2015


lol :o)

I hope you had a nice Christmas Loosestrife :)

26 Dec, 2015


i am the same Hywel.. enjoyed myself yesterday but can't wait to get back on with it now. I also got hours of peace and quiet today while my mother in law was following Beryl catching upon her soaps...

26 Dec, 2015


Hi Sandra. I'm glad you had a bit of peace. It's nice to have some in the middle of all the merrymaking :)

26 Dec, 2015


Glad you had a nice Christmas ,Hywel..we had fun with our Grandchildren and both families..but nice to have a peaceful day at home today,despite the Horrendous weather,which started around teatime yesterday,with a little respite this afternoon..lots of our low lying villages are flooded,but mainly the roads,I think..except for one Childrens' Nursery nearer to Waddy than us,which is flooded out.People are trying help bale it sad...I'm just watching our local news,and it looks pretty bad in several places ..
I don't like the Soaps either..but Russell watches Corrie..that's when I go on my laptop.:o) luckily,it's the only one he likes..I'd go mad if we had the others on as well! ..we might not have lasted 41 years,otherwise ! Lol x

26 Dec, 2015


Sandra we ordered a linen cupboard from a place in Yorkshire (they make whatever you want, to the size you want) but they couldn't deliver it last week as they had arranged, because they'd been flooded out and didn't have any vans. It's a family run business and I feel sorry for them.
They are going to try to deliver it after the new year, but we'll have to see how things go.

Congratulations on 41 years ! x
Beryl and I have known each other 40 yrs this year lol

26 Dec, 2015


Thank you for your blog, Hywel. I enjoyed my day with my family, though I had to watch a stupid film about a Dinasaur Park, people being gobbled up when they escape etc. now at home it is almost too quiet as the wind has moved the aerial a bit & I have had no TV reception for some days & the engineer can't come until Dec 31st. Then he probably won't climb up on the roof & I might have to get someone else out. However I find I get more done with no tele & I'm reminding myself of the fact that we had no TV when a child, only a big radio, with knobs & 2 large glowing valves in the back. I seem to remember them being taken to a shop to be either recharged or perhaps new ones bought. I only really watched TV when I left home in 1955, then all in black & white of course.

26 Dec, 2015


Oh dear,what a shame.I feel sorry for family run Business's too..against all these big ones,with mass produced stuff.they are ok for some things..
It looks worse than we thought,on seeing the weather report earlier..a few have been hit a few times before,and for some,it's their first time..even parts of Leeds city was floode..just awful to see..
You and Beryl aren't far behind us..we must all have something special that keeps us together ..:o) xx

26 Dec, 2015


I'm glad you had a nice day Hywel. It wasn't fit to go outside here but we beat it by going the day before! Our son is with us for a few days and we went down for a walk on the beach at Broad Haven this afternoon-the tide was right out and there were so many dogs of all shapes and sizes having a wonderful time!

It will be interesting to see what your seedlings turn out to be! Best wishes to everyone for next year.

26 Dec, 2015


I hope you can get your tv areal fixed Feverfew. I don't watch much on it personally, but there are one or two good programmes that I like to choose.
We had a big brown 'wireless set' on the windowsill when I was little. I remember it had a green light on it. We didn't have a tv until the 60s. When I was very small I remember going into Mrs Rees's house next door to watch Andy Pandy and the Wooddentops on her tv set lol ...

I've just seen the news Sandra - terrible ! I feel sorry for all those people. I hope you are all right.
I've got a cousin living in Leeds - haven't heard from him for many years.

I'm glad you were able to go for a walk Sue. It gets boring in the house all the time. I tend to get headaches if I don't have some fresh air.
I think some of the seedlings are lavender. I don't remember the others. There are 7 trays of them :O

26 Dec, 2015


Pleased you had a lovely Christmas Day and enjoyed your walk Hywel while the soaps gloomed the air waves, can't be doing with them at all.
The weather has been wet and windy here too but as you say not as bad as some areas, my heart goes out to all those with flooded homes and businesses, bad at any time but it seems so much worse at Christmas time.
Love your V. Bodnantense pics mine is flowering really well too, hope your seedlings enjoyed their soaking and reward you well come the spring. :o)

26 Dec, 2015


Glad you and Beryl had an enjoyable Christmas, Hywel. I had a very noisy one with my family, 10 of us sat down to dinner, great fun. Boxing day was my quiet day, just me, Millie and Stanley and I read, watched a little TV. I watched the Dickensian programme that intrigued me!

Like everyone else I was dismayed to see all the flooding. I know how distressed I have been when my garden has been under water on several occasions but to lose everything over and over again is heartbreaking. I just hope all the various agencies work together to help as much as possible.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who forgets to label seedlings, Hywel :)

27 Dec, 2015


Yes, we got out for a walk yesterday...despite the howling wind. We walked along the beach at Shoebury! I also feel so much for the poor people suffering constant flooding.What an awful thing to happen. Lifetimes' memories swept away etc....awful!

27 Dec, 2015


We are still in full flow its been hectic I'm having a few quiet moments before getting dressed for a friends 70th birthday celebration dinner in a hotel this lunch time plus our son arrives today with his boys for a few days ... I'm hoping to catch up properly after the festive season , I'm glad you had a nice peaceful time with Beryl Hywel x

27 Dec, 2015


Glad you've enjoyed your Christmas Hywel. Like you, we don't watch any of the soaps, far too depressing half the time. We've recorded lots of programmes before Christmas so we could watch something decent in the evenings, rather than the usual repeated tripe. We had spent Christmas day morning with the children watching them excitedly open their presents, before leaving them to enjoy a family time together (mum was working in the evening, she's a community nurse ). We went to meet friends at an Indian restaurant for lunch which was a great success. The evening was spent relaxing with nibbles and drinks. We did get out yesterday but not far. As Bloomer has already stated, lots of flooding around here. Many of the villages in the Calder Valley have suffered badly. I feel so sorry for any one who has been flooded out, especially some of the small businesses, who may not recover from this their second or even third time.

27 Dec, 2015


Glad to hear everyone had a good Christmas. When it comes to telly, I enjoyed the Downton Abbey final and that was about it. I feel so sorry for the people affected by the flooding so this year I didn't send any Christmas cards to all over the world and gave a generous donation to the 'Cumbria Flood' appeal. Although I had a lovely quiet Christmas with just my family it did make me feel a little sad thinking about those people who are struggling to keep their head above water- literally!!
It does make me realise how lucky we are and be grateful for the little things in life.

27 Dec, 2015


Thank you all for reading my blog :)
I'm glad everyone had a nice time ...

Hi Neena. I'm pleased you like my Viburnum pics. It's the best it's ever been :o)

Gill I remember noisy Christmases when the house was full, but I was never keen on crowds, and I am happy to have quiet ones now :o)
I'm glad you had a quiet Boxing Day to recover from it.

I'm glad you had some fresh air Paul. It's horrible being inside the house all the time.

Take it easy Amy. Don't wear yourself out.
Have a great time with your son and his boys. It must be nice for you to see each other over the holiday :o)

Waddy you seem to have had a lovely time. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I don't know how to record on this modern thing we've got. It takes CDs or whatever they call them - (actually I think it's something else but I can't remember the letters) ... and I am only used to video cassettes lol - very old fashioned :o)

Thank you Amsterdam. I don't watch much on the tv either. I'd rather listen to some music or read something interesting :o)

27 Dec, 2015


Pleased you had a nice Xmas Hywel, I too had a lovely peaceful day today, very warm and sunny! In the greenhouse everything is very happy! My fuchsias too are still the same as in mid summer and the Lavender Dentatas need their dead flowers pruning off as they are full of new flowering buds. How strange it all is....even the little Kojo no Mais buds are bursting into flower. Can't stand the soaps either, much prefer the harmony of my plants!

27 Dec, 2015


Glad you had a lovely Xmas and then a lovely walk. we don't do the soaps either so we went to the north cave wetlands. we saw a green woodpecker, a flock of siskins feeding on alder and a lone redpoll in among them. the prevailing winds have blown quite a few across to us apparently.

Spotted hellebore flowers just opening in the back garden today too
love the viburnums such pretty flowers. Hoe 2016 is good to you both.

28 Dec, 2015


Thank you both for reading my blog and for your interesting comments :)

28 Dec, 2015


Pleased you enjoyed Xmas and Boxing Day Hywel, lots of flowers coming out here as well, even have a clump of violets already flowering and they are in the shade, hellebores and also one snowdrop, the rockery plants and primroses have been going since November, would you believe the Poached Egg plants are going mad and they are a summertime flower for me normally, not convinced we've missed out on wintertime yet though.
We enjoyed the celebrations, spent Christmas Day with our son, daughter-in-law and stepgrandaughter over at Boston, was grand, Gary is a great cook, no spending time in the kitchen for me, I was proper spoilt, Boxing Day afternoon and evening around at youngest daughters, lots of noise and laughter with all of them, they came to us for dinner on Sunday and tonight we are seeing in New Year at our home, with Juliet, hubby and grandkids coming to us, its easier for Sherryl that way, pleased to say she is feeling a lot better now, although still has some very colourful bruises, went back to hospital yesterday and had the cast removed, her bones are healing well, now has one of the huge boots, it has to stay on for another four weeks but at least she can now walk on it as long as she is careful and doesn't overdue it, using the crutches has been really hurting her hips, as you can imagine.
It has been a lovely day, more like spring but the rain is once again coming down in torrents and very windy, mustn't grumble though as we are so lucky where we live, its absolutely hearbreaking to see all the flooding everywhere, my heart goes out to all the poor people, there just seems no end to it, makes us thankful for small mercies Hywel..
Happy New Year to you and Beryl, Best Wishes for 2016 Hywel...XX

31 Dec, 2015


I'm glad you enjoyed Sue. Nice that you didn't have to cook on Christmas day :o)
and also that Sherryl is improving albeit slowly. They say that's the best way to get better ...

3 Jan, 2016


We had a very hectic time Hywel with our two sons plus their families staying in our 'not very big house' in dreadful weather! It was lovely to see them all but let's just say that my husband John and I are now recovering slowly!
A very happy new year to you and to Beryl!!

5 Jan, 2016


Thank you Wildrose :) It's nice to see them come and it's nice to see them go lol :)

6 Jan, 2016

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