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Summer and Autumn 2015


By hywel


I didn’t have much time for the garden during the second half of this summer, and it has had to fend for itself for several months. Lots of things that should have been done, haven’t been done, and it is in a bit of a mess.

However, even though I have done absolutely nothing to it,
and even though we’ve had the wettest coldest summer that I can remember,
it’s been quite colourful even if it has become rather overgrown :o)

Here are some photos for you to see, that were taken at various times from August to November …

Two tubs on my garden shed :-

A few roses …

Clematises :-

Bella admiring a hardy Fuchsia :-

It’s Delta’s Sarah :o)

And the other hardy Fuchsias have been enjoying the cool wet weather.
They must have thought it was autumn – they always do better then :o)

Garden News …

Dollar Princess …

Dorothy Hanley …

Lena …

Foxgrove Wood …

Army Nurse …

Blue Bush …

Border Queen …

Although the last one is in a pot, it is quite hardy in a sheltered spot, and I’m going to try it in the ground next year :o)

Celia Smedley – also hardy in a sheltered spot :)
… :-

Just a few herbaceous perennials, shrubs etc …

Phlox paniculata :-

Platycodon :-

Viola hederacea :-

Anemone japonica :-

An early flowering Bergenia :-

Francoa, that Pansypotter sent me :-

A new Ajuga that I bought a few weeks ago :-

Sanvitalia in a pot :-

A Begonia in a tub :-

Marguerites in pots :-

An alpine plant I don’t know the name of :-

Colourful foliage on an Acer :-

Hibiscus :-

Winter Jasmine :-

Pyracantha :-

Plumbago. It grows in the conservatory
and Meanie sent it to me :-


A few overgrown views, taken during October :-

I haven’t been able to show you any pics for a long time, but I hope you have enjoyed this ‘little’ glimpse of my 2015 garden :o)
and before I go, I must show you this photo of Bella fast asleep … she’s tired after a busy day lol

Take care everyone, and enjoy the autumn :o) x

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humm, I worked my butt off in the garden this year and got some rotten tomatoes. I wish my garden looked half as nice.

26 Nov, 2015


The 'overgrown look' is proved here to be very successful.
Maybe the ' rain spreading from the west' we saw most nights on the weather forecast had something to do with it.
Thank you anyway, Hywel.

26 Nov, 2015


It looks lovely, Hywel. For various reasons, I never really got into the proper swing of the garden this year but, like you, I have been pleased by the number of things that have done their own thing quite attractively. My garden definitely has the "overgrown look" now!

26 Nov, 2015


We too had to neglect our garden for part of the year, sometimes other things have to come first.

However, your garden has done its best for you, even in your absence, and these pictures are obviously taken in a truly lovely place.

26 Nov, 2015


Mother nature gave you helping hand and what glorious results!

26 Nov, 2015


You have quite a collection of nice plants Hywel. I love the vatiety of your fuchsias ...just lovely.

26 Nov, 2015


What a show of colour you have had Hywel I especially like your roses and I have a soft spot for the Anemone Japonica I bought a pink one from Malvern this year and of course Bella is the star of the show - Jane

26 Nov, 2015


Amazing! This proves to me that the plants and garden can get on with themselves just fine. Beautiful.

26 Nov, 2015


There you are then - your garden has been saying "Never mind us Hywel, don't worry, we will do our best to manage without you for a little while"

It all looks just as good as usual. Top marks to the pale lilac clematis, Dorothy Hanley and Celia Smedley - good to hear she's borderline hardy, I didn't know that. Was the platycodon easy to grow?

26 Nov, 2015


Some lovely colour Hywel....I very much like the Fuschias Dorothy Hanley.
You'll have plenty to keep you busy now Beryl is a little better.

26 Nov, 2015


Wonderful as ever Hywel, your garden has loved you back this year for sure, so many lovely plants just doing their thing, and of course Bella adding to the glamour thank you for sharing your garden on this dull wet day :o)

26 Nov, 2015


Brilliant show your garden has given you Hywel love the Roses and the Dorothy Hanley . Bella seems to be enjoying herself lovely photo of her.

26 Nov, 2015


Bella seems well happy with the garden Hywel. You have such amazing colour going on...:-)

27 Nov, 2015


Thanks for all your comments :)

Steragram the Platycodon is easy to grow. This one is in a pot but there are others in the ground. Some are blue and some are a wishy-washy pink.
I bought them in Wilkinsons :)

27 Nov, 2015


Hywel if thats the kind of results you get through neglecting your garden I'm going to neglect mine next year you have a riot of colour it looks stunning ,I love the photo of Bella she's found a lovely sheltered spot :o))

27 Nov, 2015


I just love the photos of your Fuchsias, Hywel! Mine have finished for this year & I took them out of the troughs & put them in pots which will have to spend the winter on the balcony table. I have nowhere else to keep them & I have no idea whether they are hardies or half hardies as they had no names on them when I bought them as small plant sat the Society for the Blind's shop in town.

I hope they do survive as Fuchsias are amongst my favourite plants!

27 Nov, 2015


Everything is looking really lovely in your garden Hywel and I always love to see Bella and any photo with your St Francis statue in I must try to to get one .

27 Nov, 2015


Good grief Hywel if that's the kind of colourful results you get when you've neglected your garden what does it look like when you've managed to work out there? Your fuchsias are beautiful, the roses are gorgeous and the little alpine you don't know the name of is absolutely stunning and so sweet.Next year I think I'm going to to neglected my garden because it's clear, less is more!

28 Nov, 2015


I echo all the comments ,Hywel..what a show you have had this year,and it just goes to show,they DO manage with less interference from us ! Of course,we all grumbled about the rain we had,but look how they have responded. ?.your garden is beautiful,and I bet you still have lots of colour..I still have some small Begonia,s hanging on,and hardy Fuchsia's..I hope you are both feeling much better now..xx

28 Nov, 2015


Just lovely, wish I had soome of the shade which allows it to thrive like that.

28 Nov, 2015


Thanks for all your comments.

Good luck with your Fuchsias Balcony. I hope you can keep them.

I hope you can find a nice statue Kidsgran :)

Thank you Bloomer, Beryl is much better now (so that means I am too lol)

My garden gets quite a lot of sunshine Taurman. It faces west :)
but we also get a lot of rain and I think that's what helps ...

28 Nov, 2015


Lovely photos of your flowers, Hywel, they are really doing you proud & rewarding you for all the looking after you've done for them in previous years.
The roses & the clematis would be my favourites & I really like the pics looking back up the garden with St Francis, they show how full & lush your garden is.
You took a super pic of the stamens on the white J. anemone too, it would make a great print.
Bella has found herself a good spot too!

29 Nov, 2015


Bella knows the best place for keeping warm and dry doesn't she Hywel, I don't know why we fret about our gardens, unable to put the hours in and still a wonderful show, proves you made a good job of choosing and arranging in years gone past, your fuschia's are especially lovely.
Hope all is well for you and Beryl...

29 Nov, 2015


Hywel, how do you tell the difference between Delta's Sarah and Star Wars? I thought Star Wars had more recurved petals but having looked at Google Images I can't see any difference? I thought yours on here was Star Wars before I saw the caption. Help!

29 Nov, 2015


Thank you all for your comments :)

Sue Steragram, I think Starwars is mauver than D Sarah, and it's a different shape.
If you look at one of my previous blogs, there's a photo of both.
Go to my home page and click on blogs,
then go to page 8, and the blog is called 'Some Flowering Fuchsias'
The thing is that Starwars is sometimes the same shape as D Sarah - it seems to vary.

Sue Lincslass, Beryl is improving slowly thanks. I hope you are all right now too :) x

30 Nov, 2015


Pleased to hear that Hywel, I am doing well thankyou, I do have days whereby my energy levels are very low but I take each day as it comes, if feeling tired I only do what is neccessary and then rest, not worth making myself ill over it....

30 Nov, 2015


That's good to hear :)

30 Nov, 2015


Oh dear I'm more confused than ever. The description I found on line said Star Wars is single but yours is rather frilly.
Life was simpler when I thought that those two were the only blue and white ones too...but perhaps they are the only hardy ones?

And I 'd thought that Star Wars has very recurved petals and D's S doesn't - but your pic shows D's S with recurved ones. I think I'll give up and just enjoy them...a fuchsia by any other name, after all!

30 Nov, 2015


Fuchsia flowers seem to vary a lot, according to the amount of sun etc They can be confusing and difficult to identify.

2 Dec, 2015


There are so many 100s, nay, 1,000s of Fuchsia varieties that even an expert can become confused with them all! Some look so similar they could be confused for the same plant! Oftentimes the only difference seems to be in the growth habit, the colour of the foliage or the shape of the flower! The lighting conditions seem to make a difference as well, if they are grown in full sun they look different from those grown in some shade.

I once had two varieties that looked the same if colour & form of the flowers but had totally different growth habits!

Nevertheless, as Stera says: "...a fuchsia by any other name, after all!" Lets just sit back & watch them flower!

3 Dec, 2015


Yes, just enjoy them :)

4 Dec, 2015


I saw Bella in there.....Your garden has kept beautifully Hywel and such colour too.

5 Dec, 2015


I notice quite a number of people confessing to having a less than usual gardening year, and I suspect this might be due to an extremely challenging year weatherwise. I am in awe of those who nurture a beautiful, seasonal display despite the vagaries of our climate - and that certainly includes many GoYers! You know who you are...

6 Dec, 2015


Thank you both :)

I'm not one of those people Melchisedec. My camera tells lies ! ;D

6 Dec, 2015


I don't believe you, Hywel!!! ?

6 Dec, 2015


LOL :)

7 Dec, 2015


Your unknown alpine looks like an Erodium possibly
'Bishops Form'.
I think the gardening fairies have been out there when you're asleep.

12 Dec, 2015


Hi Wagger. Long time no see :)
Thanks for the name of my alpine.

12 Dec, 2015

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