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By hywel


Miaw … Hello everyone =^..^=
I’m Bella :o)

I’ve been here nearly 6 months now, and I’ve enjoyed the summer catching moths in the garden :o)
However, I can’t seem to find so many these days – I don’t know why they won’t come and play with me any more ;o)
but there are lots of spiders around, that I can chase :o)

I’ve loved being in this garden during the past few months. There are so many nice places to sit :o)

Hywel is busy these days, and hasn’t got time to write any blogs.
He’s spending all his time getting the cacti and fuchsias ready for winter,
and he’s making pottery things in his shed -
so I said I’d write a blog for him :o)

Shall I let you into a secret … he’s making a pottery cat !
But it isn’t as beautiful as me ;o)

and he’s making some weird looking things, that he sais are inspired from seed pods (whatever those are !)

I never went outside until I came to live here, and I didn’t know what a garden was,
but now that I’ve found out, I would like to show you some of the things that are growing here this autumn :o)

Two new garden mums, which Hywel bought last week :-

Hardy Fuchsias …

Army Nurse :-

Peter Pan
Hywel said it grows to about 5 feet tall, and is always laden with flowers …

Lady Thumb
Very small …

Snowcap :-

Dollar Princess …

Lena …

Delta’s Sarah …

Lechlade Magician …
Grows into a large shrub, about 7 feet tall :o(

Can you see the blue pollen ?
Blue is my favourite colour :o)


Some hardy perennials …

Persicaria amplexicaulis :-

Persicaria affinis :-

Sedum spectabile :-

Anemone japonica :-

Sedum spectabile and Anemone japonica :-

A little rockery Dianthus :o)

Pink Geranium :-

Phlox paniculata :-

Verbena bonariensis :-

Mentha arvensis :-

Viola hederacea :-

Gladiolus :-

A small flowered clematis, that Hywel doesn’t know the name of :-

Cyclamen :-

Some Primulas :-

Abelia :-

Erica mackayana :-

Hypericum brries :-

Rose Gaujard :-

Don’t you think I’m clever remembering all those plant names :o)
Hywel is so obsessed with them that he keeps talking about them all the time, and they have stuck in my mind :D

I’ll show you some autumnal views of the garden where I play ….

Here’s St Francis’s corner. I like him. He looks after me :o)

This is down the very bottom :-

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing Hywel’s autumn garden. It isn’t very tidy, but that suits me :o))

Good bye for now =^..^=

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Thanks for the blog Bella, you are such a clever as well as beautiful cat! Please tell Hywel that his garden is amazing! So much colour still and those fuschias are awesome, mine haven't done much this summer. Hope his pottery is going well, glad to see how much you've enjoyed your first summer outdoors and I hope you'll be writing more blogs!

1 Oct, 2013


Miaw Bella! You are a clever kitty for remembering all those names. Your autumn garden looks great. Hywel does a good job of looking after it for you!. I loved all the views and I really liked the flowers on the Lechlade Magician fuchsia.

1 Oct, 2013


Hi Bella ..
don't tell Hywel, but your blogs are MUCH better than the blogs he writes ..

and the photos you take with your Cat Camera are far better too ;o) xxx

=^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^= =^..^=

1 Oct, 2013


Thank you all. I'm pleased you like my blog :o)

Louisa, I may write another blog when I get a chance =^..^=

Lijemc, I'm glad you like the blue pollened Fuchsia :o)

TT Yes I agree with all you say =^..^=
You are CORRECT ! ;o)) xxx

1 Oct, 2013


=^..^= :o))) =^..^= xxx

1 Oct, 2013


The garden looks so lovely. I am very pleased that you enjoy it so much, and I bet Hywel is too. I think he must work very hard indeed. It's beautiful :-)

1 Oct, 2013


Well,Bella I've heard of hiding your light under a Bushel,but hiding your whiskers under a Bush,is much more fitting in Hywel's garden ..:o) You have done so well,
remembering all those names,a shame Hywel couldn't,with that Fuchsia ! Humans are so rubbish sometimes,aren't they? Anyway,at least he is looking after you very well indeed....are you being made to act as a model for the cat he is making? I guess you are used to sitting for a long time .
Could you please ask him if Fuchsia's Lechlade Magician,and Peter Pan are winter hardy? I presume they are,but just checking..I'm sure he won't have forgotten those as well Lol.
Nice chatting to you Bella..see you around xxxx can tell him how much I love his garden if you like :o)))

1 Oct, 2013


Very nice Hywel, lovely colours you have there. Thanks I enjoyed looking at your blog and glad Bella has settled in and enjoying herself :-)

1 Oct, 2013


Miaow Bella lovely to hear from you, you are as clever as you are beautiful! so pleased you have enjoyed living in Hywel's garden I know he is pleased that you do, his garden is looking as colourful as ever, be sure and tell him how much I admire it, I especially like the picture of you under Hywel's variagated Lollypop tree I look forward to your next blog Miaow for now =^..^=

1 Oct, 2013


♥ /l ♥
(゚、 。 7 ♥

iam joy bell... enjoyed your blog.
-------- ((---
---------\/---iam purrfect... perfectly adorable little blog

┈╱╲▂▂╱╲╱▔̸▔̸▔̸▔̸▔̸▔̸╲┈ ▕┳▅╮╭▅┳▏┊┈╭┻┻┻╮╲ ▕╰┈┛▃┈╯▏┈┊┃┈┊┈┊▕ ┊╲╰━┻╯╱┈┊┈┫┊┈┊┈▕ ╭━╯̅╭̅━̅━̅╯┣╭━┛┈╭┈┊╱ ╰┻━╰┻━━╯╰┻━━╯▔▔┈ iam Rob roy... like your photo-graphical capabilities....

(∩_∩) ✿ ☺ :●)

thank you Bella!!!

1 Oct, 2013


What left to say about your Blog and photography skills Bella. You done very well. Sorry to read you've ran out of moths to chase. I'm sure that you'll find something else to interest you.... Falling leaves perhaps ;-)
Tell Hywel his garden is looking great :)

1 Oct, 2013


Bella it is so nice to hear from you, and thank you for pointing out the blue pollen. Blue is my favourite colour too. Thank you for showing all those lovely fuchsias and putting their names on. Yes it certainly is clever of you to remember them all, I don't know how you do it. Please will you tell Hywel that I told him I had Snowcap but must be mistaken because it isn't like the one in your picture. Don't you think its well named, as the white bit in the middle looks like a little cap doesn't it?

You are such a lucky puss to have such a grand garden - were you pleased to see it even has a little statue of a cat in it? We were all pleased when you came to live with Hywel - he must be so happy you take such an interest in his lovely plants.

1 Oct, 2013


Thank you Bella. What a lovely blog. How could you let the cat out of the bag and tell us what Hywel is making in his pottery. I won't tell him but I hope he does not find out or you will be in the doghouse.

1 Oct, 2013


Beautiful, well done Bella! :))))

1 Oct, 2013


You are one clever Puss Bella! It's a lovely garden where you live, and to remember all those plant names....whats your secret? Wish my memory was as good as yours!! Keep looking for the spiders to chase, I'm sure you'll find a few more before winter sets in!Write to us again won't you!:-))))

2 Oct, 2013


Thanks for all your comments about the garden =^..^=

Bloomer, yes those Fuchsias are hardy :)
The plant he doesn't know the name of is a Clematis :D
He sais he used to know it but I think his memory is failing ;o)
But he does remember to buy my food :D

Jane thank you for your lovely comment =^..^=
-]/ _-¬`!={][}@>< :) ♥

I have told Hywel about all your comments and he asked me to thank you all :) He is pleased you like his garden xxx

I think I upset him last night. I caught a big fat moth, and brought it into the house ... then I ate it alive, in front of him :o)) What's wrong with that ? ;o))
But he just said Yuck !

2 Oct, 2013


Ahhh Bella what a very clever and beautiful cat you are.. love your blog, it must be so lovely for you to have the garden to play in...tell Hywel the garden looks lovely and lovely photos....

2 Oct, 2013


My goodness Bella, what a clever pussy you are!
I'm surprised you can find anywhere to play in Hywel's garden as there are soooo many plants and flowers in it. Is that so he doesn't have to do much weeding? Go can tell us.
I think it's unbelievable that you know the names of so many of the plants and I'll bet you won't forget them.
I'm sure the moth you caught and ate, tasted wonderful. I don't understand why Hywel didn't think so. Humans can be very puzzling can't they? :):)

2 Oct, 2013


Its so nice when you have someone like Hywel to make such a beautiful garden for you to sit and or play in and from the pictures you`ve shared with us we can see how comfortable you have settled in. Can you let Hywel know that we are looking forward to seeing pottery, hope its soon.

2 Oct, 2013


Hello Bella, aren't you a clever cat ! I can't believe how many lovely plants are grown in a small space. Tell Hywel they are all beautiful, just like you !

2 Oct, 2013


Wonderful 1st Blog Bella... The first of many I'm sure! I like the sound of Leuchlade Magician Fushia... Wow 7 feet tall thats a good height isn't it. Will have to keep a look out for that one ;o)

2 Oct, 2013


I hope this is the first of many Blogs Bella!? I particularly liked the Leuchlade Magician Fushia - 7 feet tall is a pretty impressive height! Will keep my eye open for that one ;o)

2 Oct, 2013


Whoopsadaisy...! :D I thought I'd lost my first comment, so wrote a second... Now I don't seem to beable to delete one of them. So sorry Bella and Hywel - a Blonde moment! (Except I'm not blonde LOL!)

2 Oct, 2013


I'm a wee bit late arriving Bella but have really enjoyed your blog, you are not only a very pretty lady but also a really clever one as well, Hywel has made a good job of teaching you all the names, I myself have learnt a lot from Hywel over the years and like you I also love his way of gardening,we can't be doing with pristine and flowers on parade its not fun that way is it,Pussycats love to hide don,t they lol, I don't suppose you are allowed in the workshop so its good that we are having such lovely days for playing in our gardens, my Caspar chases moths as well but his favourite pastime is stalking the frogs, I would have a blue fit if he brought either indoors especially a moth as I'm a scaredy cat and really frightened if one comes near me, I have noticed a lack of moths this year but we did have lots of butterflies which Caspar also tried to catch..
Tell Hywel his fuschia's are lovely, the ones I bought new this year have been very disappointing but my ones that I have had a while have done very well and still giving me more flowers....
Bella I am adding your blog to my favs I get the names mixed up sometimes and know where to check when I'm not sure, thankyou for that.

6 Oct, 2013


Superb garden what a delight

7 Oct, 2013


Thanks for all your comments :o)

12 Oct, 2013


Hi Bella and Hywel - lovely to see you enjoying the garden Hywel has made so attractive, Bella ... it must be a joy for you to sit in ... he has so many pretty flowers ... I really couldn't pick a favourite ... :o)

13 Oct, 2013


Thank you Shirley =^..^=
Hywel tells me your cat is called Megan :o)

14 Oct, 2013


Indeed she is Bella ... Megan is currently poorly as she was attacked by another cat last Wednesday evening and had to stay overnight at the vets on a drip ... she's recovering well but is very sleepy from the meds. she is taking ... :o(

15 Oct, 2013


Oh that's sad :o( I hope Megan will be back to her normal self before long ...

15 Oct, 2013


Thanks Bella, thanks Hywel ... Megan goes for a check-up on Thursday so I'll let you know how she's doing ... :o)

15 Oct, 2013


Thank you ...

16 Oct, 2013


Hi Bella - just to say that Megan cat is recovering well from the 'cat attack' she suffered last week ... she's been very good at taking her medicine (cleverly disguised in her cat food) and is back to her happy self now ... :o)

18 Oct, 2013


Thanks for letting me know Shirley, and I'm pleased to hear Megan is better now.
I'm glad she's been good taking her medication. I don't think it would have been that easy giving it to me ;o))
Hywel will be glad to know the good news too =^..^=

18 Oct, 2013



19 Oct, 2013


Hi Hywel, just taking a peak at the fuschias of yours that you suggested lovely, as is Bella x

15 Sep, 2014


Thank you :o)

16 Sep, 2014

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