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Summer Garden


By hywel


In April 2013 I deleted all blogs and photos about my garden, from this site …
but after reading Dottydaisy’s recent blog and seeing some of her old garden photos, I decided to put some of my own ones back on in a blog …

… and it’s been rather cold recently as well, so I thought it might be nice to see a few summery photos :)

I first joined Grows on You in April 2008, but most of the photos I’ve uploaded (if that’s the correct word) are from 2011 and 2012,
and many who have been members since those years will have probably seen them before.

Looking down the garden …

From above …

Some more views … :)

A rusty old arch which no longer exists …

… it fell down one winter because it had rusted so much.

Clematises :-

Roses :-

St Francis :-

Sweet Williams and Geranium :-

Baptisia :-

Begonia semperflorens, and a miserable looking statue :o(

… someone gave her to my mother many years ago, as a thank you gift,
but now she lives here :o(

Chrysanthemums :-

(fluffy catkins in the spring, and lovely autumn leaf colour)

A vivid blue Hibiscus which I brought from my dad’s garden many years ago :)

Phlox divaricata and a dwarf lilac – both with heady perfume :-

Raspberries :-

Sanguisorba hakusanensis :-

Foxgloves :-

Lovely blue Lupins :-

Sedum and a butterfly …

I never say roll on summer – it’s always too hot or too wet.
I like the spring and all the bulbs and primroses etc that appear then.
I also like to see the days lengthening in January and February, and the winter Snowdrops and Hellebores etc :o)
I’d miss all that if we had perpetual summer.

So let’s hope for a nice spring soon, when we can spend some time in our gardens again :o)

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Lots of colour Hywell. I do remember some of them or the plants at least.
Summer is great but I do like some things about winter too. Many of the trees, I think look much nicer with no leaves on them.Julie can never seen see that or agree with me but I just love to see the framework of them. And Spring is excellent to see all the new shoots on trees and all plants....and then of course, Autumn has lovely leaf colour on the trees!perhaps I like all the seasons!

20 Jan, 2016


Lovely pics, Hywel ...
enhanced by St Francis and those stunning hill views.
:o) x

20 Jan, 2016


I d forgotten how beautiful some of your planting arrangements have been.

lovely on this rather cold January morning.

20 Jan, 2016



packed to the gunnels , looks great

20 Jan, 2016


How lovely Hywel just what we need to cheer us up in this cold weather , marvelous displays xx

20 Jan, 2016


I think of you as 'Pack 'em in' Hywel' have tried to emulate your technique in a section of my gravel garden this year.
I am still vegetable potty which take up most of the rest of the raised beds.
Lovely photographs, lovely blog, thank you.

20 Jan, 2016


Great inspirational garden, has cheered me up no end! I love the fothergilla, might be on my birthday list!!

20 Jan, 2016


Hywel loved your photos the raspberries are just calling out for cream ! always love to see your St Francis I really must get one but will it look as at home as your do somethings are just made for where they are ...

20 Jan, 2016


Lovely garden and you are very fortunate to have beautiful views.

20 Jan, 2016


I agree with Amy

"How lovely Hywel just what we need to cheer us up in this cold weather , marvelous displays xx"

deffo cheer up factor , minus 4 here this morning !!!!

20 Jan, 2016


What a beautiful collection of photographs filled with so much colour and so many lovely plants. Loved seeing the scented phlox and lilac together.

Thank you for putting this blog together to brighten up January for us.


20 Jan, 2016


Yes, thank you Hywel. I've enjoyed it too. Loved the Clematis, the one with delicate bells looked lovely amongst the bigger flowered varieties.

20 Jan, 2016


Superb blog as ever Hywel, lovely to see your photos again, always a joy such lovely plants and views of course, thank you for cheering us with summer sights in this cold weather and the butterfly at the end just gorgeous :o)

20 Jan, 2016


What a treat at this time of year Hywel. Its really good that you put some of your older pictures back on again. Ilove the plant combinations you have too - mostly pinks and blues, just up my street...

20 Jan, 2016


Great blog Hywel. It is so good to look at your garden when it is cold and grey outside. I feel warm now.......or was it that extra jumper?

20 Jan, 2016


Thank you all for reading my blog and for all your comments. I'm pleased it cheered so many up :o)
It took ages to find the photos and decide which ones to include lol

Paul I prefer the trees in winter too. You can see their shapes and you can see through them.
In summer they look blank to me :o)

I'm glad you like the views and my St Francis statue TT :o) x The view changes with the seasons :)

I do 'pack em in' Diane ... There isn't much room left for new ones now, but I still keep buying them :D

I hope you can get a St Francis statue Kidsgran. He is apparently the patron saint of ecology ... :)

Feverfew the small bell clematis is called Betty Corning. I'm pleased you like her :)

Gnarly Gnome, -4 ! :( We had frost here too but I don't know how low it actually was.

Neena, I'm glad you liked the butterfly. I didn't see many last year ...

Steragram I like pinks blues and mauves best :) I am the same with clothes ... (well maybe not so much pink lol)

Linda it's probably that extra jumper lol :)

20 Jan, 2016


Nice pictures and great variety of plants Hywel. But my favorite is the bowl of raspberries. :-)
We have a lovely wooden statue of St Francis in the house here.... in the hallway.

21 Jan, 2016


I love this style of gardening Hywel. The more you look, the more you see. Surprises everywhere!

21 Jan, 2016


your garden is fab much pack into seeing your pics...

21 Jan, 2016


Oh Wow!! Hywel, its a while since I've seen pictures of your garden forgot how lovely it is, my sort of garden jam packed wonderful, made me smile on a chilly day :-)

21 Jan, 2016


Thank you all for your comments :)

22 Jan, 2016


So pleased you had a rethink about older photo's ,'s lovely to see them at anytime..I love the same colours as you too..and nothing wrong with wearing pink either..Russell has a few now..In fashion speak,it's the new Black..and much nicer to look at too..! Lol Thanks for a cheery colourful blog and photo's :o) xx

22 Jan, 2016


Lovely photos Hywel. Just what we need after what seems like a year of rain and high winds. I always dither about a favourite season because like you I enjoy the ever changing scenes we get at different times of the year. I went in to the garden for a look the other day and was overpowered with the perfume from a viburnum. The shrub has taken off and spread its branches through many of its neighbours. CR its name offhand but it has little bunches of pale pink flowers and this extraordinarily strong scent. By the time I went in for my camera the rain was pouring down again. Thank you for sharing.

22 Jan, 2016


Thank you both :)

I've got a pink shirt Sandra. It's got short sleeves and I only wear it in the summer. It's about 15 yrs old lol :D
Don't like black - it's gloomy :D lol

Just something about colours that I read recently -

Many years ago it used to be pink for a boy and blue for a girl:-
Pink was thought of as a shade of red, worn by soldiers and so suitable for little boys.
Blue is the colour always shown being worn by the Virgin Mary, and so suitable for little girls.

It was changed around in the 19th Century (I think it said the 19th Century)

Would that shrub be Viburnum bodnantense Sheila ? It sounds similar.
I'm sorry it came to rain before you could take photos of it. It's a very pretty shrub :)

22 Jan, 2016


a riot of colour.
well done, I love it ^_^

23 Jan, 2016


Your garden looks even better by the minute Hywel. We're going through a monster coastal storm right now. Where I'm at were going through full moon tidal flooding, the next high tide to come tonight in three hours. The sea has reached the houses a few blocks from me and so far the electric is still on, though I do have an emergency generator. My one of my sons has just called me (he lives farther inland) and he has had 26 inches of snow and it's present rate is two inches an hour with another six to eight hours to go...I hope that rate of snowfall drops off soon. He also said that right now the wind is gusting to 60 miles an hour, the same here I might say. This is a disaster. How bad? One of my friends is going through the tidal flooding and before he evacuated his home the water level was a foot above the bottom level of his recreation room glass patio door with water quickly seeping in.......Looking through the bottom of the glass patio door he could see fish swimming up to it to have a look at his rec room. I am going to be busy (for a change) as I have taken my friend and his family with the patio door "aquarium" that I have just mentioned into my home and perhaps another family too should the flooding reach their home tonight.

23 Jan, 2016


That is it Hywel. Yes it is a glorious shrub when in bloom. It disappears into the surrounding foliage once it starts to leaf up.
Loosestrife 2 your friends predicament puts our bad weather in to perspective. It is heart breaking to see the families here in the UK in a similar scenario. Thank goodness we live at the top of a hill. Over here the councils provide emergency shelter and food etc until people can make alternative arrangements. It can take many months to get your home back to a livable condition and some people have been flooded so often that the insurance costs are becoming unaffordable for some families. I hope all goes well for your friends and family.

23 Jan, 2016


How bright and cheerful everything looks Hywel ! Its such a dull day again, but not cold ! I can't wait for the better weather ! I just wish I could get rid of the grass altogether like yours and have many many more flowers , but Rick loves his little lawn !

24 Jan, 2016


Its really great to see your photographs back on Hywel, as you know I too like to fill the spaces up, the more the merrier is my prefence as well, a riot of colour is a joy to me whether it be here in my own garden or elsewhere, of course you do have the fabulous view as well which really adds the finishing touch.
Its gone back to damp and very mild here again, more like a dull day in November, ,I much preferred the colder spell even with the frost, at least it was dryer underfoot but didn't stay around long enough to give one a chance for a tidy around....

24 Jan, 2016


Great pics, and all so sunny, what a delight. That Betty Corning is remarkable, I've planted three in different places over the years, but they've never really been successful, your one looks fab... though I don't know if you've still got it!

24 Jan, 2016


Thank you all for your comments :)

Loosestrife I hope you and your family are all right. I've seen photos of it on the news and it looks absolutely awful :(

Rose you're very kind letting Rick have a bit of lawn. We all like different things :)

I'm glad you had a bit of dry weather Sue :) The garden is not nice when soggy and cold.
(but I don't like frosty weather lol)

Bamboo, Betty Corning is still here :) although when I tried to move her I must have left some root in the ground, so now I've got two lol

24 Jan, 2016


Lucky you! the three I planted have all given up the ghost. I suspect the soi's too heavy and damp and probably not enough sun where I tried them over the years.

25 Jan, 2016


They are supposed to like having their roots in shade aren't they, but I planted Betty in full sun, and well drained soil, on top of a wall lol. The bit I moved hasn't grown very well, but the bit left in the original place still grows strongly.
I hope you have better success if you try again. You could try one in a pot ... :)

25 Jan, 2016


It's great to see your old "pics" again, Hywel! :-)) As I lost my computer 9 months ago I lost all my old photos as well! Yet not all is lost because there are many I uploaded to GoY before it went west.

I made a blog today & it reminded me of all the photos I no longer have on this tiny mini computer (netbook PC) yet as it's got an enormous amount of space perhaps I could go back to the first photos I ever uploaded here & recover them!

Your photos from "yore" are just what the doctor ordered for the January blues! Thanks for reminding us of summers past!

25 Jan, 2016


Hahaa Hywel ! Was there a teeny weeny bit of sarcasm there ! I do actually like to see a bit of lawn and have only took a little bit more of the side border ! If I do this each time, Rick doesn't notice , at least he doesn't say he does ! lol

26 Jan, 2016


What a great "blast of summer", just what we need right now. And what a beautiful garden you have Hywel, I had never really seen it before but will drop in more often now. Thanks for all these summer delights and perfumes ?

26 Jan, 2016


Lovely images, Hywel, practically all new to me. Reminded me of the gardens in my family home, three on different levels, and all full of colour. My father was particularly fond of lupins and I loved what I thought of as their peppery smell.

We have a Spring garden so rely on pots for all other seasons.

Nice glimpse of the hills also.

26 Jan, 2016


So lovely to see old photos of your lovely garden, a little like ours, plants packed in, and of course all growing with that beautiful background, cheered me up, fed up with all this wet now, let's have some cold dry seasonal January weather please..

26 Jan, 2016


Thanks for all your comments :)

Balcony it's annoying to lose your photos. I lost some of mine on an old laptop a few yrs ago.

I'm not being sarcastic Rose. I always say what I think. When you both like different things it's nice to share :D

Resi you are welcome to drop in to my garden whenever you like :)

Eirlys I must be like your father - I love Lupins, and I like their peppery small also :)

Dottydaisy, I don't like to leave any bare earth lol ...
but I much prefer the rain :)

26 Jan, 2016


Thank you Homebird :)
I am always late too. It's a job to keep up with things these days lol

3 Feb, 2016

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