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We have an old honeysuckle in the garden which is slowly dying.
Is this likely to be just old age or is there any disease that might have affected it?



Sometimes a very hard prune will do the trick. They sprout up from the base. I don't know of any diseases - apart from mildew . I'm going to do the same to one which is, frankly, an eyesore. :-( I shall feed it once I've cut it down.

13 Jul, 2012


Useful question and answer.
Added to GoYpedia Climbers.

13 Jul, 2012


Many thanks for the advice. Ours is also an eyesore now and a hard prune will at least make it look better and might even improve it. Good luck with yours too!

13 Jul, 2012


Recently a very old pear tree came down in my garden, probably with all this rain and the constant weight of water on an enormous honeysuckle going through it plus some strong winds. Anyhow the tree was chopped up and the honeysuckle too apart from its base and it is now showing lots of new young shoots so I can endorse your previous answers.

13 Jul, 2012


Also added to GoYpedia Pruning !

13 Jul, 2012


Thanks Terra - I'm glad I asked it!

13 Jul, 2012



13 Jul, 2012


Had to do the same last year and its looking better for it. I gave it a good feed in the spring time too

13 Jul, 2012


I haven't read all the answers Chris, but I love honeysuckle and have had a few over the years.
Some have died on me but mostly I just cut them back every year and they reward me next year. I managed to grow one from a cutting one year & I still have it.
It seems to get better each year.........................

................maybe I shouldn't have said that!!! Might tempt fate!!


19 Jan, 2013


Thank you, Shirl. I looked at it a few days ago and there are signs of life. It would be wonderful if it it manages to stay alive and keep flowering. We have put a new one in just in case it doesn't!!!

20 Jan, 2013

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