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succulent seat


By sandra


Finally back to gardening today nice to get some dirt under my nails…
This morning on facebook a picture from

popped up

I think it looks lovely..but even better I have a very similar chair

so not one to waste time I set about finding something that fitted on the seat that i could plant up…I found an old tub the right diameter but much to tall…but of course that didn’t stop me using it.

It already had drainage hole which was a plus.

It fits really tight which should stop it blowing off in the wind.

After washing it I filled it with 50-50 sand and compost and filled it with succulents. I did consider rubbing the chair down and painting it but decided I couldn’t wait…

Once established the edges will soften and the shell mulch start to disappear.

most of the plants are low growing a couple of trailing ones and a mother of thousands shooting up in the middle.

now i just need to be patient!

While in an arty mood i also planted up some teapots.

I am helping with an Alice in Wonderland wedding in the summer these will be on the tables. the trouble is there are no drainage holes and I don’t want to try and drill them as I am sure they will crack, but if I am careful they should be fine.

The ones in the spouts are trailing and should grow quite long by the wedding if they don’t get knocked off first.

Thanks for reading..:-)

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IT all looks spectacular, Sandra.I love the chair.
Do they need a Mad Hatter for the wedding?? Ha ha.....I think it may be a bit far for me to travel!!!

10 Jan, 2016


Yes Sandra - what a lovely way to grow succulents - I am on the search now for a suitable chair - I saw the chair on facebook too - to me looking like a designer cushion - Your chair will look pretty good when the plants fill in - you know I think a new trend has been started in designer cushions !! Jane

10 Jan, 2016


I expect several mad hatters

Jane good lock searching....I can't wait for it to grow now!

10 Jan, 2016


Wow Sandra I love that and have just the thing in my bottom shed, thankyou for the nod I hadn't seen it on facebook and as you know I am well into the succulents
(all your fault, lol,) always looking out for ways to display them, copycat situation coming on as soon as I can find a suitable basin for the chair, I do like the teapots as well...

10 Jan, 2016


Lincs i was just the same when i saw it...i was like...where is that chair! can't wait to see what you do with yours...

11 Jan, 2016


Good designs, there, Sandra... I've added to GoYpedia.

11 Jan, 2016


Now that has given me some inspiration, lol but not for a chair - I have two old unsafe metal with wooden seat benches - wonder how or what I can use to make a planter for them, ooooooer I am excited now as to what I can find for them. lol :O) Thank you for such an informative and inspirational blog, just love recycling. Now I need some sunshine to get me out there and working again. Did get out this last week but its back to doom and gloom weather here again today so no gardening for me today. :O)))))

11 Jan, 2016


Looks great,Sandra..your imagination always materialises into something positive...unlike mine..I thought about doing some cleaning this morning...still thinking ! Lol x

11 Jan, 2016


I have a settee and two wicker chairs stored away in one of my sheds, s'posed to be going to my sons summerhouse but he has never collected them, he has now lost one, lol...I have even purchased three bags of compost this morning ready to start my seeds off, but first I have to move my succulents out of the way, just have to look around for inspiration for the base, see what I can pinch if neccessary, I was going stircrazy but now I am motivated...

11 Jan, 2016


Bloomer I often think about doing some cleaning but then run out of time....Sigh !!!!...

11 Jan, 2016


Lol,Sue..I don't always run out of time,but my memory does ! :o)

11 Jan, 2016


Cleaning is for fools only to be done on rainy was definitely not one of those days. We actually has a sunny one....I now have visions of you all turfing out sheds and sticks looking for

Thanks Terra...

Olive I know exactly what sort on bench you are on about and I think I have the ends of a broken one somewhere....can't wait to see what you do with yours...

Lincs it took me ages to find the right base to use....good luck with your hunt.

11 Jan, 2016


Fantastic it.

11 Jan, 2016


What brilliant ideas Sandra thanks for showing, love the chair!!

11 Jan, 2016


I love the chair and the teapots :) I don't think the chair needs painting. It wouldn't suit the succulents if it looked shiny and glossy ...

I saw on the tv once that if you want to drill into a glazed surface, put a few strips of selotape over where the hole is going to be, and that will stop it cracking.
Drill very slowly.
It's supposed to work with tiles as well :)

12 Jan, 2016


thanks for all the lovely comments...the inspiration on the net is endless....

Hywel I have heard that one too but I think these old teapots would long as I am careful with the water they should be fine..fingers crossed..:-)

12 Jan, 2016


Sandra that chair is amazing, aren't you clever?! As for the teapots, they are going to look great at the wedding I'm sure. Well done, I'm so impressed ☺

12 Jan, 2016


Hubby has drilled pots for me in the past, he uses a small masonry drill first as Hywel says slowly, then changes to a larger one to enlarge it if neccessary, I think there is a drill that has a diamond tip that is supposed to be the one to use for that sort of material but from what I gather that one can cost as much just for one drill bit as a complete set of the others, bluetack is also recommended to stop the drill sliding about, not sure whether it works though...I think with a fair amount of gravel in the bottom of the pots first it should be okay, I'll xx my fingers as well, lol...

12 Jan, 2016


Don't leave them out in the rain Sandra lol :D

12 Jan, 2016


That chair is stunning. I have an old wooden chair in the garden, not elegant looking like yours, but I think I will try this idea. I will wait for slightly warmer weather though :)

12 Jan, 2016


thanks Waddy....

Lincs i am just to nervous to try the holes so like Hywel says they wont be left outside.

Gee19 look forward to seeing your chair soon...

13 Jan, 2016


That is such a pretty feature. I have put into favourites where I put all good ideas and must-have plants to think about replicating.

14 Jan, 2016


thanks Siris...look forward to your pics...

15 Jan, 2016

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