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It feels like late fall, the wind is gusting and trying to destroy everything. It did get cold one night – down to 9°C, and I start a fire every night, but not until after 7 PM. In spite of all that, the daylilies haven’t given up. Most of the time they don’t have the bright colors as they do during the summer, but they do put on a show.
#1: Several years ago, when I first started growing daylilies from seed, one of the first was Wild Horses x Heavy Metal:

#2: One that I registered a couple of years ago is Pico Piquinho:

#3: While this one doesn’t have enough buds for me to consider registering it, it does flower through the winter; so I have been reluctant to compost it, Incendiary x Catcher in the Rye:

#4: Another applique type is also in bloom, (Amber Rhum x Kazoo) x Geneva Top Notch:

#5: To show how different the colors can be, here is a summer photo (4/27) and then today’s picture of Spacecoast Sea Shells x Free Wheelin’:

That is not the only activity in the garden. I have 2 types of Impatiens in bloom:

The Dahlia imperialis has both forms blooming:

It is also the time for the Bird of Paradise:

And the Schizostylis coccinea is still in flower:

Then there are seeds. While I don’t have any red seed pods, the Pittosporum undulatum has orange ones, lots and lots of them that will self sow very freely:

I also have Amarcrinum seeds starting to germinate under the grow lights:

I have found that most Amarcrinum bulbs that are for sale are a standard pink, so I used a very red Amaryllis belladonna with a very red Crinum to get these seeds (there are actually about 50 that are sprouting). It will take several years for the first flowers, but if you never start the seeds, you will never get the flowers.

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Such wonderful blooms Wylie. Fancy temperatures getting down to 9c at night and you having to light the fire. I have to admit I'd be happy with that. Feeling really cold here now. The heating is on all day until we go to bed. Are you able to have day lilies of one kind or another flowering all year round?

30 Nov, 2018



30 Nov, 2018


I reckon you must be one of theowrld authorities on day lilies now!
I love your dahlias.

30 Nov, 2018


Wow... amazing flowers and seeds. Fascinating to see the pittosporum seeds ..

30 Nov, 2018


I am, oh, so jelous of your wonderful Daylilies, and also your continuing warmth. It's horrible here today, wet, very windy and miserable. Thank you for brightening my day with your lovely photos.

1 Dec, 2018


Thanks! I usually get 2 or 3 daylily flowers every day through the winter months, but most of the plants are resting. Others are making up for the summer drought. It looks like the dahlia is an evergreen. New growth stalled during the summer, but it never lost all of its green leaves. The stalks on it are around 4 meters long, and they leaned over to touch the ground, so it is using a lot of space. I am hoping the parts touching the ground will root so I can get some new plants. I have tried several ways to propagate it, but nothing has worked.

1 Dec, 2018


Thanks for sharing Wylie you have brightened up a dark day in UK.

1 Dec, 2018

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