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13 days till rosie and nicks wedding!!!!!


By sandra


Rosie is my eldest girl and in 2 weeks will be tying the knot with her fiance i’m sure many of you have already been through this but its my first time to be mother of the bride….
We are all soo excited with many of our family and friends all helping to plan and cater the event…
A civil ceremony will start the celebrations followed 2 days later by a DIY wedding in the woods…

They have been given the use of a woodland for the weekend and its been fun planning how we will decorate it.

The woods are about 25 miles from us and have 2 round houses and compost toilets. The logistics of getting everything there is a nightmare as its up a long steep bumpy track so friends with 4 × 4s are top of our

For me the best bit is i have had pretty much a free reign re the flowers..the winter was spent making bouquets for her and her 6 bridesmaids. as many of you know im mad for recycling and have been using my best blue peter skills and plenty of sticky back plastic to create something special for our Rosie.

her bouquet is made from her old clothes made into roses and some made from music paper as they are both talented musicians.

u tube has been an inspiration in getting ideas and the know how.

as i can trust u to tell no one i can give you a sneak preview…i have been dying to show people…lol

this is part of her flowers with ribbon, music paper flowers and old jeweler y from nana…

the 7 bridesmaids have these smaller posys made with ties and some pearls from an broken old pearl necklace off an aunt.

Me and Rosie have had great fun searching for the right materials to use and experimenting with them.

I have used old music paper that has been on the shelf for years, not even sure where it came from. I did have difficulty cutting it up as some of it was over 100 years old but it has been deteriorating over the years and now it has a chance to be appreciated once more…

I did most of this in the winter while things at the nursery were quiet. Over the last few months we have been able to grow petunias strawberrys and alliums to use on the day.

we have a set of metal florists buckets that have been used at…. including this one …..4 weddings and a funeral…..i have earmarked lots of greenery and flowers around my garden including hebes hydrangea gravillea and much more to fill the buckets. as have many friends and family. the plan is to all meet up 2 days before the wedding with no overall plan and just have some fun decorating the place. i have tried to hold back and let the beauty of the woods shine through but between us its going to be hard as we all have a plan…including suspending oasis from the trees and filling them with flowers…:-)

today i removed every flower from all the petunias…but now i can feed them and hopefully they will be in full bloom again in time.

so as i said shhhhh dont tell anyone and i cant wait to share the pics after…

this last one is Rosie after a make over in boots..
thanks for reading..:-)

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Oh I do wish you all the luck in the world, your Rosie is a beautiful girl and will look stunning in whatever she wears. Looking forward to seeing all the pics, especially the woodland, you have a wonderful imagination, and I love all the roses you have made, I hope the weather is kind to you , good luck to you all.....x

10 Jun, 2012


Good luck to you all hope you have a fantastic time. Enjoy as I am sure you will!

10 Jun, 2012


This does sound like fun, good luck with the weather, I do hope it is fine for you all.
Your very clever, everyone will love the flowers :-)

10 Jun, 2012


thanks guys...we are all very excited..cant wait to get there and set things up...:-)

10 Jun, 2012


Marvellous flowers - gosh you are so clever! I do like the music paper ones, and also the silver ones in the first pic. Where is the wood with the round houses please?
Wish you all the very best for a wonderful occasion - I think lots of us have shared the build-up with you!

10 Jun, 2012


Brilliant ideas...You are a talented lady Sandra...Good luck to Rosie on her big day and i know everything will go to plan....Can't wait to see the wedding pics...:>)

10 Jun, 2012


WOW!!! Sandra you are so clever, I wish I had a talent like that, I can`t even make a napkin look attractive.
It all sounds so exciting and how lovely to make your own bouquets with the recycled clothing and jewelry, they are gorgeous, it gives it a really personal touch and to my mind makes it so much more special, I really like the sound of the wedding in the woods, from your description it sounds wonderful and you are in for a hectic but fun time getting it decorated.
I sincerely hope all goes well and that the weather is good for you, I wish Rosie and Nick all the best for the day and in the future and of course that you all have a wonderful time...
Bit cheeky but keep that camera handy, lol...

10 Jun, 2012


personal is the word Lincs..its great reusing pretty things that otherwise would be in landfill....
the wood is in carmarthenshire and belongs to a friend but run by a group of trustees. they have workshop weekends and the occasional wedding.
and dont worry my camera along with many others will be on hand for lots of pics..:-)

10 Jun, 2012


Your incredibly clever input will make that a special day indeed! Best wishes to the happy couple and looking forward to the 'after' blog!

11 Jun, 2012


How exciting it all sounds Sandra. I send you, Rosie, and Nick, my good wishes for the wedding, the celebrations and the future :o) x

11 Jun, 2012


What a special day it will be and meaningful in so many ways

"May the sun shine on you and the wind be always at your back"

11 Jun, 2012


You have a beautiful daughter who by the sound of it is going to share a wonderful day with her husband, family and friends. I think the way you have all pulled together and come up with some lovely ideas - especially the boquets - will make it an even more extra special day.
Looking forward to seeing the next blog.

11 Jun, 2012


thank you for that big shot of confidence boosting compliments. we have all enjoyed the journey so far and first indications are that the weather might settle down just in time...
we are very lucky to have such an amazing group of friends and family to help use give Rosie and Nick the wedding of their dreams...x x

11 Jun, 2012


Those posies look amazing, your so creative. As the others have said so much more personal that the usual flower arrangements. Congratualtions to Rosie and Nick I hope their life together is everything they could ever wish for.

Good luck on the day, it wouldn't dare rain on you :)

11 Jun, 2012


WoW Sandra, how amazing is that, a wedding ceremony in the woods and your flowers handmade by your family, so unique, Adding the sheet music is genius, I love the idea of it all, just love it and Rosie is going to be a beautifull bride, Looking forward to seeing the pics. Dee.
ps, rumour going round that the weather is changing from next week, yahoo..

12 Jun, 2012


thanks Sanjp

I knew youd love the paper flowers Ydd....we share the love of up-cycling...hopefully it wont rain but if it does it certainly WONT stop play.....x x

13 Jun, 2012


i just love reading about the wedding sandra and all the recycling for it, its so different and im sure everyone will enjoy the day, i wish them both all the happiness in the world, rosie looks so pretty with her make over,
cant wait for wedding pics :o)))

14 Jun, 2012


we have been up to the woods tonight delivering chairs and tents. last minuet nerves kicking in...the track up to the woods is tonight running with water, and much more bumpy than i remember. the trees are overhanging in places, so getting the portaloos and everybody up and down is going to be a nightmare.....

but on the plus side its blowing a whooly here, but because of all the trees there is very little wind on site so the tents will be safe. the 2 roundhouses had no leaks and were quite cosy. but best of all the ground was quite firm,and even after all this rain there was very little mud...

we have 30 hay bales donated by a friendly farmer arriving on saturday but i dont have to go back till monday as rosie and nick are sorting that out.

all in all we are muddling along and enjoying the journey so far...:-)

14 Jun, 2012


We're all keeping our fingers crossed for better weather - but it will be a memorable day come what may.

15 Jun, 2012


Best Wishes, Rosie and Congratulations Nick! Sandra you are amazing! What a wonderful concept. Hope the weather is sunny and lovely. Can't wait to see the pics of the event. xo

16 Jun, 2012


I wanted to get this right is the wedding on the 24th,. Thats next sunday?
Its going to be such fun and the photo's will be lovely to see

16 Jun, 2012


it starts on thursday with a 7 min legal ceremony, then its 36 hours site beautification and camping. then a service written by rosie nick uncle tim and aunty mel which i havent seen. i'm am truly amazed at how much our friends and family are willing to do to make it all that the kids want. and as far as the weather goes...cant change it just have to deal with it but it is calmer here tonight...

16 Jun, 2012


I'm playing catch up so read all about Rosie and Nicks wonderful wedding before coming back to see this. The adrenalin must have been working ovretime over the last few months and I'm so glad all your hard work and inventiveness payed off so well. May her little gold band play them to a lifetime of happiness.

3 Jul, 2012


Thanks SG..x

4 Jul, 2012

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