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By hywel


On both sides of my garage there are two alley ways, which I have had covered with Perspex sheets.
I call them the two shelters, because they are good places to grow plants.
One faces north and the other faces south.

Here’s the entrance to one of them …

It’s a bit rough and ready lol but it does for me …
I haven’t finished putting the Perspex sheets up properly yet.

I’ve put some shelves inside both shelters, and all my Fuchsias are now in the north facing one, and coming into growth very nicely :)

I have put most of my succulent plants and some cacti in the south facing one, in order to have more room in the conservatory.

In one of the shelters there is a mini greenhouse, and I put my seeds and cuttings in there.
They get plenty of protection until they germinate.

Some that were sewn a while ago are coming up very well now.

Here are some of my succulents and cacti which are residing in the south facing shelter for the summer …

A variegated Aeonium haworthii :-

Sedum morganianum :-

Kalanchoe orgyalis :-

Graptopetalum paraguayense, in a hanging ‘thing’ …

Sinocrassula yunnanensis :-

Echeveria perle von nurnberg :-

Pachyphytum clavifolia with flower buds :-

Some small newer ones recently repotted :-

Mammillaria microhelia – coming into flower :-

Two large Mammillarias, which I have had for over 30 years ! :-

Ferocactus latispinus and Ferocactus santa maria :-

Astrophytum myriostigma :-

Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri coming into bud :-

There are some other things in there as well :-

And Bella is always around … or on the garage roof :D

The photo is blurred because she is seldom still enough for me to take a good one !


In the winter these shelters give protection to less hardy things in pots, some cuttings, and also my Fuchsias and overwintering alpines
so they are very handy places to have :)

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Your shelters seem more versatile than a greenhouse, Hywel, and definitely more roomy than my little one! They also have good usable height. You seem a very organised person and know how to make the best use of space. Lovely to see all your plants and, of course, Bella, obviously off somewhere in a hurry :)

16 May, 2014


My goodness Hywel, you've have put the space to excellent use haven't you? I doubt many people would have been so resourceful. Your Cacti and Sedums are all looking great. I particularly like the Kalanchoe Orgyalis. I've not seen one like that before, very unusual.

16 May, 2014


very nifty two shelters, all looks great!

16 May, 2014


Hywel - everything looks very organised - cacti look good - and Bella too - I have a zygocactus coming into bud - I will post a picture of it when it is out - Jane

16 May, 2014


A great collection Hywel, all very well organised too, a place for everything;0)

16 May, 2014


Well shelter is a great word. I think your cacti are just wonderful......of course you know this. :0)

16 May, 2014


Such a brilliant idea and such good use of space :o)

16 May, 2014


Just shows what a little imagination and perspex can do. You've created perfect environments for your plants.
Can I ask Hywel, the one that faces north, does it get much sun/light? I've a small redundant area round the back of my extension but often thought it too dark to utilise.

16 May, 2014


Thank you all for reading my blog :)
and your comments ...

Scottish, it gets the morning sun, which at this time of year is very warm, and because the roof is Perspex, the highest shelves get the afternoon sun as well. It can actually get rather hot in there on a sunny day, so I leave the side open.
The Perspex roof also lets in a lot of light.
Small seedlings and things like Fuchsias don't want to be in the eye of the sunshine all the time anyway, but they do like the heat, so it is fine for things like that.
In winter it doesn't get any sun at all, but it is sheltered so the plants are safe from the worst weather.

I think it would be a great idea to have something like that in your under used space :)

16 May, 2014


It is such an impressive collection, Hywel. I love the variety of all the cacti and succulents. I too like the Kalanchoe Orgyalis. It is such a lovely colour.

16 May, 2014


You have a great collection Hywel.....and a nice space to keep them...

17 May, 2014


You're so resourceful, Hywel, and organised, as others have said. I'm another fan of the K. Orgyalis and I like the Graptopetalum whatever-it-was too.

17 May, 2014


Impresive collection, Hywel and very neatly organized.
Love it.

18 May, 2014


Really like all your succulents, Hywel, such a variety of colour there.

18 May, 2014


As long as it works Hywel, it doesn't matter what it looks like , and it obviously does work looking at all your very healthy plants !

19 May, 2014


I`ll second that Rose, and all the plants look wonderful.

19 May, 2014


Don't know if you have a Aldi near you Hywel but they are selling a range of cacti/succulents for £2.99......

20 May, 2014


Thank you all for your comments :) and I'm pleased everyone likes my ramshackle shelters lol :D

Pam Thank you. There's an Aldi about 15 miles away from here ... I'm going there NOW ! lol :o)))

20 May, 2014


What a good way to keep the plants and seedlings safe and sound Hywel ... the Kalanchoe orgyalis still reminds me of a pair of suede boots I had when I was a young girl! Same colour and look ... :o)

20 May, 2014


Hope they have some, I'm in Scotland at the moment......

20 May, 2014


That looks wonderful, not just the plants but the way you have photographed them. It feels like we are walking through. I must say, Hywel, that you must be the neatest tidyest gardener in the whole world.

20 May, 2014


Thanks for all your comments :o)

Shirley I'm pleased my plant brings back memories for you lol :)

Pam I didn't go lol - too many other things to do. Maybe tomorrow ...
Enjoy Scotland :o)

Nannijii if you only knew, I am the most disorganised person in the world ! :D
I get lots of bright ideas, but things look better on my photos than they really are lol ...
Thanks for the compliment anyway :)

20 May, 2014


so many lovely plants Hywel..i do love it when everything starts to grow again..

29 May, 2014


Me too :)

1 Jun, 2014


Thanks for another interesting blog, Hywel! :-))

You've cleared up a mystery plant for me as well! I have had a Sedum morganianum 'Lamb's tail' or 'Donkey Tail' for a few years now. The plant was given to me by a friend of ours who used to run her own gardening business. I soon discovered just how fragile the plant's leaves are - they practically fall off when you just look at the plant! They also root very, very easily! Every leaf that falls on soil/compost will sprout roots & new, tiny plantlets without you ever having to do a thing!!! I know full well from my own experience! After looking the plant up I now know it flowers but mine in the 3 years I have had it has never shown so much as a bud! I hope it will have some pink or yellow flowers for me this year at long last.

6 Jun, 2014


Just wondering if you have a soil mix which you would recommend for propagating your cacti and succulents, Hywel? I'd really like to extend my very small collection this year.

7 Jun, 2014


Thank you Balcony - My Sedum has never flowered either, but I've only had it 2 yrs. Maybe we'll both be lucky this year :)

T'bear, I wrote a blog about the care of cacti some time ago.
If you go to page 4 of my blogs, you will see it. It's called 'Cactus Care Blog'
and I've written in it about compost as well as other things relating to cacti :)

7 Jun, 2014

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