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Not The 101 Dalmatians ...


By hywel


… but ‘The 101 Fuchsias’ !

Well actually it’s ‘The 103 Fuchsias’ …
because that’s how many varieties I’ve got now :O

I didn’t think I had all those, but a recent count has confirmed it.

Or did I miss a few out ? and therefore have even more ?
I hope not, because I don’t think I want any more.

(Oh sorry, that’s a lie – I DO want more lol
but I’m waiting till next year before I get them)

I did buy 9 new ones over the week end though …
I couldn’t help it !
We went to a Fuchsia nursery near by … and I decided on 4.
Then the owner said I could have one of his stock plants that he doesn’t want any more.
So that made it 5.

Then he asked (knowing how mad I am about Fuchsias) if I’d like to see his ‘other’ shed where he keeps all his stock plants,
and I thought it would be interesting to see them, so I said yes :)

Now in that shed, he had some more little plants that he hadn’t put with the others for sale,
and when I saw them I asked if I could buy some.
And he said of course I could :)

So another 4 went into my box !
taking the total up to 9 :D

Four of these new ones are hardy, so they’ll be going in the ground.
The others will join the ones already in my covered shelters (if I can find room for them)

Here are some photos. They are slow to flower this summer again …as usual :o)

Most of them are single flowers. I prefer those :)

Brian McFetridge :-

Careless Whisper :-

Nancy Lou …
I think that’s a silly sounding name :(

But it’s a pretty flower.

Maria Landy …
Small but very pretty :-

James Bamber :-

Bland’s New Stripe :-

Checkerboard :-

Cecile :-

Ant and Dec :-

I don’t like the humans. I find them irritating. But I do like the Fuchsia. They should have given it a better name :(

Brookwood Joy :-

Anne Hoogendam :-

Blacky :-

Huet’s Tutroois :-

Huet’s Baraketh :-

Vielliebchen :-

Micky Goult :-

Margaret Roe :-

Here are some hardy ones in the ground …

Delta’s Sarah :-

Peter Pan …
Already over 6 feet tall !

Genii, with golden foliage :-

Mrs Popple :-

Thank you for looking at my Fuchsias. I hope you’ve enjoyed them :o)

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They're all beautiful Hywel and thanks for putting them here to look at.

8 Jul, 2015


Hywel - how do you cope - and how will you overwinter the non hardy ones ? - but I agree they are very beautiful - Jane

8 Jul, 2015


They are gorgeous Hywel. Blacky, is particularly stunning of the more tender ones, and Peter Pan is amazing reaching 6ft, wow!

8 Jul, 2015


What an amazing collection. I knew you had lots, Hywel, but didn't realise just how many and all of them beautiful. I especially like Cecile :)

8 Jul, 2015


Well I am amazed too. They are beautiful Hywel.

8 Jul, 2015


Wonderful collection Hywel your garden must be soo colourful :-)

8 Jul, 2015


they are all uniquely beautiful. I have a hard time choosing a favorite but it's not even necessary. I like them all!

8 Jul, 2015


Same here many favorites,no wonder you couldn't choose Hywell....?

9 Jul, 2015


Wow what a great collection you have they are all beautiful.... I only have 2 :))

9 Jul, 2015


They are all stunning and beautifully kept as you can see from the immaculately clean pots and saucers without a spot of dirt! Don't know how you can keep on top of that as well as keeping the flowers in such wonderful condition.
Delta's Sarah is a beautiful one for a hardy fuschia and I will have to look out for that one.

9 Jul, 2015


Hywel, what are you like? Maria Landy wins this round for me I think, she's like a little butterfly. You will soon need an extension on your little fuchsia house! A fabulous selection.

9 Jul, 2015


Thank you all for your comments :o)

Jane, I overwinter them in an old outside toilet :o)

Honeysuckle, they are not as tidy as they look in the photos ... I'm a notoriously disorganised person :o)

Steragram, I am actually planning an extension ! You must have read my mind :o)

9 Jul, 2015


Blimey 103 of one kind of plant ......I'm amazed.You must have a big garden!
I prefer the single flowers too ......not just Fuschias but most plants.

9 Jul, 2015


Thank you.
No I haven't got a big garden. Most of them are in pots, and housed in 2 Perspex shelters :)

9 Jul, 2015


I would like them all but Delta's Sarah is the one that really shouts to me, lol, I've always preferred the pastel ones, Hywel, mine are very slow in flowering this year but they do look healthy and thats the main thing, perhaps we'll hang onto them well into the autumn again...

9 Jul, 2015


Thank you :) I prefer the pastels too ...
and I always find my Fuchsias do best in the second half of summer and into autumn. I think it's because we get such cold springs here, and they are slow to wake up ...

9 Jul, 2015


All so beautiful ! but I really love Blacky and Delta,s Sarah I have three two are Mrs popple not sure of the third .

9 Jul, 2015


You are amazing Hywel what a wonderful collection you have, I have 2 Mrs Popples in the garden only one of my others overwintered I don't know which it is when it's out I'll see if it matches any on your blog! :o)

9 Jul, 2015


Thank you both :)

If you put photos of the ones you're not sure about, maybe someone will identify them for you ...

9 Jul, 2015


Thank you Hywel will do that :o)

9 Jul, 2015


Wonderful collection of Fuchsias Hywel. I love them all.

10 Jul, 2015


Thank you :)

10 Jul, 2015


And we all noticed the plant saucers are clean !

10 Jul, 2015


Thank you Diane :)

10 Jul, 2015


Lincs would you like me to root you a cutting of Delta's Sarah?

10 Jul, 2015


I don't think she's heard you Sue :)
She won't be around for a few days now anyway ...

13 Jul, 2015


Thanks for sharing your fuchsias Hywel. They always remind me of small ballerinas with their tutu's on. They are so colourful and flower for a long time.

13 Jul, 2015


Thank you Hywel. Maybe she'll see it later. (As you gave me the original it would be nice to be able to pass it on again)

13 Jul, 2015


Thank you Linda. The flowers are like cacti. Each one only lasts a day or two but they are produced in succession :)

I didn't remember I'd sent you a D Sarah Steragram ...
Yes that would be nice :)

13 Jul, 2015


Always like to see your Fuchsias but it does tempt me to buy more must resist.

14 Jul, 2015


Don't ! Just but some more :D

14 Jul, 2015


well the only word for this is wow.
do you have them listed in a little black book or do you remember 'your children' so you don't buy duplicates? I have to or that would happen.

15 Jul, 2015


I meant 'buy' some more Peter ... lol My fingers are clumsy :D

Seaburngirl, I wouldn't be able to make a list of them all off by heart, ... but if you named one, I'd know if I had it or not :)

15 Jul, 2015


A wonderful selection Hywel, so many beauties.....

16 Jul, 2015


Lovely as usual Hywel.I have a question for you....when you overwinter them, do you take all the leaves off(thats abit of a daft question with a 103 and possibly more before the summers finished)I'll rephrase that, how do you treat them when you put them to bed?I read somewhere that you should strip all the foliage and reduce the size of the plant by one 3rd.I've never done this.Your plants always look so healthy, you must have a secret!, please share:-))

20 Jul, 2015


Thank you both for your comments :)

Gralew, yes I do take the leaves off :)
I wait until they are nearly falling off anyway, and then I pull my hand up over the stems. (sort of grab the stem in my hand and pull upwards) The leaves fall off easily when they are ready.
I do some one day and some the next :) lol ...

If they don't fall off, I leave them alone, and wait another week or two.

Sometimes a stem will come off too, but it doesn't worry me because they are going to be dormant, so it doesn't matter.

I don't reduce the height, because I think they may die back anyway. I cut them down in the spring, to the point of regrowth, or a height that makes them look tidy.

I think the reason for pulling the leaves off is so that they don't loose water when they're dormant, and so it prevents them from shrivelling up.
And I think they say to reduce the height in case the wind rocks them too much (that's for hardy ones), or in order that they may be put close together in a shed.
But as I said, I don't do it :)

I've only got 102 now. One died :(
Maria Landy (photo above) just collapsed and died. I think it was the hot weather. I am rather annoyed because none of the others did, and they had the hot weather too ...

Good luck with your Fuchsias :)
By the way, some of mine look tatty, some are leggy, some are not growing very well.
I only show the best ones :D lol

20 Jul, 2015


Your Fuchsias look great, Hywel! :-)) Like many others in the comments above I had no idea you had so many either! As I like Fuchsias almost as much as Amaryllis I've put this blog in my favourites! :-))

Which reminds me that I bought some again this year - not had any since the last were killed off by the terribly hard winter of 2009/10. These I got as very small plants from the Society for the Blind's shop in town. None had flowers on, not even buds. Nor were they named so I have no idea what I have - there being so many 100s of different varieties that only an expert could distinguish one from another!

I love the way you have them displayed! :-))

27 Jul, 2015


Thank you Balcony :)
I've bought another two since writing this blog lol

Good luck with yours. It is difficult to identify most of them, but it isn't always necessary. Just enjoy the flowers :)

27 Jul, 2015


I only have Mrs Popple which I cut down when dormant & every year it comes back HUGE.
Your collection is amazing, I never have much luck overwintering anything really so you are to be congratulated.

28 Jul, 2015


Thank you. I also have two Mrs Popples, and they do grow huge ! :)

28 Jul, 2015


Though I do like to know what they are called I will nevertheless enjoy them! :-))

30 Jul, 2015


I have a few unnamed ones myself - lost labels :(

30 Jul, 2015


Wow, that's an amazing collection! It makes me feel better about my own obsessive plant collecting :)

9 Aug, 2015


lol :) Thank you ...

13 Aug, 2015

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