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The Pembrokeshire Show ...


By hywel


One day last week, we went to the Pembrokeshire Show, with a friend.

Here are some photos of a few entries ….
but the ones I liked best, didn’t always correspond to the ones that won first prize …
and unfortunately the varieties were not named :(

First of all some cacti and succulents …
but there weren’t many :-

Aeoniums and an Agave (I think) :-

An Echeveria :-

This next one is Mammillaria plumosa :-

Another Mammillaria, but I don’t know what species :-

There were a few Fuchsias :-

Streptocarpus :-

Lovely blue Hydrangeas :-

More Hydrangeas :-

Gladiolus :-

Dahlias :-

Violas :-

(But I didn’t think they were very good) :-

Some flower arrangements :-

A few closeups from the arrangements :-

Miniature arrangements …

Now some vegetables and a few fruits :-

Some children had made funny animals out of fruit and vegetables …
they were comical :)

Then we went to see the cattle :o)

A Jersey cow …

An Ayrshire cow …

I like the colours on Ayrshire cattle :o)

Ayrshire calf …

Shorthorn …

Charolais …

Welsh Black …

Carreg Longhorns …

They’re from Carreg Cennen farm in the neighbouring county of Carmarthenshire.

A Limousin calf …

I don’t know the next two :-


There were lots of stalls and interesting craft marquees etc, but I haven’t got photos of those.

Radio Pembrokeshire was there …

They were singing some of Dusty Springfield’s songs at the time we were listening to them :o)

Here’s me enjoying a cider (and looking rather windswept), while listening to Radio Pembrokeshire :D

And here’s my friend Delyth, also enjoying a cider :o)

There’s no photo of Beryl, sorry … lol
and she didn’t have a cider either – she doesn’t like it !
She had some hot chocolate instead :D

And there was a fair ground too …

I went on this ;D

It hurled you around through the air !!! :O

And I went on these ;D

(And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything LOL !)

It was a very enjoyable day, but tiring …
and I hope I’ve been able to give you a little glimpse of it :o)

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Looks a great show Hywel, looks like you had a lovely time ... love all the pics, the flower arrangements were beautiful. :))))

24 Aug, 2014


Looks like a really good show. I was at the Ayr Flower Show last year and very few growers turned up. Still cost the same tho'.

24 Aug, 2014


The cattle and the children's efforts are the best for me - I love the imagination of the children - brilliant. I really believed you went on those rides and thought how brave you were until I scrolled on a bit further :)

A wonderful show (and blog), Hywel, thanks for sharing.

24 Aug, 2014


Great blog! So enjoyable - it was obviously a very good show. Your pictures are great. I love the cows and the children's imaginative characters. Thanks! :-))

24 Aug, 2014


Thank you for sharing your great day out. What a grand show. I hope you went early to savour all that was on offer. I enjoy seeing what exhibitors show whether it is plants or animals. Fairgrounds and those scary rides leave me shuddering.

24 Aug, 2014


Glad you had such a good day Hywel - I know you were reluctant to go! What wonderful vegetables, and I loved the fruit and veg men! I thought the smaller flower arrangements were much better than the great big ones which seemed too crammed together somehow.

I really believed you had gone on that horrific ride!

We decided not to go to the show as £18 each is really over the top and they are pricing themselves into oblivion as Carmarthen did. Such a shame. Did Beryl manage to cope with getting round everywhere? I didn't think she would have ventured. Thank you a lot for all the photos - a compensation for what we missed!

24 Aug, 2014


Interesting blog, Hywel ..
I especially like the characters made from fruit and veg. :o)

24 Aug, 2014


Thank you all for reading about the Pemb Show.

Snoopdog, this was a different day to when I visited Steragram :) I would never have fitted it all in lol

Steragram, I went in for £12 because I am over 60 :o)
My friend, Delyth looks forward to going every year, and I don't like to let her down.
I save a £ every now and then, to help pay for it lol ...
Beryl's got a wheelchair now, so she can get around. She doesn't usually come but this year she was able with me pushing :)

Thanks for all your comments :o)

24 Aug, 2014


Glad to read that Beryl made the day out Hywel, the weather looked great, so that's a bonus I'm sure.
Great pictures and I loved the kids entries, many show great imagination.
I take my hat of too folks that can put together a floral display like those you've shown us. They are lovely.
Thanks for sharing your day out with us :)

24 Aug, 2014


Hi Hywel Looks like you had a wonderful time. thanks for taking us along to :0)

24 Aug, 2014


Wow! What wonderful photos you shared, I love all the colours - isn't nature amazing? :o)

24 Aug, 2014


Just had another look. Aren't those hydrangeas wonderful? (You wouldn't get me onto one of those rides...)

24 Aug, 2014


I would have loved to visit that show,Hywel..and we could have gone on those rides together ! Lol..(not) The Cattle are lovely,I do like cows..and some amazing creations and the Fuchsia's and everything else as glad you,Beryl and your friend Delyth had a great day out..and good weather :o) x

24 Aug, 2014


What a great day out Hywel, love all your photos you certainly gave us a good view of the Pembrokeshire show, I especially liked the flower arrangements they were beautiful, nice pics of you and Delyth, pleased Beryl was able to go too now she has the wheelchair, phew you wouldn't catch me on those rides either glad you resisted :o)

24 Aug, 2014


Being a farmers daughter I liked the cattle best, I have a great fondness for cows, some great photos of them too....
I liked the arrangement of cacti and succulents, the first photograph which I am going to try.....all in all a good show from what I could see, I was certain you would have gone on one of the fair ground rides, I might have been tempted after a few ciders lol

24 Aug, 2014


Hywel looks like you really enjoyed your day out so much effort goes into these shows and your photos did it proud .

25 Aug, 2014


That looks like a great show Hywel

25 Aug, 2014


It looks like you had a really good day out Hywel. Blue skies too ! Loved all the flowers, especially some of the fuschias. I agree, one or two of the roses could have been better . The first one had ragged edges and almost believed you went on those rides ! lol .

25 Aug, 2014


Thank you all for reading my blog :)) and your comments ...

Bilbobaggins, I don't know the name of my camera. I'll let you know tomorrow after I've had a look :)

25 Aug, 2014


It's a Fujifilm Finepix S 3400
14 Megapixels
I don't know what any of it means, but that's what it sais on the camera :)

26 Aug, 2014


Lol Hywel!!

26 Aug, 2014



26 Aug, 2014


This looks like a great show Hywel! I always enjoy attending local/county shows - it's amazing what local people are able to produce and are confident enough to show... :o) I was in the Young Farmers Club as a teenager and always enjoyed the competitions at the Kent County Show ~ It's a really enjoyable few days for the Farmer's, Grower's, Business people, friends, families, the young and the older - People of all ages! In fact there's always something of interest for all to see and do! :o)))

27 Aug, 2014


I agree with you :)
Thank you ...

27 Aug, 2014


You had a lovely day for the show Hywel, its quite a big one isn't it, something for everyone and all age groups which is always good to my way of thinking, my favs have to be the animals, although I can see that a lot of work, time and effort has gone into all the entrants of the flowers and veg side of it as well as the organising of such an event.
Pleased you all enjoyed the day and your ciders and chocolate, my choice would have been a lager, lol, long while since I dared go on those rides as well.
Some great photo's Hywel, I had a chuckle when you had to check out the make of camera, thats a typical lincs answer as well, I know my camera is a Canon and that its a good one in my opinion and thats as far as it goes, lol....

28 Aug, 2014


Super day out Hywel. Glad you enjoyed it.

29 Aug, 2014


Thank you both :)

I'm so disinterested in gajets Sue it's unbelieveable lol

And I know I haven't spelt those words properly because they were underlined in red ... but I don't know what the right spelling is !!

30 Aug, 2014


What a great day out Hywel and what fab photos, it must have taken you hours to load up this blog! I love it all but think that beautiful Jersey cow tops it all, she is a smasher. I love the Sreptocarpus they flower for months on end.
Hywel, one tip for you, when you miss spell a word and it is underlined in red put the cursor on the word, right click the mouse and there in a box is the correct spelling!! Click the correct one and it will replace your miss-spellt one. LOL

31 Aug, 2014


Grandmage, thanks for your comment, and advice (much needed lol !)

1 Sep, 2014


Hi Hywel, I'm catching up on GoY, our computer has had gremlins for about a week so I got frustrated with it! Seems to be ok now, thanks to daughter sorting out the gremlins. I love shows like these, especially with good weather as you had. So much to see, thanks for sharing it all. :o)

1 Sep, 2014


Super blog Hywel, I feel as if I was at the show with you although I'm not a lover of Cider, I think I'd prefer Beryls hot chocolate. The funny fruit animals the children made are really good. Thanks for sharing the day with us. :)

1 Sep, 2014


Ha ha, enjoyed the blog and lovely chuckle at the end at the thought of you being on those rides (after consuming a cider or two ...), looks like you got a lovely sunny day out. Next year we want the photo of you ON the Terminator ride :)

1 Sep, 2014


Thank you all :)

Shirley I'm pleased your computer is all right now. They can be such temperamental things ! You are lucky to have a clever daughter :)

Waddy I like hot chocolate too. I don't often drink cold drinks but it was a hot day and something cool was nice :)

Sarah - watch this space ! ... LOL :D

3 Sep, 2014

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