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The Big Trellis project...2010


If you have seen my photos going on this year you will realise I have been trying to get a few things to cling on and up my 2 trellises (or is it trelli?) I wanted to have the effect of a mix of leaves giving a nice array of colours and would also provide a bit of cover for my few passion flower plants to stay/winter out possibly. I thought that if I couldnt expand my 1mx30m container frontage then I could go UP! hehe.
All plants are in containers. Anyway its only the first full season and I had some success but have a few thoughts about next year.

Heres the Trellis season as it went

This was what was left of my previous attempt to put a bit passion flower on it

Shuffled a few pots near it ; ) in march. Note the 2 big pots to the right, these are older passion flowers which I thought would feed across the trellis

This is it just starting In April

I bought an Akebia quinata-Chocolate Vine as I thought that might be nice the following April when it comes into flower

This is now early May. I also had a Kiwi plant (yes Kiwi) as I thought the hot wall might get me some. Also I was recomended that a virginia creeper might give me some good cover (I know lol)..but I had one anyway for my birthday

And so towards the end of May things are really getting up some steam. I also got a thornless blackberry as I thought that would give it a bit of bush, so put that on the far left

And so to the first week of June, Only have this pic of Jacky boy but you can see in the background we are up to halfway up

Here on the 20th June you can see Its really looking quite good with 3/4 covered.

Here we are a couple of weeks later on the 12th July and pretty much to the top and looking very nice

And so towards the end of July (this shot was taken on the 22nd), still ok but perhaps starting to look a bit more stragly in this light

However this shot taken 3 days later in a flatter light still look ok. You will remember the long dry spell and note the creeper leaves starting to turn red

And so into August and still looking fine, I think I achieved sort of what I wanted and as much as i could expect with the choice of the plants I used this year

and the end of the first week of Aug, some of you will have noted my obsession with my white passion flower ; )

Aug was a better month and so still some growth. This shot after a shower looks nice.

Into September and the reds are coming through and gaps starting to appear.

On the turn (forgot to put this pic on, its actually still the 9th Sept)

And so as the trellis thinned out and got redder i left taking any pics of it for a while, the best was over.
This front of house shot shows how thin it was in October

and here we are now as it is today

All in all an interesting thing to record and I have some ideas for next season and to put a few more things on there. I have a couple of Clems standing by and passions stored away.
Click me a like and feel free to comment and any ideas you may have

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This is so interesting S the T. I particularly like the 'sequence' type blogs that folk put up. Takes abit more effort what with planning ahead re the photo's to completion as a blog as we GoY'ers know but always well worth the it. Nice one. ps: judging by the shadow cast by the lab the sun was well up & warm that day eh?

11 Nov, 2010


Bamps, that would have been earlyish morning In june as the wall is S/SW facing so the sun hasnt quite come round to shine on the trellis directly. Its just coming over next doors roof at that time.
I do have a few more pics that I didnt load onto Goy, would you like a longer progression Bamps?

11 Nov, 2010


I'm amazed at the speed it all took off. Well done, lovely blog. :))

11 Nov, 2010


Lovely blog Stevie.

11 Nov, 2010


You had it right with trellises Stevie.

11 Nov, 2010


Think you got it right steve with the trellis much interest going on over quite a long period.
But, being a fussy woman could you do something to hide those plastic pots.?

11 Nov, 2010


That was what I was going to mention too, Stroller. Some way to cover up the pots would be good. The only thing I would like to add would be some colour via blooms...some clematis I reckon...and I think you mentioned you have some aside for next year.

I think the trellis really works well:)

11 Nov, 2010


Thanks SilverBell
It was the choco vine and virg creeper that put on the leaves at quite a rate and the blackberry bushed out quite well, that replaced a rather crap honeysuckle that wasnt doing anything. The Passions also crept up the back kicking out leaves. Only one of them really flowered but next year am expecting bigger things

Ok Trellises cheers (but I was hoping for a title blog next year= Return of the Trelli)

Ok will have a think about hiding the plastic pots, guess i got used to them. I did put a few smaller pots here and there. Also was thinking maybe raise the Trellis and bring it out more allowing the big pots to slide back a bit under it to give more room for stuff in front

Whiston, I have a couple of Montanas standing by, both with nice dark stems colours which should kick out the bloom. Also a Clem pixie for the smaller trellis. On the smaller one I have already got a Chinese creeper going and also have a spare for the big trellis and a few passions in my proporgator.

Ok thanks folks keep the feedback coming and I will do a blog on the small trellis next ; )

11 Nov, 2010


Very interesting blog, it was good to see the progess through the seasons, will look forwards to seeing more........

12 Nov, 2010


There might already be a blog on the subject somewhere, but I am clueless as to how to attach a trellis to a wall. A wee blog on the subject would be great. If I could just stick one to the wall with "no more nails" I would be a happy bunny - but I suspect the clematis wouldn't be if the trellis fell off. :(

12 Nov, 2010


Oooh - Stevie - watch out planting montanas on there - they'll swamp all the rest! I really, really wouldn't. Unless you're talking about adding another piece of trellis, are you?

Did your new Akebia produce any flowers for you this year? It's lovely to see a sequence like this - well done for remembering to take photos as it all deveoped. :-))

I have to agree with the others about the plastic pots, though - you'd better add some nicer ones to your Christmas list! LOL.

12 Nov, 2010


SB I am not sure if there is a correct way to attach a trellis to a wall, I guess it depends what you have to play with. For this one I just screwed 2 long bits of wood to the wall and screwed the panels to those. In hindsight though I wish I have attached it higher which would have made it easier to attach it to the gutter runner and then bring it out a bit more at the base. also allowing the bigger pots to slide under it.

12 Nov, 2010


it all looks very nice..... i have clematis and passion flowers in tubs on my south facing patio... i will have to put some more trellis up next year....

12 Nov, 2010


I really am such a novice, is it really that simple to do ?

After the things you've written about Montanas, Spritz, I think mine will have to be moved in the spring to the garden wall and not the wall of my house. Would I need a trellis with it or would it be ok to have it tumbling over the wall ?

12 Nov, 2010


I have one that tumbles over a wall, so yours should be fine. I have them on wires on the house wall, too. Once they get going, they really do!!!!

12 Nov, 2010


Hi Sprizer, got the Akebia just towards the end of April from a garden centre so missed any flowers, although it was quite small then. However its got a bot of cover on so wont trim it and for next April should get a nice display.
As for the Montanta, i have a nice small one with great colour leaves n stems, Marjorie, so would like to get that going. But I can and will keep an eye on that and take the time to trim it. Should be ok for a year or two and if its too much i'll take it off

13 Nov, 2010


Shame you didn't gat any Akebia flowers this year - you'll love them once it gets going. :-)

Bet the montana doesn't take long!

13 Nov, 2010


well I fancy a bit more flower going on on it and for longer. much as i love passion flowers they dont hang around for long : )

13 Nov, 2010


Thats great Stevie! looks goof all year round :)))))))

22 Mar, 2012

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