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Flaming June !


By hywel


♪ ♫ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♬
June is bustin’ out all over
All over the meadow and the hill !

… and the garden :o)

Here’s a rose called Gentle Hermione, now growing on my new trellises …
Not a climber but the stems are so tall that I had to tie them on to something :-

Masquerade is a climber though :-

Clematis Justa also on the new trellises :-

Another rose, Mischief.
A floribunda I think, but enjoys growing up a trellis in another part of the garden :-

Bee on Pyracantha :-

Cheeky little faces ! :)

Dierama :-

Filipendula :-

Sambucus :-

Hardy Geranium :-

Cotoneaster cornubia :-

Bidens :-

Rose Francine Austin :-

Unknown rose :-

Bright orange poppies, the same colour as the 3d orange lollipops we used to buy in the tuck shop outside the school yard lol :-

Clematis Vile de lion :-

Clematis Daniel Deronda :-

Garden view :-

June has been hot this year but it’s raining today .. a pleasant change, freshening up the whole place :)

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Lots going on in your garden at the moment Hywel. It is all looking great. I'm not a fan of roses unless they are growing up the boundary walls. I do like what you have done with your new trellis. We had rain yesterday too and it was a welcome relief. It is back to being sunny again today so the hose will need to come out again. It is a wonder that everything is doing so well given the weather over the past year.

17 Jun, 2018


It won't be long 'til "the corn is as high as an elephant's eye". Sounds like Wales is cooking this year... sea bathing and all that. (Sandra) Your beautiful garden is happy with the heat... today we are supposed to top 38 C. My veggie plot is enjoying the heat. the hot days just seem to come out-of-the-blue! so we've had our night time temps in the single digits! It seems to run in bands across the Northern Hemisphere. funny weather but I like it!

17 Jun, 2018


Lovely selection of colourful plants- so cheerful on a windy grey day we’re having today.

17 Jun, 2018


Your garden looks beautiful Hywel love your roses the cheeky faces also the Filipendula its goregeous.

Another volcano has gone up in Galapagos so I expect weather distruption.

17 Jun, 2018


What gorgeous blooms in your garden, Hywel. Your new trellis fencing won't be visable pretty soon. Gentle Hermione is so beautiful.

17 Jun, 2018


Yes I like the new trellis; makes such a difference. Your flowers are certainly doing well in the unusual sunshine : well, unusual for Wales!

Dull here and has tried to rain. Could do with the latter.

17 Jun, 2018


Fabulous flowers as always Hywel, especially Gentle Hermione. Seems lots of things are saying thank you for the trellis already!
Your Dierama flowers worry me though - no sign of any on mine yet - hope they are planning to come soon...

17 Jun, 2018


Summer has certainly come to your lovely garden Hywel. I enjoyed every photo but really love your rose called Francine Austin, how pretty it looks.
No sun here today and I am missing it already!

17 Jun, 2018


Your roses are lovely, Hywel..... Gentle Hermione is behaving exactly like my Summer Song..... Not a climber, a shrub rose, but is sending out long stems, so much so, I've had to use supports... Asking advice from Style roses, apparently I hadn't pruned hard enough in the Spring..... Will have to remember this for next year.

18 Jun, 2018


Hywel, your garden looks wonderful. It has turned cold here after a great May and a lovely start to June. I know you don't like hot weather but I am sitting here with the heating on.

18 Jun, 2018


So, where is that cat ?

18 Jun, 2018


Thanks for all your comment ...

I think I'll leave the Gentle Hermione rose to climb on the trellis Meadowland. It looks nice there.

Bella is around somewhere Diane. She is never keen on having her photo taken.

I hope your Dierama flowers soon Sue ...

18 Jun, 2018


Lovely to see so much colour in your garden, Hywel! I love your plants! The fencing panels will soon be "invisible" behind all the plants you are training on them.

18 Jun, 2018


Lovely flowers,all of them. I notice that the golden holly that you lopped back hard some time ago is now in a nice rounded shape.

19 Jun, 2018


what a lovely selection of plants Hywel. it is so nice to see such a lovely selection of roses and clems that compliment each other.

19 Jun, 2018


June is when you remember why you do all the hard work in the months before. It looks gorgeous!

19 Jun, 2018


Thank you all for reading my blog and for your comments.

I want to get more roses and clematises to grow on the trellises for next year :)

The holly tree grew back nicely Feverfew. I did the same thing to a bay tree a few weeks ago and now it's growing back quite strongly.

19 Jun, 2018


All beautiful Hywel, you got that trellis done just in time to benefit the roses and clematis, they really are flowering well, seems a good year for both, its been cooler today, far more comfortable but still no rain here, getting a bit desperate now so might have to get my hosepipe out. Oh btw, you now have me singing along, I do love musicals, first I was singing along to Masquerade, from Phantom of the Opera, now its Oaklahoma, lol....

19 Jun, 2018


Thank you Sue ... It's from Carouselle lol :)

I hope you get some rain soon. We've had a lot of drizzle here.

19 Jun, 2018


I love that Clematis vile de lion I’m looking out for that one, everything looks very well :)

21 Jun, 2018


ALL looking fresh Hywel


22 Jun, 2018


Thank you all :)

24 Jun, 2018


Missed this lovely blog, you do have some very pretty plants, and I love the new rose, such a perfect name too.....

29 Jun, 2018


Thank you.

30 Jun, 2018

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